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Found 1 result

  1. Dear people of serenes forest... im back... again i guess you see things have been really slow for me over the past couple of days, that and my scandle was locked up but that really dosen't matter to me any way, you see the only reason why i came to this place in the first place was to see how the translation was doing and also the content restoration project happening on this very same website, all i just wanted was to at least pet my quote on quote waifu as much as the average guy and all, i know she's not real but i don't really care that much as long as she still exists in some form, i know i done goofed up with a certain post that made me tell everyone to see if some user on this forum had either a copy of fire emblem fates straight from japan or a homebrew version of said game with a japanese 3DS or american 3DS, pretty much i've been very much been feeling either board to the point that at this rate i don't really care about the content in the upcoming fire emblem IOS game thats coming soon, its most likely its not going to have all the content from the last two games including its crossover with persona since most game developers american or not just either ditch stuff away like so much tissue paper or are just board and done with them, its just like certain gimmicks from the pokemon games are a good example of discarding gimmicks wither good or bad but mostly good because of the fact that nintendo ditched the whole casino gimmick from the past five or four generations due to "smelly" humans of this world, all im saying is i just want the proof if there's still hope, if it were to be brought back for their 30th birthday in which i can't wait that long and by the time i reach that year i'll be 28 years old, and i would not like to see myself in the mirror on that day, thats why i needed to see if any of you would show me if any of your copies of the game were to have proof of some shed of hope left in the game's content and maybe show me the gameplay or at least show me a site where i could find some homebrew 3DS's in which it would be impossible to do, in fact im not sure if there is a physical copy of a non-american version of fire emblem fates that has been translated out there but it would be so kind if you tell me and everyone else to show me its where abouts i guess, in fact i've decided to bring back the petitions on this until the day i die or worse, you might sign them if you want but still you still have a choice but their not the only petitions, there are other petitions to uncensore stuff out there on change.org that i might assumed would save fire emblem's fate content by just typing nintendo in the search engine and find the ones that wanted it to be uncensored in the first place, if this all fails by the time the year ends then im sorry to say this but i am not only officially quitting serene's forest but also the fire emblem fanbase its the nintendo fanbase as well this is formernintendofan i fight for the non-humans of fire emblem MODEDIT: i'm petty enough to chop out all the links
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