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Found 5 results

  1. Self explanatory, I kinda wanted to start a thread where we could discuss what we'd like to see in a sequel to this game, if they make one. Some things I wanna see 1: Have it take place chronologically a few years after the first game, preferably in a different city or country so it can make sense to newcomers and veterans. 2: Have Fire Emblem mirage characters from every game in the series instead of 1 and 13. 3: Try and merge the two series better, I feel like combining Devil Survivor elements with Persona would work the most. a: Have a system where mirages are grouped such as the Race or Arcana system and have fusion elements where you can take two mirages and make a more powerful one (might be awkward to see Florina and Wil fusing to make Colm for example, but it seems interesting to me). In addition, have personal mirages that can't be fused away so it works kinda like the Persona Q sub/persona thing. b: Use these mirages in Fire Emblem/ Devil Survivor levels that unlocks the dungeons (this might be awkward since it's kinda haphazardly slapping two types of gameplay together, but it could work with the right story mechanism). 4: Offer an English mode where the songs and voice cast are in English, Fates showed it could work really well with Lost in Thoughts All Alone.
  2. Do you think it will still get an international release. I mean, we don't even have an official US title yet, so I'm curious weather or not Nintendo will still go thru with localization despite it's poor Japanese sales. I hope so, mostly so I don't have to wait for a Wii U emulator and translation patch to play this.
  3. This articles confirms some of the Mirage partners for our characters and introduces some tidbits of information on two new characters. From this article we learn that Tharja is Kiria's partner, Virion is Eleonora's partner and that Draug is the partner to a new character, Mamori Minamoto. Some information about a new character by the name of Barry Goodman was also introduced alongside information for Mamori. What are your thoughts on this new information?
  4. Ok, so I was just browsing the official site today and noticed that there was an update with something that appeared to be a Japanese release date. I'll be honest, I can't read Japanese, however it appears that (from the google translation) the release date for this game is/could be the 26th of December. The translation also mentioned things about a special edition of the game ("Illusion Revelations #FE Fortissimo Edition") that comes with an "outer box" illustrated by toi8, an official art book and a CD with six songs on it. There is a definitive edition wii u as well. Also there was this picture included with the update (could somebody please translate it). Character DLC costumes: L -> R: Touma (Walter SMT IV)/Itsuki (Devil Survivor 2)/ Tsubasa (Person Q) / Tsubasa or Kiriya (Etrian Odyssey III) My friend also just sent me this for anyone that is curious about the sample box art. They end with saying that there will be more information in October. (If there are any inconsistencies with this post please notify me so that I can change it accordingly). Edits [09/11/2015] - DLC costumes for characters added.
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