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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the Mafia where Gacha decides your fate! No greens, well rip no Hector for you. Colorless hell is a sad place and Peri and Seliph ruin your pity rates. At least you pulled that 4 star Hinata though! Work together and have fun cause lord knows if you leave it to chance you're only getting three stars. This game is for 13 players. This game is hosted by myself and Boron. If you have any questions feel free to ask either of us for an answer. Sign-ups: (Also living people! whee) 2: Magnificence Incarnate 6: Pika_pika42 7: Mackc2 8: Junko 9: Oboro-Garasu 10: Refa 11: Green Poet 12: Faerie Knight Subs: 1: Dead: Michelaar - Lynched day 1 - Loki, the Godfather Copier. Prims - Shot night 1 - Olwen, the Sibling. Elie - Shot day 2 - Amelia, the Safeguard. Bartozio - Lynched day 2 - Amelia, the Strong-willed Maker. BBM - Shot night 2 - The doctor Rules:
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