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Found 1 result

  1. After recent events this is the only fitting game to run imo. What is No Effort Mafia? No Effort Mafia is an idea I blatantly stole from mafiascum where you sign up to the game and don't actually have to play. You get assigned stats when you sign up (more later) that determines how good you are at certain aspects of the game and then sit back and watch as I try and figure this shit out. Day and night phases are run as normal mechanically, with me posting votals over regular intervals until lynches, only the players have no control. tl;dr this is a fungame more than a serious one. Okay, what do I need to do to sign up? All I need from you when you're joining is to prioritise three stats: >Accuracy: As town, this increases your chance to find scum a lot! As mafia, this reduces the chance that you'll bus slightly. >Persuasion: This is the stat that lets you yell at people until they join your lynch wagon. >Towniness: Exactly as it sounds. If this stat is high you'll draw nightkills instead of votes, and if it's low you'll be crying "pls no lyncherino". After that, I'll roll 3d15s and assign the highest to your highest priority role. This determines how high that stat is and is used in calcs I currently can't remember at all. Is there anything else I need to do? Not really. You'll get a role pm game start mostly for your own amusement and then can talk in thread while I post things. Moderate shitposting is fine, but if it gets to the point where Kaoz is yelling at us then you need to slow it down a bit. Also please don't claim mafia/third party (which may or may not exist) because it's less fun that way imo. Alive (23): Boron Blitz Ciraxis Daiya Dragonflare eclipse Einto Elieson Errant Eury Faerie Knight JB Juliette Kaoz Knight of Argentum Lil Bean Marth Minkee PKLucas Refa Rein Vhaltz Xinnidy Dead (18): Psych, Mafia Goon, was lynched Day 1 Belisarius, Town Macho Jailkeeper, was killed Night 1 Manix, Town Weak Cop, was killed Night 1 kirsche, Vanilla Townie, was killed Night 1 Zexy, Vanilla Townie, was killed Night 1 Summer, Mafia Vengeful, was lynched Day 2 Mitsuki, Vanilla Townie, was killed Day 2 BBM, Vanilla Townie, was killed Night 2 Cam, Town Backup Vigilante, was killed Night 2 Drumbeats, Vanilla Townie, was killed Night 2 SB, Mafia Goon, was lynched Day 3 Balcerzak, Vanilla Townie, was killed Night 3 The Red, Mafia Goon, was killed Night 3 Clarinets, Vanilla Townie, was killed Night 3 Junko, Vaniilla Townie, was lynched Day 4 Paperblade, Town Vigilante, was killed Night 4 Shinori, Town Doctor, was killed Night 4 Gaius, Vanilla Townie, was killed Night 4 Day 5 begins! I'll take signups until I decide I have too many so yeah. I will probably regret this if it's actually popular but at least it'll be funny.
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