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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone got all three in less than 100 hours? Been playing my file for more than 90 and haven’t got even one... have had farmed inner sanctum for a long time and Thabes and still nothing. On Thabes I usually get a few rusted weapons but they are normally venim weapons. Do you have any tips?
  2. I know that Fire Emblems legendary weapons aren't exactly famed for having deep histories, but I'm seriously curious if there is any background or lore for Valentia's supposed legendary weapons: Astra, Sol, and Luna. Unlike other games in the series, where you get the weapons over the course of the story or by filling a side objective, in both the original Gaiden and the remake, the legendary weapons are random drops from enemies that have a ridiculously low chance of spawning, and in Echoes you have to spend a few gold pieces to forge the rusted weapons. The most I could find is an award description in Echoes saying that they are relics from the distant past, and they do have similar designs in Echoes, but other than that I couldn't find anything else about them. It doesn't help that their weapon types and visual design has changed from game to game. So again, I'm curious; Do Astra, Sol, and Luna have any lore or background somewhere, or are they really just as mysterious as their reward says?
  3. Whats the deal with the nerf to the Sol Lance and Gradivus? In Fire Emblem Gaiden, Sol had 20 might and 2 weight, while Gradivus had 15 might and 0 weight. In Echoes, Sol has 15 might, the same as the thunder sword, and 4 weight. While Gradivus has 12 might and 5 weight. So Sol lost 5 might and was given 2 extra points in speed reduction. While Gradivus lost 3 might and gained 5 points in speed reduction. This change can’t for balance because Astra still gives 50% critical along with 100% accuracy and giving Astra as a skill, thus allowing you to do 5 hits with a 50% critical increase which is basically instadeath to almost anything. By contrast, Solar Thrust can’t even double attack or counter.
  4. Yo again! Currently trying to farm and get Sol (I have 1 Astra and 3 Luna...), I decided to farm Thabes Labyrinth. So I did multiples runs, staying for hundreds of turns in the last fight (until the Wheel stops working), but I don't see any of those "Balor" monsters. I read somewhere, on Gamefaqs I think, that Balor spawns in the last fight of Thabes Labyrinth but I never saw any! Do you know on which spot (monsters always spawn on the same spot, in this fight) is he? Or, if he's not in this fight, where I can find it? Thanks
  5. I want to give my Sol Manual to someone that cannot use swords in FE5. Will it ever proc that way? Also, I don't think the sword skills can work with non-swords in FE4, but I'm not sure about FE5. Help please?
  6. I'm thinking of having Donny equip Sol. (The Sword) With Armsthrift, I believe it's a rather good choice. Donny doesn't have THAT many useful skills, anyways? But, since I already have him equip Sol, The Skill, will the chance for the Skill to activate double?
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