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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Today I've begun a solorun with Kellam. WHY KELLAM? Because Kellam comes quite early in the game, allowing the player to solo most of the game with him. He also has a great class set with good growths in many areas and he can open chests so I don't need another character to do so (plus he is the tankiest possible thief you can have in the game except MU, Spotpass and DLC characters). WHICH DIFFICULTY? WHICH MODE? Normal difficulty because it's my 1st attempt to solorun and it's probably much more difficult on hard mode when you reach the endgame. I've heard that there are many healers healing the boss in the final stage and in hard it could be difficult to kill it if I can't deal more damage than they can heal. No perma-death mode, simply because keeping everyone alive when you only use one unit in combat is very hard even in normal (some characters can't take more than 1 hit and are surrounded by ennemies after the 1st ennemy turn). I also intend on doing post-game content so I prefer recruting every gen 1 character without letting them die. WHY "CLOSE TO"? Because some chapters require to defend NPCs with many paths leading ennemies to them, so I used Frederick to block the paths and kill his way's ennemies (I don't want a ton of turncount either, even if it's not a speedrun). I also used some freshly recruted characters to make some turns not game over for stupid reasons like Lucina too weak to handle 3 ennemies in chapter 6 (seriously her stats as a NPC make me roar). Why IS? Why is she so WEAK?! She has even less def than Anna the merchant has in the chapter 9 map (where you recruit Tharja and Libra) and only a ridiculous 20 in avoid. I think Eirika lv 1 had about the same avoid in FE TSS (so correct me if I'm wrong, a 9 level difference and the same avoid for the same class and no skill like avoid +10 to compensate). The remake of the speed and luck stats seems complete trash to me (especially in early game) but that's another matter and that's not relevant. NOW LET'S RECAP WHAT I'VE DONE SO FAR (chapter 20 or 21 completed yet).
  2. So yeah. Sophia is my favourite unit and I wanted to do a Solo run with her. I was thinking of replacing Roy with her in the first chapter, making Flux tomes obtainable earlier and making Zeiss recruitable from the start to make getting Apocalypse a bit easier. My question is: Can Sophia take the Late game alone? Or even the early game?
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