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  1. I’m hacking FE8 in FEBuilder. I want a character to be able to promote to an advanced class of a different branch. For example, there’s an archer who I want to promote to wyvern lord. Functionally, it works, but there’s no animation like there is for regular promotions. Does anyone know how to make the animation happen despite the classes being in different branches? *This has been solved. You have to install the patch "display/hide weapons on promotion". Not sure how to remove the post.*
  2. Heya! Using FE8/FEBuilderGBA So I'm pretty sure I fixed this before, but it may have become un-fixed? Regardless, in chapter 6 I have just "Eirika" deployed at the start, and another unit rejoins at turn 7. When you open up the unit info menu and scroll through your units the new unit isn't shown up (unless you select him first, then he disappears when you scroll), and if you move "Eirika" first it skips to end phase without letting you use the other unit. It's kind of a pre-existing problem that I've been able to avoid until now. I've only been able to have player unit reinforcements if they were joining in that chapter, not units already on the roster, or I would find similar issues. Would love to be able to understand why these issues occur and how to fix them in the future, thank you for your time!
  3. Heya, it's my first post in the forums so apologies if I do anything wrong. Basically I would like to get around the issue of the party change from Eirika to Ephraim (in chapter 5x), in that the supply convoy and money are both separate. I have a handful of weapon drops etc, and would like for them to not be stuck in an inaccessible convoy for a while should the players inventory get full. I tried to find this amongst the forums but to no avail. While I'm on the topic, I haven't gotten further than 5x yet, but can I assume there are some common difficulties in the party split later on (when you choose Eirika/Ephraim route) or is it quite simple? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time ~
  4. So I'm working on a ROM Hack and I'm working on Chapter 2. When I test it on my emulator it always bugs out when it reaches the highlighted part of the running event, this event occurs after the chapter title screen. I played vanilla Sacred Stones on the emulator and this event doesn't even pop up. Another thing I should mention is the map I'm using was originally FE8's chapter 12 map. I just copied the map and redrew it. While it did have an inn, arena, and armory I removed their tiles. Anybody know what the problem is?
  5. axonn360

    Map Help

    So I'm working on a FE8 ROM Hack on FE GBA Builder, and I need some help.What I'm trying to do is change from one map to another in the same chapter. Like how in FE8s opening it starts with the map that's inside the Renais then it switches to the map that's outside the palace. Anyone know how to do this?
  6. So I've been working on an FE8 ROM hack, and recently finished a chapter. However, when I tested it, after beating that chapter, the next chapter didn't appear on the world map (instead, various monsters appeared at seemingly random spots on the map). Does anyone know what might be causing this, and what I could do to fix it? Edit: It turns out I deleted the line of code that moved the lord unit on the world map the chapter 2 node.
  7. Teku

    Sprite opinion

    I'm new to making sprites so i was looking for advice on how to make a few sprites I've been tinkering with for a few days but im not sure how to best approach making them the best that they can be, 1 is a sprite for a video project my friend and i are working on, the other was my attempt at making a manga character (you could probably guess who) So how do i best approach the problems that are curretly present in them to have them reach the best they could get?
  8. Nvm I'm dumb heres how you do it anyone else is confused.
  9. >>>>>Solution little far below post<<<<< Hi everyone, I recently returned to ROM Hacking after a 2 month Hiatus. Currently about 3-months of total dedicated time into my current ROM-Hack project. (Febuilder) I've only use FeEditor Adv for importing some animations to view or use. So moving on to the issue, I've been stubbed on how to increase the PLAYER'S UNIT HP and Stat caps, I've tried Solum's solution which I think it allows a unit to have above 60 HP but still encounters serious issues if you Level up when you're above the 60 HP Cap. Also tried our lord and saviour Circle's Event-Assembler patch (FE8EssentialFixes), as well as Nyan's Febuilder patch (Picture below) none seemed to help solve the issue. DH_Ninja seemed to have a solution but he has been inactive since 2015, using Solum's Method (Picture Below with Ashe in FE6 or FE7) If anyone has a solution to this I'd appreciate your help immensely. I planned to have most of the later game enemies to have around 53-80HP and 7-38 Stats respectively, ever since the beginning of my project I was aiming for growths and stats similar to Awakening and Fates. Thanks in advance, Yazuki _FE8EssentialFixes.txt
  10. I have been working on an unannounced project, and I have put in a battle animation I found online, but the colors are really screwed up and I do not know what to do. Please help. Nevermind; It turns out I was looking in the wrong plcae to fix it!
  11. Why hello there, hackers with significantly more talent than I! I seem to have gotten myself into a..... rather mystifying situation. .......holy shit where do I start. So, I'm new to music hacking. When I first got into the hacking business little over a year ago, I dabbled in it (using Sappy cause I'm a hipster), got frustrated and left it to rot while I figured out other aspects of hacking magic. But back then I also made a Rom specifically for music testing, which I applied a patch or two to without documenting anything. This being the problem here. (The only one I know I inserted was the FE7 Native Instrument Map.) Recently I finally figured out the basics of inserting songs that don't come out as ear torture, and I've been using said old testing Rom for....well... testing them. They work absolutely fine there, but when I insert them into the Rom for my actual hack, they have....some slight oddities. As an example: here's a song in my (now completely bugged) testing Rom: (Yes, it IS one of the boss themes from Mega Man X4) Correct Song.mp4 Sounds pretty good. Just how I want it to sound. Now here's the same song (exact same .s file) in my actual Rom: Bugged Song.mp4 (btw this is how it sounds in any Rom other than the testing one, not just this particular one). I guess the game can't handle the amount of instruments being played, since it periodically mutes some of them. Both of these are played with the aformentioned Native Instrument Patch, and the song has the same priority in both Roms. I didn't insert any custom sound samples into the test Rom (or the other one). I usually just dick around with stuff like this until it works, but this time I'm well and truly stumped.
  12. So, earlier this week I decided to open up Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem in a Hex editor and see what I could learn from it, and actually learned a good amount of stuff for items. So I decided to try and make a Nightmare Module, with the help of some of the SD Modules, for an Item Editor to make it easier for me to work with. But I ran into this error whenever I tried to use it and, after several hours of trying to figure it out myself, turned to here for help. After I got this module to work I was planning on learning about unit data in the hex editor and then making a module for that to also help, so any help in this regard will be welcomed gladly. Here's a dropbox link that contains a .rar file with the module that I tried to make and text files that go along with it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c08tv657lp9es58/FE12 Item Editor.rar?dl=0 Thank you for any help ~Rute
  13. For some reason, if I click on a unit that has a weapon there range never appears and the unit freezes! Can someone please help!
  14. Yazuki

    Gbage palette

    Hey does anyone know the palette ID for FE8's Personal Data screen? ------------>
  15. Is it possible to change which map the player starts with when they boot up the game? I want to skip directly to Eliwood's tale because I'm using his chapters as a base. EDIT: I solved it by activating the Seize flag in the start event of the prologue, which then makes it skip over to chapter 10, where I placed Lyn at the gate of the castle, so she can seize immediately. When I tried skipping directly to Chapter 11, the game was stuck in Lyn mode, making Eliwood unable to seize.
  16. So for a small project between friends I'm working on, I've replaced Moulder with Ephraim for reasons and now the Chapter 2 cutscene softlocks the game just before the last line of dialogue where Vanessa speaks then flies off to the right. The game has no issues proceeding as normal if the cutscene is skipped, but I would really prefer to fix it so it doesn't softlock. Is there anyway to solve this problem?
  17. Hi Milanor here, I'm new to the rom hacking community and I'm trying to figure out how to create a completely new ups patch file from a clean rom and an hex editor. My first mini project would be to create an easy mode of fe6, from the original vanilla version of the game. I have the original fresh copy of FE6, and I plan to use the nightmare editor to modify all the character's bases and growths (essentially buff them), and then creating a patch on that. The program that I'm using is NUPS which should create ups files, however, when I go to create a patch, it asks for the original file, edited file, and then the New UPS file. I'm confused about what it means since I've already have a fresh copy. Does this mean that I would first have two fresh copies of FE6 (respectively A and B where B is the edited file), then edit the B file with nightmare, then after making the changes to B, create a patch from both files A and B? Then the next issue I have is that since the game is only released in Japan and no English version of the game exists (except for fan translation patches), I have to find a way to get the translate the text and menu items. I'm thinking of either two choices: A) Use an old translation patch that already exists from 2006 or whenever (I will make sure to have permission from them as well as credit them), then apply it to my newly created patch? In other words, I don't know if I can tack on a existing patch to another existing patch together? Or what about applying two different patches to the same rom? (One is a translation patch and the other one is the modified base/growth rates patch.) B) Rewrite the entire game script (which includes the menu items, item descriptions, character texts, and all of that) which is A LOT of work for just a mini project. Let me know how I should go about doing these things and I hope this isn't too much for someone who is still a newbie in the world of rom hacking. I also hope I did not sound too confusing as my wording can be awkward at times. -Milanor
  18. I'm using FEBuilder, and I'm thinking of changing the Unlock Staff's range from 1-2 to 1-4. However, simply changing the range in the item editor doesn't appear to change the actual, functional range of the staff. I ran a search, and no one else appears to have tried this. How would I go about changing Unlock's range?
  19. Noob question here. Does anyone have advice/tips on how to make sure Whatever Rom I'm downloading is safe? (Virus/malware free) Thanks!
  20. I recently started working with FEBuilder. After losing a bunch of progress on a simpler hack I was making for FE7 when expanding the item graphics table made staves crash the game, I'm thinking of using an existing hack, The Last Promise by Blazer, as a base for my next project. Its item graphics table is already expanded, and I don't want to lose entire chapters of progress because I want to give the axe guy the Hatchet from FE8. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do as far as permissions. If this hack were to be completed, I would most assuredly credit Blazer, as well as basically everyone else on Last Promise's Credits page (and might I add, Blind Archer's Halberdier is so cool that I plan to have two of them as town guards on the prologue map), but I don't know what else would need to be done or if I'd even be allowed to do this. For all intents and purposes, it'd be a completely separate game from Last Promise, with completely different characters, story, and maps. I'd like to get permission related things worked out before I get too far into development, and I figured this was the best place to ask questions. I'm well aware now that this is a terrible idea, and will not be doing this. Please do not bite my head off.
  21. I've patched plenty of roms before using nups. However I haven't patched roms for a while, and when I attempted to patch an fe7 rom with a road to ruin patch, it stated the patch doesn't match the file. I tried setting nups to ignore whether or not it matches, but ran into errors in the first scene. it may be the rom I'm using, but I don't know where to find safe roms ever since a certain website I've always used has taken down the links to roms. Any ideas as to where I could find a safe rom ( don't post the link) or what I can do?
  22. NOTE: I am not entirely sure where this question goes...apologies for being a dumb-dumb. (I did search Resources and Questions, didn't find anything). So I am remaking fe8, and recently got my hands on circleseverywhere skill patch. I applied it to a clean rom and added my changes that were already implemented on my other rom (it still does not have skills, it is technically now a backup). Prologue: I added reinforcements and more enemies and allies and a map change, no problems. chapter 1: I removed the reinforcements, and a map change, then updated the rom using FEBuilderGBA. No problems. I then added more enemies...and I got the following stat reductions on all five of the playable units (here are two as an example). Apologies if this is a simple fix, I know next to nothing about stuff like this...And apologies in advance for wasting your time.
  23. So I'm sure most of us are aware that attempting to give magic animations to melee axes causes the game to freeze, since there are no ranged animations for the melee axes. I haven't tried yet, but would it be possible to simply edit the script of all sprites with axe animations to include a ranged attack? For my hack I don't need anything extravagant, it'd be fine even if they stood absolutely still.
  24. I'm very new to hex editing, but I thought it was simple enough that I could do it on my own. So, I'm trying to put Circleseverywhere's FE8 Native Instruments BIN into my FE8 hack, and it worked perfectly with a clean file (the custom music works and everything). Now, I tried the same with my edited ROM, which has nightmare edits and text/portrait/sprite edits from Feditor Adv, and the game crashes whenever actual gameplay comes up. I can navigate the title screen and even access the sound room to hear my custom music, but the World Map and Link Arena cause the game to freeze. I tried inserting the BIN into the free space at 00B2A610 and free space I made myself at the end of the ROM, both with the same results. Another quirk is when I start a new game: immediately after the cutscenes end, the game resets itself. Is there an issue with the free space that's conflicting with Feditor Adv or Nightmare? And if it is, is there an easy fix or would I simply have to start all over with a clean ROM?
  25. I recently switched to using buildfiles to create my hack, and I want to be able to edit battle palettes. The buildfile Ultimate Tutorial doesn't currently have a method to assemble palettes, does anyone know of a way to do so?
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