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Found 5 results

  1. So Battlebees from tumblr/Youtube decided to create custom sprites featuring Oboro's children inheriting the demon face. (Original website here.) Sophie just looks silly cute; I just can't seriously imagine her with a demonic face. Midori looks like she ran out of weed and starting to have withdrawal symptoms hehehe. Nina, on the other hand, looks like she ended up spending the entire night, watching men interact, and getting sleep deprived the next morning. Mitama also looks like she got rudely woken up by Azama and angry for being deprived of sleep. Well, that's what happens when you don't go to bed dear. Asugi looks like a douchey teen who's been trying to act edgy after playing too much GTA. Ignatius, Dwyer, and Rhajat don't look all that different... Not too sure about Shiro or Selkie... I'd hate to see Caeldori or Hisame with such a face though. They look like they are going to utterly screw you over. Both Kanas also looks unsettling. And Gods, is this what happens when Kiragi must have inherited both Oboro's demon face and Takumi's jerkassery.
  2. So I did paralogue 4, and Silas died before he could talk to Sophie (it was casual) and then sophie died and i didn't get her. Which really sucks because she had APTITUDE. I thought it would be like the paralogue where you get Kana, and you don't have to talk to them. Do you have to talk to Sophie or have her survive?
  3. Has anyone read this support? I carefully selected Sophie for my dear Kana to S-rank and this girl totally friend-zoned him. He tells her he likes her and she says she just likes him as a friend only. Then they agree to be best friends forever. Are all the children supports non-romantic or did I just pick a bad match for Kana?
  4. Sooo um hi I'm Breezy and Sophie is somewhere and we're going to be going through the War room of Advance Wars 2 together! For some reason We're gonna alternate the maps so I do the first she does the second etc. Also we aren't gonna put Ridge Island in that sequence because fuck that map So yeah have fun reading and watching me fail! First map should be soon hopefully
  5. Ladies and Gentleman of Serenes Forest dot net... We would like to present possibly the strangest tag team i've seen but then again i've only seen like, three so... Fun fact: i've never played FE12 before, so this will be a learning experience never mind that, ON TO OUR STARS The following units cannot be killed under any circumstances and must be used as frequently as possible: Sophie: PKLucas531: Shockmaster: FrostyFireMage: Polydeuces: We will start the show when we have more clarity on what the hell we are doing We will also being doing this on Hard mode Normal is for wusses and Lunatic is for masochists
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