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Found 1 result

  1. I don't know if this has ever been discussed before, but I'm bringing it up just in case. Recently, it came to my attention that those islands off the southeast coast of Magvel, seen here, don't seem to actually be owned by any of the continent's countries. Not even the ones closest to them, Jehanna and Grado. It's very hard to see with Grado, as Vigarde's mug is covering them up almost completely, but you can still see a small piece of the big eastern island, just below Vigarde's hair, and they're not glowing. So what's the deal there? Someone forgot to include them? Was it deliberate? Are the islands really no man's land? Assuming it was a conscious thing to leave the islands as belonging to no country, the only other area of Magvel that this applies to is Darkling Woods, and you know what's in there. Are the islands are in a similar situation, which is why they haven't been claimed, not even by Grado? It could go either way. I think it's more interesting if they were also a monster infested stronghold, instead of the developers forgetting to light them up. So, thoughts?
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