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Found 4 results

  1. Have you been bored with Shadows of Valentia? Have you wanted to use new weapons, rings, or learn about new growths on a familiar character? Do you just want to have some more interesting maps, with more unique enemy layouts that isn't just 6 Cavaliers 30 tiles away from you? Do you want that one generic boss from Gaiden that wasn't added to SoV to be added? Boy do I have what you'll want. Duma's Power is a work in progress. Any Info is subject to change, and stuff like that, y'know? As the creator of the previous Shadows of Valentia hack, Amiibos++, I'm creating a hack that will alter all 6 acts of the game, and I won't stop until all 6 are done. Duma's Power will change as many aspects of the game as possible, from item stats, to Duma's Attacks, to even some Spell lists. At the current moment, Act 1 is being worked on, and is nearly finished, map wise, along with some stats. This kinda stuff takes time, and is weird to work with. I have no gameplay videos, Shadows of Valentia emulation has gotten worse since my showcase of Amiibos++. Instead, I have a small photo gallery: https://postimg.cc/gallery/8SvZPsH If the image gallery doesn't work, just call me a dumbass and I'll fix it. I'll post the Act 1 Build on Gamebanana once it is ready. Please, wait warmly until it is. Thank you all for visiting this page atleast. If you want updates on even the smallest of edits I do, I made a Discord specifically for this, where I do accept playtesters: https://discord.gg/XkV6nTyPZ3 Sorry for the crappy looking post lol, have a fallen berkut sprite
  2. I’ve been starting up a YouTube channel where I post footage of my art process. My goal is to draw every single Fire Emblem character. Check out my art and videos! For commissions please contact me via email: [email protected]
  3. So BASICALLY im in act 4, Rigel Castle, and earlier I randomly started wondering "huh, i never DID get palla and catria in Celica's route" so I googled and realized I completely missed them so tl;dr im just a complete moron
  4. If a sequel to Fire emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia were anounced, would you be in support of the game, or against it? Also, when in the future would you what a sequel to occur? Feel free to list any gameplay or story ideas you have for the game. Story Ideas (This assumes you've already played and beaten the game, so spoilers are abound here.) Gameplay Ideas (put in a spoiler to save space)
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