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Found 13 results

  1. When I refer to "Special Edition", I'm referring to the Seasons Of Warfare or the Fodlan Collection. Although they have quite a bit different, I'm talking about the version available in your country. And uh, if your not in those countries, go with what version you would choose. Decided to make this because I'm curious what the consensus is on the Special Edition of FE16 compared to what people think of the previous Special Editions. Another last thing I will say is that I will be releasing a second topic a few days after the release to see how the opinion on the edition has changed, since we don't know the full OST yet. (Probably good though.) PS: Don't forget money
  2. Hey guys, I don't usually like to make requests and things like this, but does anyone have a European/Australian/PAL Special Edition Fire Emblem Fates Poster (the one with the map of Nohr and Hoshido) that they would be willing to send/sell to me? I've gone through a really messy and long break up lately and my partner refuses to give back my personal items, including the poster he was going to make a frame for. He is angry so now he will probably throw it out or destroy it. The poster is the only item I can replace from the break up and I still would like one to keep my limited edition whole. I can buy the poster from you and pay for postage as well if that helps. Any other advice for sourcing this poster would be helpful, thank you.
  3. So it's the 8th of june, I live in Spain, and I'm still waiting for my special edition to get to the shop (which is MediaMarkt) so they can deliver it to me... Is any European here struggling with this issue? I have been told that Nintendo hasn't delivered the games to the shop, but "I ain't buyin' it". So if you happen to be in this situation let me know, because I'm a little too triggered about this. Thank you for reading me.
  4. So I for one am definitely excited for FE Echoes. Really want to get Valentia Complete, and am so close. Only thing is right now is having trouble with a credit card and could use some help. Topic open for anyone having problems or wishing to talk about the special edition release.
  5. My cartridge currently holds the power of Gay Fates Hack, Twin Kanas (male & female Kana), and save editing. Meaning that soon, I'll have a my castle available with every skill unlocked on every character + hair colour changing abilities + class changing abilities + every gem "My castle" resource + much more! I'll be sharing my castle when it's complete so everyone can get access to abilities and / or characters (recruitment) for every revelations character. However, to finish this I'll need to get every character. Including the second generations characters. Here is a list of all the pairings I currently have and / or considering (???) as marriage pairings. I'd like everyone to suggest their favourite fan pairings, with no limitations attached! This meaning everyone can marry anyone, including second generations and "special" characters (i.e Scarlet, Gunter, Flora etc) Current Pairings: * Odette (MU) x Rinkah * Ryoma x Scarlet * Leo x Niles * Odin x Elise * Subaki x Felicia * Azura x Hinoka??? OR * Hinoka x Camilla??? * Kaze x Silas * Keaton x Mozu * Kaden x Setsuna * Saizo x Orochi * Takumi x Selena * Hayato x Sakura * Nyx x Arthur * Laslow x Charlotte??? * Benny x Beruka??? * Hinata x Beruka??? * Azama x Oboro??? Revelation Characters reference: http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/revelation/character-recruitment/ + DLC characters, such as; Anna, Ike, Marth, Lucina, and Robin (possibly?) My Castle will feature a daily character and / or skill change daily (if I have the time.) But you'll be able to request from multiple sources to have the characters + skills changed as you'd like them.
  6. Is there anyone willing to sell their Fates artbook and pouch? If so, for how much? I was one of the unfortunate ones who did not get the SE (I'm so ashamed as a FE fan that I didn't really know about the preorder until it was over...) Thanks!
  7. Other than voting for the Serenes Scribbles event, the issue with the SE of Fates has been quite conflicting for me (for different reasons. The SS event is for good reasons...so many good entries... :3 ). The release date for Fates is so close, yet we've heard nothing about the SE. Unless Nintendo is trying to make a lot them before the release and making retailers not have too many pre-orders so they can get them out without too much pressure, it's kinda a pain not hearing or seeing anything about it. I've been watching Amazon (and sometimes even that FE:Fates Tracker) like a hawk lately because I KNOW that the SE is gonna be jumped on like a cheetah bolting for prey after not eating for almost a week. Also, I even went to my Wal-Mart and tried to see if I could be lucky and find one...nope. I did see both versions of Fates behind the glass case though......I felt like I was being taunted......*sigh*...... :'(
  8. Title says it all. I imagine they will both be limited in Europe, so what would you buy?
  9. Not sure if there's literally anyone else in this boat because I'm sure almost everyone is more patient than me, but I preordered the Special Edition as soon as it went up. And I mean, as soon as they went live. I was refreshing EBGames' page after the Direct until it showed up. At that point, the price was erroneously listed as AUD 99.95. 'A good price,' I thought to myself while considering the JP and US prices, patting myself on the back for being part of such a suddenly-reasonable species. No such luck, as it was soon (in a matter of hours) changed to $199.95. I emailed EB to inquire about my order in November, to check if it was still valid and if I could just pay the correct price in-store as I had already put in my deposit, and only now got a reply. So, if you're like me and jumped the gun, you may be pleased to know that EBgames is apparently prepared to discount it to the original (wrong) price! Not sure if they'll uphold this promise or communicate it to my local store (I'm prepared to have an awkward retail conversation upon picking it up.) The email says: "In saying this as it was an error on our part we will be honouring the price which was listed when the preorder was taken. You will not be charged the extra $100 as when you preordered it was listed as the cheaper price." So, good news? Anyone? Is it literally just me?
  10. Hi guys! First post here and i'll be honest.. I missed the pre-order of the Special Edition and i need help! Im desperate lol I live in Brazil and its pretty hard to purchase in websites like Best Buy and Gamestop because they request a NA billing adress for purchases. So im stuck to ebay, and its ridiculous right now. So, does anyone is willing to sell their pre order for retail price? I mean, do you have a spare order and wants to help a desperate soul? Do you a place i can still order for a human price? Please help me out! Im shipping a small gift for the person who lends me a hand :) THANKS! Victor
  11. http://imgur.com/cJlEQzc For everyone who pre-ordered the special edition (like myself) you should take a look at this!! Apparently, Gamestop has messed up SEVERELY and now if you've pre-ordered too late, your pre-order has been cancelled and you'll have to look elsewhere. (THANKS GAMESTOP!) However, if you've pre-ordered online, you're safe so don't worry! Only those who pre-ordered in-store are affected. Fortunately for me, I pre-ordered this on the 16th, so I'm good. What about you guys?
  12. Ok, so I was just browsing the official site today and noticed that there was an update with something that appeared to be a Japanese release date. I'll be honest, I can't read Japanese, however it appears that (from the google translation) the release date for this game is/could be the 26th of December. The translation also mentioned things about a special edition of the game ("Illusion Revelations #FE Fortissimo Edition") that comes with an "outer box" illustrated by toi8, an official art book and a CD with six songs on it. There is a definitive edition wii u as well. Also there was this picture included with the update (could somebody please translate it). Character DLC costumes: L -> R: Touma (Walter SMT IV)/Itsuki (Devil Survivor 2)/ Tsubasa (Person Q) / Tsubasa or Kiriya (Etrian Odyssey III) My friend also just sent me this for anyone that is curious about the sample box art. They end with saying that there will be more information in October. (If there are any inconsistencies with this post please notify me so that I can change it accordingly). Edits [09/11/2015] - DLC costumes for characters added.
  13. Whether its a collector's edition, used, special edition or limited release. What game have you spent the most money on? For me it would have to be my newly acquired physical copy of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance with the disc and manual included I paid about $90 for a complete used (but pristine) copy of the game.
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