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Found 1 result

  1. Just thought I'd do this for fun, and see what people's favourite special attack lines are! Heroes is great in that every character now has voices and special attack lines, so let's see which ones are your favourite? Now due to the vast amount of characters (and alt characters), I'll do these in batches. A poll will be up for each batch of up to 3 characters. Vote and/or post your favourite special attack line for each one (poll is multiple choice so you can choose for each unit) and I'll keep track! NOTE: If you see the results straight away and want to vote, just press the "Show Vote Options" button on the bottom left of the poll and you can vote on each new poll. First off, let's appropriately start with the Askr Trio! You can play the voice lines for each character in the FE wiki links (in the "Special Skill" section) Winners List: -------------- Personally, my choices are: Alfonse - "Above all...the mission!" pretty much defines Alfonse, and I like Ray Chase's delivery with the pause for added effect. "I'll open the way" is a close second though. Sharena - "Ladies first!" Short, sassy and sweet. Most memorable one since the other lines are actually pretty generic. Anna- "Onward to victory" although "We will triumph!" is a very close second. I really just like the word 'triumph' to be honest, but "Onward to victory" has a great delivery with the syllables and is more memorable. (As for the order of these batches, I will rotate between games since 186 characters is a lot so Fates characters for example won't be featured until a very long time. I'll do the main lords first though.)
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