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Found 5 results

  1. I started playing Radiant Dawn for the second time to fully experience the game and somehow my Micaiah has capped speed at Lv. 18. I actually noticed how disgustingly slow she was on my first playthrough and then checked her speed growth rate, which is only 35%. She starts with 7 speed, which means 13 out of 17 level ups gave her speed. The RNG Gods have blessed this playthrough or perhaps they might have cursed me elsewhere...
  2. Hello I have a question regarding re-classing. My plan is for Orochi: 1. Level up to 20 2. Master Seal to Onmyogi 2. Friendship Seal with Kagero to reclass to Ninja 3. Level up 4. Heart Seal (?) to Diviner This is so I could somehow make up for Orochi's really low speed. Is this even possible?
  3. Have any of you seen this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6So666eZwg Some really gnarly stuff going on here. Enjoy. :)
  4. Claim other Serenes Forest users as your [insert Japanese honorable]. Senpais, kouhais, senseis, donos are accepted now. If there are any more you'd like included please notify the OP.
  5. Now, I haven't actually played RD yet, (but I really want to) so out of pure curiosity I compared the growth rates of Leonardo with the other archers, Shinon and Rolf. And I really don't get all the hate Leo gets, he came in at least second in every stat except speed. I realize this is a big issue, but since he has much more levels to grow than the other two, he'll end up with only (roughly) 3 less speed than Shinon by the time he reaches the same level, and his other stats will probably be on par or greater. So, with the exception of being on the Dawn Brigade, is there anything terribly wrong with Leo because I don't see why he gets all the hate.
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