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Found 8 results

  1. my first splice of an FE Gba mug, I think I did an alright job, I feel like it could have been better but I'm with how it came out, thoughts? I used Lowen's head (obviously) and Zonta's body (FE8 boss) and changed the skin and armor color
  2. Hello everyone! I had the idea of making a thread in which I post my "content" I've started by remaking some old portraits of mine, when I first started making them. I just need the palette and the hair done. wip.
  3. Autonima

    Auto's Sprites

    Here it is... It uses Gilliams body, Tirado's head, I could not find the name of the hair for the life of me, but it was part of the fe8 mug spritesheet, Garcia's hair color, and the red from Amelia's armor. He's a knight dude. Please critique this! (I'm going away on he 26th, so that's why I won't be able to post)
  4. Here are some badly made portraits for my Ragefest tribute (if I ever get around to doing it) EclipseXIV (me): I think this one is my best. It's a recolored Sue/Karla splice. Lunacy (my friend): Not as great. It's a recolored Saul/Legault with Hector's hairstyle. Samuel L. Jackson (don't ask): Probably the worst one. It's a bald, recolored Karel from FE6. George W. Bush (don't ask): It looks alright, but not much like the actual guy. Ali (one of the main characters besides Marc): More to come soon! Hopefully I get better.
  5. So these are some splices and icons I've been working on.
  6. I don't know how to go about this but I made a few of splices and now I'm going to share them. I'll add to it when I get the mood to make splices again. Also, I may be making some OC's of mine that I make for roleplays. I may also use these characters in roleplays here. (Lemming is coming soon.) Purple-haired knight girl Used: Amelia, Vanessa, Eirika, random village girl from FE7, and Lyn. Palettes from Vanessa, Eirika, Wolt, and Geese. Used: Dozla, Wallace, and Brendan. Palettes from Wallace, Brendan and Garcia Used: Dozla, Ross, Garcia, and Bartre. Palettes from Ross, Bartre, and Garcia. (Oh hey it's my OC Chigai) Used: Myrrh, Colm, Fae, Fir, Roy, and Florina. Palettes from Florina, Colm, and others??? Accepting critiques that will not ruin my self confidence ;w;
  7. Even though people say I'm actually capable of pulling off splices of various FE mugshots, I'm still not quite convinced with it. So yeah, I decided to call my Spriting Thread a "Graveyard" because I still think I stink and suck horribly. Anyways, time to burn and bleed everyone's eyes out with my stuff because it seems that is my talent. NOTE: These are my stuff way back in the past; I'm still trying to get my splicing skills back and I'm a sucky and rusty knife already. In FE6/FE7 Colors: In FE8 Colors: I hope your eyes have burnt and bled out... Oh, and you may suggest me a set of characters to work out with. I'm really a rusted knife.
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