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Found 1 result

  1. So as someone who has made a few horrible custom animations before, I can honestly say making sure your palette sync up to 16 colors after hours splicing existing animations in your creation can be a colossal pain in the ass. Which is why I made a animation sheet following one palette to rule them all so one can splice away and then change the colors to whatever the fuck you like. Here is the sheets: FE 6-8 The Lords Mercenary Life The Royal Guard Vagabonds and the Mad Emperor Magicians Dragons: The is no download option yet, will add that when I finish everything so right now, just "save as" the image. Should be able to open in usenti with no loss of colors. Some sprites do have a weird pixel colored the wrong way somewhere but it's insanely easy to fix yourself so it's moot anyway. Key: Blue colors = the hair Browns = skin Red/yellow = Primary Colors 1 Green = Secondary Colors 2 Constants = Purple is the transparency background/ White is [31,31,31]/ Shadow is [5,5,5] All sprites came from FEplanet if you wish to see the original and to give credit. Hopefully this helps people create more custom shit for the community. The exception is the enemy mamkute animation sheet. That came from Bonzai at HTTP://SDB.NEUROPOD.NET (this site domain seems to switched hands since then or I typed it wrong, the new site is http://spritedatabase.net/ ) Will add more later once they are finished.
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