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  1. The title is needlessly verbose, in order to avoid spoiling any passers-by on the details of a game from a decade and a half ago, but in case it wasn't obvious... The Blood Pact. I'm talking about the Blood Pact. The story of Radiant Dawn reveals that Ashnard used a blood pact, in order to kill all those who stood between him and the throne. The exception was the pact's signer, the then-current king. Once he became second in the line of succession, Ashnard committed regicide, and slew the last remaining obstacle to his position of power. At first, this may seem contrary to Ashnard's ways. Why would a man all about strength, who desired to prove himself on the field of battle, resort to such underhanded means to achieve power? And yet, Ashnard had no compunctions about holding an infant (his own son!) hostage in order to bend one of Goldoa's mighty Black Dragons to his command. Not only that, but he admitted to his foremost general that he had slain the prior king! Truly, he was a ruthless blackheart. Certainly, this was a man willing to use underhanded means, the Blood Pact chief among them. But... does it really make sense? A new problem emerges - the randomness of it all. A blood pact kills at random. Rich, poor, weak, strong, noble, or commoner - every person faces an equal chance of being struck by the curse. Ashnard believes in strength above all else, yet he invites a curse that will kill strong people - whether they are strong of body or of will - while sparing many who are "weak" in the same regards. Had he invited a natural calamity - say, a flood, or a disease, or a horde of wild laguz - there is at least the argument that the people more ruthless in fighting back, and acquiring necessary resources, would survive the disaster. But it is not so for the blood pact. And this is before confronting the painful fact - Ashnard himself could have died from the blood pact. The previous king was immune, as a signer of the pact, as was the "wise man" with whom he signed it... but we have no reason to believe that Ashnard, who is never described as signatory to the pact, would have been immune to its effect. He gambled his life on sheer dumb luck. "But wait," you might interject, "Ashnard had no objection to being killed! He specifically invited it in the Endgame of Path of Radiance!" That is true - I do not assert that Ashnard was against being killed by someone stronger than he was. But the blood pact, and the disaster that derived from it, was nothing of the sort. Had he died from it, it wouldn't have been due to some "weakness" that an enemy exploited, or some "failure" that meant he was no longer worth living. He could have been the strongest person in all of Tellius, both in body and in mind, and the blood pact would not have spared him. Thus extinguishing from the continent his dream - that it would be ruled by strength, above all else. Anyway, thanks for reading this. This is something I've been rolling around in my head for a little while now, and wanted to put to parchment (metaphorically, of course). Is my thesis sound, or are there any loopholes that you could exploit to get out of it? I'd be keen to hear your thoughts on it!
  2. As a first time player. I am really moved how well the story is written here. What i really want to say after playing AM and CF route is that. Blue king was where Edelgard was MANY MANY YEARS AGO. After her returning to the empire with all that was done to her by TWSITD. I have no doubt Edelgard felt the same revenge and hatred that we see in AM route by dimitri. The difference was, She was totally powerless to do anything about it. It was after so many preparations that she kept doing what she can to fight for her beliefs. Eventually in the war phase she fight for something other than revenge (eventhough its the same thing, so its convenient), but dimitri was fighting solely for revenge.
  3. Now that we know all the dlc emblems, which I assume are the only ones they add, anyone disappointed we didn't get an assassin emblem? I personally would have loved to see Jaffar as an emblem, or Volke. There aren't any emblems that give a dagger as a weapon to use. (Which I personally think the throwing sword from Corrin should have just been a dagger). Looking at all the weapon types, if I am not mistaken, daggers are the only one we don't have access too from Emblems. Having a cool assassin from one of the games would fit it all too well imo and could give some really great bonuses as well.
  4. This entire post will most likely be a spoiler for anyone who has yet to complete the game.
  5. Long time lurker here, and I just completed my first NG Maddening run last night, taking the Verdant Wind route; and I wanted to share some of my overall thoughts about the experience, as well as my party build. I found these types of posts really helpful for my planning of the run, so I wanted to give back for those looking for ideas. General Comments on the Run -I used DLC characters, items, and aux battles. I held out on the stat boosters until after Chapter 5, but I did use the Chalice of Beginnings right away -The run took me just under 110 hours. I avoided cheesy grinding strats with rusted weapons/heal tiles. However, I did do aux battles ~1-2 weeks per month pre time skip, and ~1 week per month post time skip -I recruited every character possible on VW, and completed every paralogue. This was more trouble than it was worth, and I wouldn't do it again. I found it really stunted Byleth's growth, and she was often the last unit to promote to a class tier. Next time, I will just focus on recruits/paralogues of units that give me something I need for my endgame build -Holy cow, the difficulty at the beginning is truly maddening. I found the most difficult sections of the game were Chapters 3 & 5 (I averaged 50+ turn counts without grinding), doing DLC aux battles in the very early game, the pre time skip paralogues, and Chapter 13. The lack of stats, movement, and utility tools really punishes the player, especially when so many early enemy units have Pass -I can't stress how important it is to plan your units/builds ahead of time. The units where I planned ahead really came together, while I was kicking myself for not thinking through some unit progression ahead of time (looking at you, Byleth!) -My builds are player phase focused. I had never used some of the enemy phase strats with dodge tanking or Vantage/Wrath, and I shied away from too much experimenting once I experienced that intense difficulty curve early game My Roster (in order of MVPs) Mercedes, Bishop, 35 Battles/13 Victories (37%), 0 MVPs Faith Lv 5, White Magic Range + 1, Reason Lv 5, Magic +2, Fiendish Blow -My main healer. She is a unit of extremes -- depending on the turn, she can heal my entire party to full with the click of a button, or she does nothing. A good candidate for a Stride battalion to fill in some more useful turns -Pros: I was not using Vengeance or Vantage/Wrath strats on my other units, so Fortify was really strong and didn't come with downsides. The auto self-heal personal meant that if she did have to tank a hit, I didn't have to worry about healing her (rare). Her Res was so sky high, she could pull enemy mages worry-free throughout the whole run -Cons: She lacks really any other utility tools (Warp, Rescue, Silence), so there were a lot of turns where she just Waits -This pick was more of a security blanket for me, and if given another chance, I probably would opt for a unit with more offense or utility Marianne, Dancer, 113 Battles/50 Victories (44%), 0 MVPs Sword Lv5, Reason Lv5, Sword Avo +20, Special Dance, Fiendish Blow -I love the Dancer class, it just opens up so many possibilities (double your strongest unit, fix positional problems). I paired her with Fetters of Dromi, so I could just dive bomb a critical enemy with Lysithea and dance out -I trained her swords and gave her a Levin Sword and her relic. She was able to delete some enemy units all the way up until late game. Also, she was super dodgy with Sword Lv5 and Sword Avo+20. Between her Avo and a Guard Adjutant, I could keep her on the frontlines without as much risk -Her having Physic is a huge bonus for Chapters in which you have to split your party or Chapter 13. I didn't find much use for Silence, it was often just better to Dance a unit and eliminate the caster Ignatz, Sniper, 269 Battles/173 Victories (64%), 0 MVPs Bow Lv5, Death Blow, +20 Hit, Bow Crit +10, +4 Dex -Ignaughty was the surprise of the run. I thought he was a pipsqueak and I never used him in any of my Normal/Hard runs. I was so wrong -Because of his personal and his Speed Rally, his early game is strong as a reliable chipper or a speed rally bot to prevent or cause doubles. Thank Sothis I had him for those times you NEED some additional dmg to an enemy on forest or +Avo heal tiles -Around mid game, his crit potential comes online, and he starts to become a monster. Give him a Killer Bow, a Crit Ring, and Hunter's Volley, and he becomes a delete button with 3 range and a high hit rate -He had the highest Victories/Battles ratio on the team (64%), despite spending most of the early game chipping damage. If I could see the stats just post time skip, I bet it is some crazy high % ratio -Avoid the temptation of investing any strength stat boosts early, he'll cover it with crits later on -Overall, a low investment/high return unit with a strong early and late game -- 100% recommend Leonie, Bow Knight, 307 Battles/127 Victories (41%), 1 MVP Bow Lv5, Death Blow, +20 Hit, Bow Crit +10, Mov +1 -If Ignatz was my pleasant surprise of the run, Leonie was my negative surprise -To her credit, she was one my strongest and most flexible early game units -- useful with a lance or bow, and she can tank a hit -My intention for her was to be using Point-Blank Volley on horseback; but I already had that with Sylvain and Swift Strikes, and he got blessed with more strength and def, AND he has a relic and crest. There are too many maps in the midgame in which horseback gets neutered by terrain/stairs, so Leonie ended up being the odd woman out when I needed to pare my squad down -Luckily, Chapters 19-21 were mostly flat, so she came alive for those and salvaged her investment; but if I could do it all again, I would find a way to get her airborne Claude, Barbarossa, 410 Battles/196 Victories (48%), 2 MVPs Bow Lv5, Death Blow, +20 Hit, Bow Crit +10, Bowfaire -Oh man, I feel like I could talk forever about Claude. After this run, I am still no closer to knowing if he is the best lord or the worst lord -Best lord: Barbarossa is a top tier class, and requires no investment. Encloser means that Claude can always deal with an enemy unit, even if he can't delete it. Ashes and Dust is an S tier battalion. Two fliers to start Chapter 13. He has good supports with other natural fliers. Dreamiest eyes -Worst lord: He is a liability on enemy phase. Lacks the raw damage of a Bey-delgard or a Dimitri. Locked out of Darting Blow (granted, so is Dimitri) -Either way, he was a super solid unit for me. Low investment/high return Seteth, Wyvern Lord, 209 Battles/115 Victories (55%), 2 MVPs Lance Lv5, Death Blow, +20 Hit, Lance Crit +10, Alert Stance+ -Seteth was a strong unit for me. My only complaint is that you get him so late -You really need to take Chapter 12 and the first bit post time skip to invest in him to get him caught up with masteries -- plus you also want to rush to Lances A -Once you do get him online, he is immediate A team material just as you start getting more unit slots available for chapters. Swift Strikes + flying is so strong -I got lucky with Def/Res level ups. Along with his very strong crest, he was one of my few units who could take a punch or two in the late game and still keep trucking along Sylvain, Paladin, 320 Battles/202 Victories (63%), 3 MVPs Lance Lv5, Death Blow, +20 Hit, Lance Crit +10, Strength +2 -My other Swift Striker, I went the Paladin route (as opposed to Wyvern). It is really low investment when you don't have to worry about getting him airborne or trained too high in axes -- that way you can focus on rushing Lances A -Sylvain has a really good set of bases, so the immediate recruit from F Byleth added a strong early game unit for free -I think if the terrain in this game was more forgiving for horse units, Paladin Sylvain would be one of the best unit/class combos in the game -He was my Death Knight killer late game once the Death Knight scaling outpaced Lysithea's damage; Swift Strikes + Lance of Ruin is that strong Balthus, Grappler, 290 Battles/177 Victories (61%), 3 MVPs Fist Lv5, Death Blow, +20 Hit, Fist Crit +10, Fistfaire -While I found his voice acting and barks grating, on the battlefield he is a monster -Another low investment/high return unit, with a fist relic for when you need a little bit of extra oomph -I had originally intended to leave him in War Master, but the terrain ignore and Fierce Iron Fists from Grappler are just too strong that I went back after getting Quick Riposte. After this run, I am not convinced Quick Riposte was worth it, and that maybe the best play is to just stop at Grappler -The biggest flaw, if you can call it that, was that he didn't have Canto (unlike most of my other top units), so he sometimes got left out of position and had to use a turn to catch up Petra, Wyvern Lord, 286 Battles/184 Victories (64%), 4 MVPs Axe Lv5, Death Blow, Darting Blow, +20 Hit, Alert Stance+ -I really don't have much new to add on Petra that others here don't already know. She is one of the strongest units in the game -- great growths, great skill boons, natural fit into Wyvern Lord/Falcon Knight -I rushed B support to get her ASAP, and slotted her in immediately -She's not the perfect unit -- no crest to use a relic safely, she doesn't have a lot of supports out of house, and she gets a little outscaled in the final chapters -If you've been reading closely, you've probably noticed I've often mentioned valuing "low investment" unit/class combos. That is because you have limited investment, and a unit like Petra needs a lot of investment to thrive -- flying, auth, axes, bows, lances to get to my endgame build, not to mention using stat boosters to fix any issues you have with her growths. This is where progression planning really paid off Hilda, Wyvern Lord, 375 Battles/207 Victories (55%), 5 MVPs Axe Lv5, Death Blow, Darting Blow, +20 Hit, Alert Stance+ -What a unit, Hilda rules. By the end of my run, I was chanting Hilda! Hilda! along with her -She was just a better-performing version of my Petra above, because she had higher Str and Freikugel to help keep up with late game damage -Hilda required the most investment by a wide margin -- neutral in bows/flying, and a bane in auth. She was instructed every week, and part of all of my Group Tasks. I also gave her Dex stat boosters to help fix her hit rate issues -I also did a little training in Heavy Armor early to get her a cert in Armored Knight to raise her Def a bit. She was able to tank a hit to soften Nemesis at the end, which is more than I can say for most of my units -High investment, very high return -- struggled with hit rate in the early game, but even so, she was one of my strongest units throughout the whole run Byleth (F), Falcon Knight, 443 Battles/247 Victories (56%), 9 MVPs Lance Lv5, Death Blow, Darting Blow, +20 Hit, Alert Stance+ -I went female for the access to Darting Blow and the free Sylvain -This is my first Byleth that I didn't keep in Enlightened One with a sword, and I vastly underestimated the amount of monastery training I needed for her to keep up her progression with her students -Luckily, post time skip you are swimming in activity points, so I eventually got her there; but she was my last unit to certify into her final class. I only went Falcon Knight because I was so behind on axes compared to lances/swords -My strongest unit early game, really carried the first few chapters. Also my only unit who could keep up with endgame stat scaling and who could still reliably double all the way through Nemesis -Because it is so easy to keep her Charm sky high, she was my Ashes and Dust gambit user, and it really carries some sticky situations late game -She was also the closest thing I had to an enemy phase dodge tank, and I would use her when I needed to pull late game enemy units Lysithea, Gremory, 381 Battles/226 Victories (59%), 15 MVPs Reason Lv5, Fiendish Blow, Uncanny Blow, Dark Magic Range +1, Dark Tomefaire -What a monster of a unit. I gave her my +2 move shoes and Thyrsus -- so she had a ton of battlefield control -She was my only Warper, so I sometimes had to forego the damage to get some critical utility -I often paired her with Marianne's Dance, so she could delete just about any two units per turn from 5 tiles away. I mentioned this before, but it was so effective to dive bomb her deep to delete a priority unit, then use Marianne to Dance + Fetters her out of harm's way -I considered her an S+ tier unit coming into this run, but I am backing off of that a little. Her early game is slow before she gets going, and really late game she struggles to OHKO enemy units, even if you feed her Magic stat boosters -However, once she got Thyrsus and some class masteries, all the way up until the very late game, Lysithea was the undisputed champion of my run Honorable Mentions Lorenz, Mage -I kept up with his training and used him as an adjutant through Part 1 for one purpose: to help Ignatz stay alive in Chapter 13. When it was time to shine, there were two turns when I needed his damage to keep it all together, and he delivered -So much experience investment for 2 turns, but worth it Caspar, Warrior -1 Battle, 1 Victory: the Death Knight. What a boss Conclusion A big shout out to the people who contribute to this forum -- you really helped me put together a plan and see it through -- it was such a rewarding gaming experience. I hope this post can help others like me who were on the fence and looking for some ideas. I invite your feedback or any recommendations to improve on these ideas for others.
  6. The notion that Jeralt ought to be playable in White Clouds is something I've heard come up more than a few times. The first few chapters can present a serious challenge, particularly on Maddening Mode, so having a stronger unit on your side, fulfilling a sort of "Jagen" role, could be a major boon. Due to the narrative, the game would take him away from you at some point - but this is something that Three Houses isn't exactly shy about doing, as anyone who started with the Black Eagles can attest. So, how can we construct a Jeralt that works for the player, helping make the earlygame much easier, but without remaining a "crutch" unit before he's taken away? Here's what I'm thinking. In my vision, Jeralt would join as a playable unit, starting in chapter 2 (namely, starting with the auxilliary battle that the game makes you do in the second weekend). He can be recruited simply by talking to him during the Explore session (there will be a "Recruit" option). He can then be used in all subsequent maps, with a couple exceptions - he cannot be brought to the Battle of Gronder Field (chapter 7), and he can't be used before the month-ending scenario in chapter 9. After said scenario, he becomes unplayable for the remainder of the game. Jeralt retains his appearance as a "green unit" in the Prologue. If he is defeated in battle, he will retreat - so, when chapters 8 and 9 roll around, he will function as a "green unit", like he does in the base game. The same will apply if he is never recruited. Here's what I'm thinking, as a "unit breakdown": As supports go, he would obviously support his own child (C/B levels). I'm thinking of making a couple existing conversations, maybe with adjustments, into the supports. The C Support would be when Jeralt asks them how they're getting used to the Monastery. The B Support would be Jeralt given them the ring that Sitri had worn. Completing this conversation will give the player "Sitri's Ring", which is kept with the "Lost Items" through the rest of the game (so you know it's there, but it can't be discarded). Jeralt would also have a C support with Leonie, wherein he encourages her to write back to her parents. I'd give him a C support with Ashe, too, as it makes sense that Ashe would idolize a knight with Jeralt's reputation. I also think a support with Edelgard, dancing around her suspicions of Rhea, could work. Other supports I could see working are with Catherine (maybe on the merits of a Hero's Relic and Crests, versus individual strength) and Alois (although, their playability wouldn't overlap, so this could be tricky). Like all playable units, I'd give him a Paralogue as well: In any case, let me know what you think! Do you like my proposed vision for a playable Jeralt? Or would you build him in a different manner? Or, do you prefer he simply remain in the background, without falling into the player's control? I'd love to read your comments on this topic!
  7. I remembered I had these sketches lying around and decided I'd redraw them, who knows maybe someone would get a kick out of them so why not post them! Please forgive me for any formatting errors as it is my first time posting here. Now I'll go on and explain my thought process behind designing these two! I'll start with Cethleann, since we haven't really seen a "light dragon" throughout the series I based her main appearance off of some divine dragons we see in other games as well as The Wind Caller and The Immaculate one (due to them being related), as for the whole idea of her teeth being flat was mostly due to the whole "Flayn likes fish" thing, plus it makes her look less menacing compared to most dragons which personally fits for me. As for Cichol, he takes most of his inspiration from the earth dragons from the earlier games which explains his lack of wings and tough looking scales. I still wanted to keep the whole design motif of the Immaculate one in his design because it just felt right to me. The first two sketches were from March of this year but the revamped sketches can be seen in this image here which was drawn today!
  8. I watched the small series on disney+ about the Hubble telescope when this came to mind I thought the Hapi x Yuri support would go into this but she only mentions the Blue see star sometimes being the brightest star and sometimes not being seen at all and I'm not sure if that means anything. I think its only mentioned once where the Blue sea star is the home of the goddess.
  9. Spoilers obviously. Okay, so RD is legit my second FE game, only to PoR, and the main reason I chose RD next (outside of it being a sequel) was that I truly enjoyed the story and lore and character building in PoR and was really looking forward to see how everything rounds it in RD. I was able to turn a blind eye to the lack of base support conversations, but this whole nonsense that happens in part 3 actually blows my mind and made me stop playing just to say this. I’m currently at 3-13, and just recently came across the whole blood pact part of the story, and I have to say that as a whole this entire section of the story is just bonkers and is a huge blow to the rest of the story. It’s not so much that the blood pact itself is a bad thing, as I don’t know how the rest of the story pans out, it’s everything leading up to the blood pact reveal and how poorly Micaiah was written in part 3, as up until this point I actually really liked het as a character. - First thing I want to say, or know, is why does Micaiah’s powers only work when convenient for her? Like she can see all this other shit, but couldn’t see her stupid ass King signing his and his country’s life away? Like what? - On the topic of Pelleas, what does anyone in Daien, especially Micaiah see in him? He lacks any type of leadership quality, and has done or shown nothing to prove he is deserving of ruling a country, or deserving of Micaiah’s blind loyalty. Not only does he have incredibly poor taste in advisors, namely.. Izuka, who Pelleas still kept around after finding out how sick and twisted he was (when he poisoned Muarim, and learning of the shit he did in PoR), but there wasn’t even any proof whatsoever that he even was related to Ashnard. And even if there was proof, which I don’t remember there being any, why would anybody in Daein want a descendant of Ashnard on the throne knowing how that ended up? If Micaiah cares so much about her country, and had the backing of all the people, why didn’t she just take over? Besides that, all Pelleas has ever shown was how useless of a person he is, so I really have no idea why Micaiah was so against the fact of him wanting to off himself (especially since it was suppose to save her beloved country), if I were her.. I wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement (I personally chose to off him without any second thought in how it alters the game), let alone practically refuse to do it (does she or does she not care about her country.. I don’t get it?). But unfortunately for us, great King Pelleas couldn’t even do one thing correct, and properly research/read a book. - Now what I really don’t get is how poorly written Micaiah is as a character in part 3. I did not take her as dumb, I took her as loyal, yet also smart enough to know right from wrong. The fact that she so willingly agreed to helping Pelleas before even learning of the blood pact, by siding with a country that she literally just got done fighting, so that she can fight in a pointless war that has literally nothing to do with her country makes absolutely zero sense. There is being loyal, and then there is being dumb; siding with a country that you literally just fought to free yourself from because your braindead King told you so is being dumb, especially knowing what Begnion is capable of, it should be more than obvious they are only using you as a pawn, while in turn you make tons of other enemies. I don’t know, I feel like I have a lot more to say, but I think I’m just going to end up going in circles. My main issue is honestly, Pelleas, and not understanding what Micaiah, or anyone for that matter, sees in him, along with not being a fan of how blindly loyal Micaiah is for Pelleas when he has done nothing to show he has good leadership qualities. Maybe I missed some dialogue somewhere that shows some character development for Pelleas, but even then I’m still not happy how the story turned out and it just all feels incredibly lazy. It just feels like the developers really dropped the ball with Micaiah’s character, and they had so much potential for a great story, and making these characters memorable. I’m gonna hold out hope, as I still have 2 more chapters in part 3, along with the entirety of part 4, but I’m not going to hold my breath. All in all, I still greatly enjoy the game up until this point, and am actually looking forward to replaying it on hard as I really do enjoy the gameplay, just the story and characters feel very poorly written coming from PoR.
  10. Hoo boy this is probably a controversial opinion and it pains me to say this(since this was my first route), but hear me out. First I'd like to say that this doesn't mean get rid of the Golden Deer and its students, the Alliance, and Alymyra(arguably without it doesn't affect the plot of the game much). It is more how getting rid of VW could've made the game better and how. Why Verdant Wind specifically? Why not other routes? 1. VW is the weakest route as a narrative. It is a clone of Silver Snow but better, but I'd disagree. If we look at each route individually, SS holds more emotional impact than VW. For a first playthrough, VW you never got to know Edelgard. You really only have the few cut scenes she is in and the monastery to interact with her. So when Byleth was about to deal the final blow, Edelgard's saying "I wanted to walk with you" didn't make any sense since they shouldn't be close, more like aquatints. Personally, I was confused whether if I should feel sad or not. However, in SS, you personally got to know Edelgard through the plot and supports, so killing her hold much more weight. When I finally played SS, I realized why they included that cutscene and the speech actually made sense! Additionally, when Edelgard revealed that she is the flame emperor was a moment where players felt betrayed. Then having the choice to side with her, a mist the betrayal or go against really adds a lot to the narrative. For VW, the reveal was very weak and rushed. Yes Claude was a charming character, but these moment really hit home for me and made me appreciate 3H's writing. How charming a character is doesn't determine how good the a narrative will be. If I had to choose one of the two, I'd choose VW. 2. VW offers very little to the game If we exclude everything that was in SS, all VW has to offer is Golden Deer characters and some extra lore. However, it didn't go as deep into a character as AM or CF did with Dimitri and Edelgard. The extra lore we learn about is Almyra and Nemesis. The lore about Nemesis can be covered and SS and Almyra can be taken out of the plot and it wouldn't affect much. 3. Claude is an unimportant character Out of the main cast, Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Claude is easily the least important. Heck, I'd argue Rhea was more important. Other than VW, he makes brief appearances in other routes and doesn't offer much. For the most part, Claude was just there. Dimitri has a connection with Edelgard, which made him kind of relevant in CF. Even in his own route, he is not the sole focus. He shares a spotlight with Byleth. To me, he just seems like an important secondary character. 4. SS is more needed than VW plot wise. The choice where you can choose to side Edelgard or not is needed. Not everybody would want to side with Edelgard on the first playthrough. You are essentially siding with the "bad guys"(TWSITD) that killed Byleth's father, Jeralt. How will it make it better? 1. Will make the game less repetitive. The biggest criticism people have on 3H is how repetitive the game is. If you want to get the full experience on the game, you would have to play all 4 route. Getting rid of VW means you only have to play part 1 a minimum 2 times. Not to mention, making each route unique. 2. The resources spent on making the VW could have been spent on making the overall game/routes better. Saying 3H is a flawless game is wrong. I still love the game, but I can't ignore these flaws. There are so many reused maps, lack luster map design, CF's length, etc. With more time, they can fix a lot of these issues. 3. Not make the game unnecessarily long. Like mentioned before, to get the full experience of the game, you have to play all 4 routes. It took me at least 200 hours finishing them all and to be honest, it being so long made the game kind of boring. A lot of what VW offers can be covered in other routes or just taken out. Yes I know you can just choose not to play either VW or SS, but for someone just getting into fire emblem, they wouldn't know that SS and VW is similar unless a friend played the game. 4. Give more time for devs to make VW unique! Sure it may seem scummy blocking Claude with a pay wall, but there was no way IS would have been able to do this without the extra time. They have already delayed the game and doing it again will only frustrate fans even more. Not to mention, this will help devs develop Claude more as a character, go deeper into the lore, and make a "golden route" that some fans wanted(heh the pun). Personally I don't like the idea of a golden route(look at revelations), but still I do think giving it more time through dlc would have made VW more unique(not to mention appease the fan of that are dissatisfied with CS) I might edit this if there are some things I didn't clarify enough/wrong. Let me know what your thoughts are! I hope IS never does these multiple route splits again.
  11. Hello guys, I’m Yellow Duck and as my first post in Serene Forest Forum, I’m going to make a post about my theory regarding Takumi and Sakura from FE fates. Enjoy ❤️ SPOILER ALERT: Contain some fe fates plot (and also beware of some angsty fan theory) And also, some T/M RATED CONTENT WARNING So, as we all know, King Sumeragi met Mikoto, Corrin’s mother when Corrin was still a baby and he immediately fell in love with her. That means, when King Sumeragi fell in love with Mikoto, Takumi wasn’t born yet or even conceived and his first wife, Ikona was still alive. My theory is, King Sumeragi keep Mikoto as his secret lover because he doesn’t want to make Ikona Sad. But, his lust for Mikoto just so overwhelming that he had intercourse with Ikona just to satisfy his lust for Mikoto. Those intercourses resulting in Ikona’s pregnancy to Takumi and later, Sakura. Upon discovering that Sumeragi has a secret lover, Ikona got so stressed. When someone is stressed or under pressure, their Cortisol Hormone level in their blood gonna increase. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone can disturb foetus’ development, causing premature birth and also some personality disorder later in the foetus’ life. Stress also proved to affect physical health and immune system. So, I presume that Ikona also get sickly due to stress and thus, died when giving birth to Sakura. Ikona’s high level of maternal Cortsol makes Takumi and Sakura having the personality we see in fe fates with Takumi being tsundere, easilly stressed or offended, often having nightmares (read fe fates 4 koma manga about Takumi description) and also with Sakura being super shy. Not to mention that their figures also looks less robust than their older siblings (I know its kinda obvious but u can also read this for more evidence: fe 4 koma manga . The title Is “You have really gotten big, haven’t you”). Making me presume that their prenatal growth is disturbed or they’re actually preemies (premature babies). So that’s all about my Fe Fates fan theory. Hope u enjoy it and I’m sorry for any grammatical error bcause english isn’t my first language.
  12. Just finished NG SS Maddening. Here to share my team and some thoughts. Mild spoilers I guess. So don't read if you want to avoid them. About the run: all recruit, almost all paralogues, and no-skip at all; Kill Every Last One of Them. About grinding: Out of Death/Darting blows, Hit+20 and QR, if a unit needs N, I grind N-1 of them. No broken weapon "glitch", nor boss on healing tile abuse though. About "strategy": I already knew Maddening is pretty easy from my VW NG+ run, so I basically try to see if my brainless "strategy" in that run can work in NG, and it turned out splendidly. I clearly Had Too Much Fun ... Not really a strategy though. The most important thing of this game is clearly neither Player Phase or Enemy Phase, but Monastery Phase. When you get MP down, both PP and EP are so breakable. My "strategy" is to get A+ Professor level as fast as possible, and aggressively grow pale-blue flowers every exploration and dump them to Petra. Starting Ch4, the only enemy she couldn't double was Ch4 DK. By timeskip she had near 50 AS already and 85 AS by final map. By mid game I set her up for Battalion Wrath to ensure her always crits. Bring in WM Felix for monster boss kill. Petra eventually had 140 avoid without any buff (150 with evasion ring, and 180 with AS+), and doesn't fall off damage-wise because of BW. Team members (ordered by usefulness I guess): Petra (WL with swords, with sword avo+20, early-mid-game PP, mid-late game EP) I want to sell her BW build since it's so good and not many people seem to talk about it. I think she's actually one-tier better than similar units (Ferdie, Ingrid, Leonie) because Ferdie, Ingrid, Leonie have no BW, so no hope for consistently kill end-game enemies on EP. Nuking one enemy with brave art on PP is nice, but nowhere near broken as criting 10 enemies on EP, and vanilla Wrath needs setup every map and blessing for security, not to mention warrior is a subpar class to be in. Sure in this run I gave her extreme favoritism, but BW did completely patch up the common problem for dodge tanks, which is they don't reliably kill on EP and kind of falling off late game. Basically with investment you can turn Petra into a variant of the Dimitri BV+BW build, and she also flies. Even if I kept her an Axe Wyvern and didn't do this "speed-dump", judging from Ferdie's performance on EP, I don't think Petra will have any problem killing with Killer Axe+, and keep in mind Sword Lv5 + SwordAvo+20 has the same avoidance as Axe Lv5 when facing Falcon Knights, while Assassins don't have axe breaker, and Swordmasters/Heroes are too low in mobility to be any real threat. You can do this for Claude, Hilda, and Seteth as well, but males don't start breaking difficulty until level 20 (not to mention no Darting blow early game and Seteth's availability), and Hilda's weak early game, hit rate issue, and Authority bane make her less desirable than Petra. Combining these characters you get a complete cheesy solution to maddening: Petra for CF/SS, Dimitri for AM, Hilda for VW. Among these Petra is the only one universally usable, but you still have to consider Ch13 though. Felix (WM, boss killer) His early game is good, but nowhere near the level as girl flyers. However, this is compensated by his immense kill power late game. Hundreds and hundreds of damage in one go is essential for those 9-tile super bosses. I'm start to think WM Felix maybe the true biggest nuke all things considered. He's also pretty bulky with Aegis shield + QR. FERDINAND VON AEGIR (WL, Swift Strikes + dodge tank) SS is nice, and late-game he could dodge very well, especially enemy swordies. If only he has BW to kill those guys. I use him on PP much more for this reason. M!Byleth (test subject) I even made him dark mage en route to get poison strike to test his viability as a support unit as EO. Because I'm curious. But EO is just so underwhelming and I changed him to WM instead. His base strength really carries him despite lackluster speed growth. But he's not as good as Felix as the latter quads a lot, and bulkier in general. Lysithea (Gremory, effective damage + warp utility) Best magic unit hands down, but definitely overrated for "one-shotting". I like her combination of low maintenance, high damage mid-game, plethora of effective damage, and warp utility. I don't warp skip maps, so I can't put her S-tier, but still solid A. Bernie (BK, Encloser, can break monster armor solo) My poor Bernie gets extremely STR and SPD screwed. Even then, Encloser alone makes her worth using. She's the only one capable of breaking monster armors solo, and completely shutting down them anytime, so that you can take on several monsters without relying too much on gambits. I don't need much such "field control" when most enemies were humanoids, as Petra will just kill 90% of them in 3 turns, but late game her utility to shut down monsters really helped to keep pace fast. Seteth (WL, Swift Strikes) Significantly less customization time really hurts him to reach higher level, but out-of-box wyvern and fast access to SS makes him a very solid unit. Not as good as Ferdie since he doesn't dodge that much, but he has some bulk. Very good unit and I like his character. Linhardt (Bishop, main healer, warp, restore) Generally underrated imo. Another warp unit makes Lysithea much better because she can't warp herself, and restore saves you Divine Pulse in case of enemy gambit. Excalibur can one-shot enemy flyers mid-game, although not game-changing, a nice bonus nonetheless. I also like his personality. Dorothea (Gremory, Meteor support, secondary healer) Good unit early-mid game, but fell off late game. Mid-game one-shotting snipers from 10 tiles away is very good. However, she suffers from no-effective-damage syndrome, much like Lorenz. Meteor-induced gambit boost and early game rally charm is also very good to have. Why people shit on her magic growth though? It's not like Lysithea can one-shot enemies without effective damage. C(aspar) tier Caspar (WM, well, he's usable I guess, not great even with QR tho) I mean I tried to carry him along to see what happens. Spoiler: not much. I don't even need him for Ch13 as I already made Petra so broken. I can see if RNG smiles at him he could be super good, but his low base just really hurt in this run. Plus-two members Flayn (Bishop, rescue, fortify) She's much better than Caspar despite I only used her in final two chapters and she's 15 levels lower than Caspar. Rescue alone makes her very good. Manuela (Bishop, warp, I only used her in her paralogue and final map) I mean, just another warp user, but unlike Flayn with naturally high MAG to use her rescue well, Manuela's warp range is way too small when under-leveled. Some key points in progress Ch4 DK kill: Petra baits, double heal from Linhardt and Dorothea, Petra chips again, miscellaneous damage (1~2) from gambits, Ferdie finish with steel lance + knightkneeler. Ch13: wait on safe tiles until Petra arrives, park Petra in the center of enemies, others picking off one or two enemies if Petra is surrounded by gambits and stay alive for like 2 turns, then pretty much done. Seteth's high charm, Dorothea's magic damage, and Caspar being gauntlet user make survival very easy. Final big-ass boss (pun intended): Byleth, Caspar, Felix, Petra, Ferdie, Seteth can all survive one blow. You can place them in such a way that Rhea can only hit one at most. Bring in Lysithea later to support Felix's gambit (I played too casually so mages run out of gambits prematurely). Three WMs critting, two SS's, and brave weapon from Petra brought health bar down very quickly. The best final boss for me, however with one flaw still: Rhea doesn't self-heal so even if I really want to use Petra to take her down in 40 turns with barriers up, I could. Some paralogues that may or may not be hard from what I heard Lorenz (no skipping): Petra being able to take on the right flank alone really helped. She doubles enemy pegasi so she could kill them really fast. This makes a huge difference for other team members so I have enough breath space and firepower to bring down foot soldiers fairly easily. I'm aware you can skip this map fast, but why the rush? Felix (no skipping): I think things can work out if you progress slowly, because my friend beat this with a more regular team and slow progress. But I just don't trust RNG for green units. Stride, Petra flies off to the far bottom-left corner and get rid of the bulk of those enemies in 2 turns. Other green units are easy to protect. Hilda (I did this post-timeskip): left part: Petra takes on front, then upper left group, being the strongest groups of enemies, while Seteth defending lower left corner, being relatively easy. Right part: Dorothea nuking one snipers lower right turn one with meteor, and Ferdie with march ring kill those upper-right wyverns in 2 turns. Marianne: give Marianne Jeralt's Mercenaries so she could dodge turn 1 in forest. Bring her to the north fortress and safe. Route enemies clockwise. The right side 3-wolf reinforcement can be problematic, but Petra kept them busy relatively far away until my team can kill other monsters. Linhardt+Leonie: Super easy actually since no enemies on this map have battalions. So I just use Petra in front and Felix at back. Throw in guard adjutant for weak units like Bernie or mages for extra safety. Petra+Bernie: I messed up with the timing of Hubert arrival so I Divine Pulsed to adjust my formation. Caspar punched Hubie in the face. Good for him! Afterthoughts Three houses is just too customizable to be breakable. I wish they had thrown in more gambits for enemies so this Dodge+BW cheese won't work that splendidly. And AS=Base Avoid needs to be changed. Obscene speed basically makes a unit invincible, as long as they have OK strength.
  13. Anyone who's played this game knows that the tendons of Greil's dominant sword hand (his right) are slashed by the time Path of Radiance starts. This means he's incapable of using a sword effectively, except for the wooden training sword he's seen using in the opening cutscene and the tutorial. For the rest of the game, he's seen using a massive battleaxe with his left hand on the hilt and his right hand on the neck. Is there any sense to this, or is it just a convenient plot device?
  14. I was just thinking about this earlier and I figured I'd post about it since I think it's an interesting topic. In short, I don't really like Byleth. For me, both Byleth and Bylass are By-land (sorry) and I wish that we had a different character as the main character instead of a silent protagonist. So here's what I was thinking, what if Byleth didn't exist and we followed Jeralt as the main character? So in this scenario, you're Jeralt, a traveling mercenary who has to face the shadows of his past after stepping in to save three young lords. Jeralt is convinced to be the new teacher at Garreg Mach, leads the house, and you as the player slowly learn more about the dark secrets of the Church of Seiros and the history of Fodlan through your interactions and experiences with students. Students are drawn to you based on your experience and adept military prowess and charm, instead of your "personality" like Byleth. Then, after your untimely demise at the hands of TWSITD, you then follow your house leader as the main lord post-timeskip. Obviously this would require huge changes to the story, but I think it would be a different direction that would be a lot different to conventional FE. No more Byleth (sorry to the fans), maybe get rid of the awkward post timeskip tutoring, and shake things up a bit. Plus this way, you have an older, grizzled main chatacter who serves as a mentor to the rest of the cast. Then following his death, his former pupils are left to pick up the pieces and push forward upholding the values and morals he taught them. But like I said, just a thought.
  15. Hello, and welcome to The Recruitment War! Here we will talk/guide those who wish to recruit every possible unit that you can in one playthrough, while also trying to get as many characters paralogues as possible, but first a disclaimer. This topic is a work in progress,so some info could be wrong, which if is will be updated later. Also you WILL get spoliers here, so you are warned. With that out of the way, lets start with basics. First, there is only 2 units per house that can not be obtained, being Edelgard and Hubert for Black Eagles, Dimitri and Dedue for Blue Lions, and Claude and Hilda for the Gold Deer, so they will not be discussed. (Hilda however CAN be recruited on a Blue Lions playthrough). Second, character specific paralouges are mostly unknowns at the moment, so untill more info comes in on how they work, they will be dismissed for the time being. Third and lastly, if you go past the first year, it is more then likely, you will not be able to get characters from other houses, so their is a time limit to get 12 (possibly 13) total units, (seemingly you can recruit after the skip, but there seems to be a penalty for not getting them in the first year, being you cant support them, needs to be confirmed),with a mix of skill levels and stats need to recruit them. So the over all goal is to get as many stats and skill levels as possible before the first year ends. From all information that as been gathered, the needed stats you need are: Strength Magic Speed Dex Charm And ALL eleven skill levels (dependent on route) So with that in mind, the needed requirements for a character around 20 for the stat and B in the skill level BEFORE support points. That might sound impossible to do at first, but support levels AND points with a character lower recruitment requirements. SO say a C rank in support level might make it go down to 15 in stat and C in skill level. Which means, until you got all 12 units, it would be best to spend time with ONLY the other houses during the weekend. With that in mind, the goal is simple: Get at least a C (or B) rank support level with all 12 characters, get all 11 skill levels to C rank, and get those 5 stats to 15, and maximize your activity gauge for the weekends. (However all support points matter, the more you got the better, even if you still are not at B rank). This might sound tough, but thankfully the Avatar has three skill levels they are proficient in being Sword Brawl And Authority, with Faith being a budding talent, and the rest being neutral, so its possible. What about the stats? The Avatars starting stats that matter are str 13 mag 6 dex 9 spd 8 and charm 7, with a growth rate of 45 in strength, 35 in magic, 45 in dex, 45 in speed and 45 in charm, so strength and charm should not be an issue, but we are going to need a lot more magic. So there are three classes that you should stay as for the first year being: monk mage and warlock, myrmidon mercenary and hero, and lastly soldier cavalry and paladin. Monk for magic reason and faith skills, myrmidon for dex and speed, sword and axe skill levels, and soldier for a even spread of stats, lance and riding skill levels. With this in mind, you are going to want your avatar basically fight everything, as it will help increase the skill levels need for the recruitments. Also you can get trained by other teachers to improve skill levels as well, which might be needed if you are to get them all in time. (Note: Seems like you can only get teached ONCE in a skill level by a teacher, so keep that in mind). (Double Note: The Saint Statutes increase skill level gains through teaching, but NOT through combat so make sure to chose wisely for what you need.) Now for class routing and training, since you cant really start as a monk, when you go into battle at the start of the game, its best to just use a lance or axe deping on your route, but once you get the chance, your best option at the start is do some faculty traing with Rhea, as she gives faith and reason training, which will help a lot towards becomeing a monk at level 5, then you will want to upgrade to a mage/priest at level 10, then hopefully by the time you reach around level 15, you should/might get the skill levels and magic stats you need, to which your focus now switchs to the cavalier, mainly for the sword lance and riding skill levels, but also for decent increase for strength and dex needed. Shamir can help with the lance skill needed and Jeralt for riding and lance. (Note: Due to the fact you are mixing around with skill levels, you will more then likely have to stick to intermediate class just to get the proficiency bouses). (Double Note: For my first playthrough I ended up skiping cavalier all together and stayed as a priest for a good chuck of the starting playthrough, as I just did faculty training to get what I needed). Once you reach level 20, depending if you have gotten the needed skill levels from mage/priest and cavalier, and if you have the needed skill level requirements, either continue to the paladin or move on to another class for those specific skill levels. With hopefully 5 skills down, your goal is to get the rest as needed, in this case being Bow Brawling Heavy Armour Flying Axe and Authority, however authority should not be a proplem since you are going to want to have a battlion on you at all times. So you only need five more to get all requirements. Also I have reports of people getting students randomly through B supports, skipping the requirements needed, so that is an alternative option to do, however I got all possible house students in my first playthrough of BE by month 11, so which way you go is up to you. I have tested it myself and it does work. ( All non house units requirements will be listed here, some seem to be levels, others route specific). Now for reruitment routing, keep in mind depending on what you focus on will change the route, and characters next to each other can most of the time be switched around as needed. Since im trying to get magic, faith and reason out of the way, those are the first recruitments to be knocked out of the way. However those who want Authority break this rule, as they should be the easiest to get. Underlined characters need special requirements and will be some of the last characters you recruit due to being only obtainable later in a playthrough. Lastly skills NOT needed will be listed for said route. (Note: During my first playthrough, I sort of sticked with the BE recruitment route, but it was more scrambled around, so these are NOT definitive routes, just get who can get). Black Eagles Route: Ignatz->Annette->Lysitha->Lorenz->Sylvain->Ashe->Leonie->Felix->Raphael->Mercedes->Ingrid->Marianne Skills not needed:Brawling Blue Lions Route: Ignatz->Dorothea->Linhardt->Lysitha->Lorenz->Marianne->Petra->Raphael->Ferdinand->Bernadetta->Leonie->Caspar->Hilda Skills not needed:Flying and Sword Gold Deer Route: Dorothea->Annette->Linhardt->Sylvain->Bernadetta->Mercedes->Felix->Ashe->Caspar->Ingrid->Ferdinand->Petra Skills not needed:Axe So the Blue Lions will be the easiest to recruit units. Also remember that characters can be swaped as needed/wanted. Now to focus on getting support needed for the characters. By messing around in the monastery at the end of the week, there with be a number of things to do to increase support levels such as; tips box, eating together with stundents, finding and giving back missing items, giving gifts and tea parties. Also, you are going to want to horde as much gold as possible for birthday gifts and gifts in general, so you are going to want to stick with iron weapons as much as possible to save gold. (There is normal gifts you can buy, or seeds for flowers and what not, and birthday gifts should be about 200 gold, but once you have access to tea, you will want do that only, as it can increase charm, and is much better for supports, however the tea mini game can be frustrating at times, so make sure to read up a characters likes and dislikes). Also I would recommend to save your fishing bait for an event called fistful of fish, as when I used up about 100 or so pieces of bait, I got 3000+ ezp for your professor level (which is what decides your activity points). Read up on what all the characters like and dislike, so you know what to gift them and what to talk about during tea parties. Also you can borrow a unit for a month, so during battles make sure to keep them close to the avatar. Here is a list of all lost items, which can be given back to characters for support points and motivation (found on rpgstie.net, and can confirm it is correct): (Some lost items can only be given after a certain period of time has passed). A Treatise on Etiquette - Lorenz Agricultural Survey - Ferdinand Animal Bone Dice - Shamir (You must wait for the next month to return this lost item) Animated Bait - Linhardt Annotated Dictionary - Petra Antique Clasp - Flayn (Can only be returned once a month has passed after finding this lost item) Art Book - Ignatz Artificial Flower - Lorenz Badge of Graduation - Catherine Bag of Seeds - Marianne Bag of Tea Leaves - Ferdinand Big Spoon - Raphael Black Iron Spur - Felix Black Leather Gloves - Dimitri (Blue Lions house only) Blue Stone - Ignatz Book of Ghost Stories - Mercedes Board Game Piece - Claude (Golden Deer house only) Bundle of Dry Hemp - Shamir Bundle of Herbs - Ashe Burlap Sack of Rocks - Raphael Carving Hammer - Gilbert Centipede Picture - Shamir Clean Dusting Cloth - Manuela Confessional Letter - Marianne Crude Arrowheads - Leonie Crumpled Love Letter - Sylvain Curry Comb - Ingrid Dulled Longsword - Dimitri Dusty Book of Fables - Flayn Eastern Porcelain - Edelgard (Black Eagle house only) Encyclopedia of Sweets - Lysithea Evil-Repelling Amulet - Ashe Exotic Feather - Petra Feather Pillow - Linhardt Folding Razor - Hubert (Black Eagle house only) Foreign Old Coin - Alois Fruit Preserves - Mercedes Fur Scarf - Leonie Gardening Shears - Dedue (Blue Lions house only) Gold Earring - Dedue (Blue Lion house only) Grounding Charm - Caspar Hammer and Chisel - Hanneman Hand Drawn Map - Leonie Handmade Hair Clip - Hilda (BL and GD only)? Hedgehog Case - Bernadetta (Found near the graves, at the top of the stairs - it can be difficult to spot) How to Bake Sweets - Mercedes How to be Tidy - Marianne Hresvelg Treatise - Hubert (Black Eagle house only) Introduction to Magic - Alois (Can only be returned after a month has passed after finding this lost item) Iron Cooking Pot - Dedue (Blue Lions route only) Jousting Almanac - Ingrid Leather Bow Sheath - Claude Lens Cloth - Hanneman Letter to Rhea - Catherine Letter to the Goddess - Ignatz Light Purple Veil - Manuela Lovely Comb - Dorothea Maintenance Oil - Ferdinand Mild Stomach Poison - Claude (Golden Deer House only) Moon Knight’s Tale - Ashe Mysterious Notebook - Alois Needle and Thread - Bernadetta New Bottle of Perfume - Lysithea Noseless Puppet - Gilbert (You can't turn this item in until the month after you can first pick it up) Noxious Handkerchief - Hubert (Black Eagles house only) Old Cleaning Cloth - Cyril Old Fishing Rod - Seteth Old Map of Enbarr - Flayn Pegasus Horseshoes - Ingrid Portrait of Rhea - Cyril (Found at the far end of the 2nd floor dormitory) Princess Doll - Lysithea School of Sorcery Book - Annette Silk Handkerchief - Lorenz Silver Brooch - Dorothea Silver Necklace - Gilbert Sketch of a Sigil - Hanneman Small Tanned Hide - Petra Snapped Writing Quill - Seteth Songstress Poster - Dorothea Spotless Bandage - Hilda (BL and GD only)? Still-Life Picture - Bernadetta Sword Belt Fragment - Felix Tattered Overcoat - Caspar The History of Sreng - Sylvain The Saints Revealed - Linhardt Thunderbrand Replica - Caspar Time-worn Quill Pen - Edelgard (Black Eagle House only) Toothed Dagger - Felix Training Logbook - Dimitri (Blue Lions Route only) Unfinished Fable - Seteth Unfinished Score - Annette Unused Lipstick - Sylvain Used Bottle of Perfume - Hilda (BL and GD only)? Wax Diptych - Annette Weathered Cloak - Catherine (when you pick this up, you won't be able to return this lost item until the next month) Well-Used Hatchet - Cyril Wellness Herbs - Manuela White Gloves - Edelgard Wooden Button - Raphael Wooden Flask - Jeralt (this is the quest item that introduces Lost Items as a concept.) (All character normal gifts likes shall be listed here). This is the completed list of recruitment needs, thanks to LSM for categorizing these before release, as this is where I have found them. (Also underlined characters ((Hilda)) can seemingly only be recruited in the BL playthrough, needs to be confirmed.): Red Eagles: Stat Skill Dorothea: Charisma/Authority Ferdinand:Dex/Armour Bernadetta:Strength/Bow Caspar: Strength/Brawling Petra:Dexterity/Riding Linhardt:Magic/Reason Blue Lions Felix:Speed/Sword Mercedes:Magic/Bow Ashe:Charisma/Lance Annette:Magic/Faith Slyvain:Charisma/Reason Ingrid:Dex/Flying Golden Deer Lorenz:Charisma/Reason Raphael:Strength/Armour Lysithea:Magic/Faith Ignatz:Dex/Authority Marianne:Magic/Riding Leonie:Strength/Lance Hilda:Charm/Axe Lastly, during new game+ you can use renown to get skill levels, supports, and Professor Levels which will make the process that much easier to get all units on a route, plus you get lots of extra renown just for beating a route, and as a final reward, if you use 1200 renown for a A rank support for a house character NOT in your own house, you can recruit them immediately, making it very easy to recruit everyone. With that in mind, I believe that is all the tips and theories that I can give out at the time, but I will be updating the guide as more info comes out/or learned. Until then, happy war and eat some pancakes in the endless cold abyss of life. Update 7/17/2019: Added info about saint statutes, normal gifts and birthday gift prices. Update 7/19/2019: Added Ashe and Slyvain requirements, and added possible skill skips. Also possible recruitments of Hilda, Dedue and Hubert. Update 7/20/2019: Added class and skill routing, along with placement for recruiting order. Update 7/21/2019: Added placement for liked/specific gifts and placement for non house unit requirements. Update 7/22/2019:Added Ignatz requirements, updated avatar starting stats to (hopefully) correct ones. Update 7/23/2019: Added important Avatar growth rates, and the possibility that Hubert and Dedue are NOT reruitable, Felix needed requirements, and slight overhaul of guide. Update 7/24/2019: Added Bernadetta,Linhardt and Ferdinand requirements,with first recruiting routes and non needed skills for said routes. Update 7/25/2019: Added info about new game+ and slight overhaul of guide. Update 8/1/2019: Added overhaul of the guide from first playthrough. More to come! Update 8/2/2019: Added more info/fixing spelling mistakes.
  16. Which parts of the Fodlan's worldbuilding remains unresolved by all paths that you wish to be resolved with the upcoming DLC? I personally would like to learn about the nations mentioned in the travelers notes. Also new nations, new cultures, new classes. Am i right? (hopefully as part of free update)
  17. We knew it all along, but Nintendo UK confirms, that the church is evil, via a sponsored advertisement. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=333186257395421&id=145686449478737 What do you all think?
  18. I think Byleth’s sword may have divine ability of a goddess and it may be a whip too? Unit can counterattack regardless of space? Whip Sword? Sorry for keeping the annoying bars there I felt people may want to see timestamps!
  19. I thought it'd be a good idea to post leak stuff here instead of the main thread. I'll still tag spoiler stuff, at least for right now. Check SciresM and Kaphotics on twitter, or visit 4chan. The script has been dumped, among other things. MODEL FOR LEAKED POKEMON
  20. This post is dedicated to all FE fans alike. -List of Added Features > Unique character endings > Unique endgame dialogues
  21. I feel as though this question has been asked before, but I never found a definitely answer. Will Corrin out live everyone?
  22. For this post I'll be using "Mrperson0's" video as a reference. Video title: Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia All Support Conversations English Version Video link: First and foremost, Studio 8-4 absolutely knocked it out of the park with the "Support Convo" in this game, at least in my opinion. The team did accentuate on some relationships and a certain character a tad much. Positives (IMO): - The translation closely follows the original script, with a few charming twists. - The voice cast is fantastic; resembles the Japanese cast very much so (in terms of delivery and tone.) "Miss(es)" (IMO): - Studio 8-4's over-emphasizing on Ephie's/Faye's feelings for Alm in the support, and removing the subtlety of Alm's awareness to Ephie's/Faye's love (In the original A-rank support, she comes to terms with her infatuation with Alm, instead of droning on how much she loves him so) Rough translation (original dialogue): - picks up where Ephie says "What do you think? Do you think my dream will be realized?" Alm: ...sorry, Ephie. Alm: I'm not planning on returning to the village. I no longer can. Alm: There're so many things I have yet to accomplish. Alm: And that's all thanks to my friends... Alm: Thanks to you (everyone in Alm's army), I was able to find my purpose in life. Alm: That's why, I thank you, Ephie. Alm: It's been my pleasure to be able to travel with you. Ephie: Ahem... I knew you would say that. Ephie: I'm also very glad to be able to travel with you, Alm. Ephie: Once this journey ends, it's time for us to go our separate way. Isn't that right, Alm. Ephie: But until then, hope you permit me to keep on loving you like before. Just this one thing, Is that fine? (Less clunky - Ephie: But until then, please allow me to hang on to these feelings of mine. Is that alright?) Alm: Of course... (Can't find an appropriate onomatopoeia to convey Alm's feeling, so I have this phrase instead; the original sound closely resembles "um" or "erm") I don't think Studio 8-4 needs to go that extra mile, as shown in the video (around 8:10 - 8:15), to make clear that Alm is not interested. Perhaps just me, I really don't think Alm is a blockhead like Tiz or Yew, protagonists of the "Bravely Series". He knows what's up. Overall, like what I'm seeing so far. Definitely going to pick up an English copy in the future. Hope fans alike will continue to support the franchise, no matter good or bad time. "Hum de dum de do" - Jail bait #???
  23. So with Echoes: Shadows of Valentia likely being the start of a remake side series, that'd make Genealogy of the Holy War next in line for a remake. While I don't want to talk about the story per se, rather, I would like to talk about the customization of the second generation. If you're unfamiliar, FE4 was the first FE to feature the pairing/child mechanic. Unlike Awakening and Fates, the children weren't optional and had a story all to themselves in the second half of the game. Because of this, players were given the freedom to basically customize nearly a whole party class with different types of holy blood, or even not pair a potential mother, which will result in substitute characters (so a completely new set of characters). What I had in mind was to take some inspiration from the later games. While child characters had a signature look to them, their hair color was always dictated by whoever their permanent parent married. I think it would be interesting if this was implemented in FE4. While this may seem like a very minor and trivial thing to discuss, I think this minor change of hair color depending on their father can maybe increase the players' interest in their generation 2 characters. So not only do they inherit their mother's looks, they can inherit one of their father's as well. So everytime you play Genealogy and if you make different pairings each time, it would feel like you're playing with a new cast because nearly all of your characters' looks will be somewhat altered. For example, let's say you paired Aira with Holyn in your first playthrough. Larcei and Ulster will have blonde hair. But on your next run, you pair her with Lex, resulting in the children having dark blue hair. Although it's a small change, I think a more visual indicator could be significant enough to make an impact on the player that their pairings really affect the second generation cast. The only characters, aside from the permanent G2 characters (Celice/Oifay/etc.), I can see being an exception to this are Arthur and Tine... for reasons... But they could have highlights or ribbon or something to sort of be that visual indicator. Maybe if IS had the resources to do so, maybe their armor color palette can also vary as well, to match more closely. But I think I'd rather stick with a cool redesign. So, thoughts? Yay or nay?
  24. I feel like starting a topic about Flora and Saizo since they're both the elder twins from Nohr and Hoshido. Whereas Felicia and Kaze are loyal to the Avatar, regardless of which path you choose, both their older siblings have a lot in common that makes me wish for Flora x Saizo: -They both have hostile personalities as opposite to Felicia and Kaze. -Both seem to be self-driven by their clan's familial responsibility as potential leaders. -Both are fought as enemies before joining you in Revelations. -Both were in love at one point, but later gave up for some reason. i.e. Jakob & Flora/Saizo & Kagero. Maybe its just me but they may as well be counterparts of each other imo.
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