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Found 2 results

  1. Hello chaps. Apparently there's a new interview floating around. This person on Tumblr has split up a translation in two parts. I can't find a definitive source for the article, however, at least not on Famitsu, so if someone knows where it's from, let me know. There are some really interesting stuff there, though I think this is the coolest by far (and thus also the most depressing that it didn't come to pass): Edit: a lot of the interview has been translated here: https://serenesforest.net/2020/03/24/three-houses-nintendo-dream-interview-reveals-first-route-claudes-real-name/
  2. Grima is an okay villain and all. He's quite terrifying in his dragon form (many eyes, giant mouth with tons of sharp teeth, huge size). But I had trouble taking Grima in his human form seriously. He's just a physical copy of the avatar who occasionally uses red text to show how mad he is. I think they should've made his human appearance much more sinister, red eyes, rough traits, a disturbing, mad smile, or other physical elements that convey how this human body is a vessel that has been taken over by Grima. I mean, if you chose the first girl model (the shortest one) for your avatar, who is even going to take Grima seriously in his (her?) human form when you see him? It just makes me laugh at him... Of course, when we first see the avatar's ''copy'' when we meet Validar after the fall of Gangrel, they could've kept the human appearance identical to the avatar's, to keep the mistery. Grima would not have revealed his cards yet, so it wouldn't have been convenient to him to just let his body reflect his true nature. What do you think? Was Grima's human form ''intimidating'' enough as it is? Or were you just indifferent to it? I just didn't feel very impressed...It's just ME.
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