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Found 212 results

  1. Scenario: Edelgard never reveals herself as the Flame Emperor, but still takes control of Adrestia and declares herself split from the church. She then doesn't launch any form of attack on the church and waits for Rhea to make the next move. The key things to consider here. *Rhea would no doubt be pissed, but would she go on the offensive against the Empire merely for the emperor declaring herself an atheist. *If Rhea does initiate the war, would the Kingdom and Alliance support her when there is no active threat to their own lands? *How would the Agarthans react? Would they be happy to have a large anti Church empire or would that not be acceptable?
  2. Delete if not allowed, sorry I've complied all of Byleth's supports here: https://pastebin.com/iGGYsmdd There are also a few stray ones here and there If I missed any please tell me Edit: Support s-support pictures have been leaked too: https://imgur.com/a/XAMme9T
  3. SPOILER NOTICE FOR CONTENT UNLOCKED BY COMPLETING CINDERED SHADOWS After completing Cindered Shadows you unlock the Abyss library with lots of books in it that the church wouldn’t want you to see. Most of it fits fairly easily into established lore of Fodlan, with the exception of of one - “Romance of the World’s Perdition”. I think this might be the most important book there. It reads as follows: “Romance of the World’s Perdition “In the land of Thinis, where the old gods are said to live, the False God has awakened. Its looming, heteromorphic vessel was resurrected to sink the world to the depths of the ocean. It will bring extinction to all children of men, and salvation to all beasts of the land, sky, and sea. For the children of men who spilled too much of the blood of life, it promises only cruel retribution. ”the False God must be defeated before the world sinks into a watery grave. To this end, the children of men have erected pillars of light upon the land. Thinis, Malum, Septen and Llium were utterly destroyed. Those lands have vanished from this world. Yet even still, the False God stands. And soon, a flood aptly named Despair will drown this world. ”The children of men fled to the depths of the earth, beyond the sight of the False God, beyond the embrace of the sacred sun, and beyond the reach of the waters of Despair. They swore a fervent oath of revenge against the surface world, ruled by beasts, and against their tormentor, the False God.” Ok, so there’s a lot in there and at first glance it doesn’t really seem relevant to Fodlan. There’s four lands; Thinis, Malum, Septen and Llium, that as far as I can see have never been mentioned in 3H or any other FE game. And they all got flooded. Curious. Anyway, I reckon that this might actually be an origin story for Fodlan, and for Abyss. There’s a couple of things that stand out yo support this theory. First is the “heteromorphic vessel” of the False God. “Heteromorphic” means “occurring in two or more different forms, especially at different stages in the life cycle.” - I reckon we’re talking about Sothis here, and her ability to switch between dragon and human form. The second is the last paragraph - if the False God is Sothis, then it becomes clear that this is an origin for the Slitherers, who existed before Sothis and created Abyss to escape the flood that she created. The third is the mention of pillars of light in the second paragraph, which were created to defeat the False God. It’s pretty clear that these must be proto-javelins of light. If all this was to pan true, it would mean that those lands mentioned either used to be Fodlan or are currently under the ocean around Fodlan. This book was clearly written by Slitherers who were probably hiding out in Abyss at the time, but I don’t think it’s propaganda per say. If it was, why use a bunch of old names that no one would understand? Anyway, having established that this book is about the origins of Fodlan, it has some pretty interesting implications. 1. Sothis was originally resurrected - who was she before? 2. Who were the old gods, other dragons? 3. Why did Sothis go all Old Testament? 4. It gives us an actual motivation for the Slitherers to hate the church and 5. Humanity existed before Sothis came about (or at least, was resurrected). I also wonder if this perhaps has implications for connecting 3H to the rest of the series. Anyway, maybe the true villain isn’t Rhea or Edelgard, but Sothis for committing genocide which pushed the mole people to seek revenge over generations. EDIT: Duchess of Strasbourg on the r/FireEmblem discord made some interesting notes about the etymology of some of the names: Septen: Septentrional means "of the north", also used for stars of the Big Dipper Thinis: Capital of the first Egyptian Dynasties Malum: Latin for "bad" Llium: Could be Illium/Ilion, the old name for the City of Troy i.e. the Trojans
  4. Hello chaps. Spoilers for all of Three Houses. Something that I have thought more and more of in recent days is Claude's role in the story of Three Houses. I've read some analyses and arguments for why he's so well-written, but I have personally yet to be convinced. To me, Claude feels like several good ideas put together that weren't fleshed out enough and left him incomplete as a character. In the academy phase, it's made clear that Claude is secretive and a big unknown. No one knows where he came from or what he wants, but it is pointed out that it was very convenient that Duke Riegan's original successor, Claude's uncle, passed away early which paved the way for Claude to be proclaimed the Leicester Alliance heir in 1179. Byleth's first impression of Claude is that "his smile doesn't reach his eyes", and throughout the entire first phase, Claude studies mysteries in the library, listens in on meetings between Rhea, Seteth, and Byleth, and there is a never-ending reference to his schemes. Like everyone in Three Houses, Claude has his own agenda. The problem is that that agenda does not seem to properly correlate with how they portray Claude in the first half of the game. Claude, while seemingly not nefarious, seems like someone who doesn't mind playing dirty in order to achieve this goals. However, once the war arc comes along, there seems to be a huge tone shift in regards to Claude's character that is not related to something like character growth, but more like plot threads were scrapped. Claude is still interested in having questions answered, but it's never explained how exactly that coincides with his goals. So what are his goals? To open up Fódlan's borders. According to Claude, Fódlan is completely shut off from the rest of the world and that's just no good. The dissonance here to me is rather striking. What does this have to do with wanting power and figuring out Church secrets? The dissonance doesn't just come from Claude's character but also the worldbuilding up until that point. We saw plenty of different people in Garreg Mach, and while Shamir and Cyril are not trusted by everyone, they are free to live their lives however they want and they're there with the blessing of Rhea, whom Claude wants removed. Not to mention that Fódlan has seemingly been the defenders against hostile foreign powers multiple times in recent times. There was a war between Adrestia and Brigid and Dagda, but even more important than that, you yourself stop the Almyrans from invading Fódlan in Hilda's paralogue. The fact that Claude does not mention this comes across as intellectual dishonesty, and it should be the first thing people mention when he brings up his grand plan. I should make a few things clear: I am fully aware of Claude's past and how it might make him want to open Fódlan up, and I have read analyses about Claude's distance to other people. I also believe that an outsider's perspective on what's really a war between the Empire and Faerghus *could* work, but I don't think this works. Like I mentioned at the start, these ideas feel half-baked in the scope of the main story - I mean, blink and you'll miss that Claude's father is the king of Almyra. There is one final problem I would like to mention, and that is Almyra. For all the good stuff in the worldbuilding of Three Houses, we lack an emotional connection to Almyra, which is why Claude's goals, even if you think what I have brought up is of little consequence, ring a little hollow. We see a grand total of three Almyran characters in Three Houses, with Claude himself being the only one who actually gets any kind of screen time or development. It's hard to care about a nation when we only have Claude's words to go by, especially after Hilda's paralogue. Even if Claude desired power and to oust Rhea so that he could unite the continent by force before Edelgard beat him to the punch, there would still be a major emotional disconnect due to this fact. What do you chaps think?
  5. I saw Ep 9 recently and was pleasantly surprised despite not going in with high hopes due to the reviews. It wasn't a perfect movie but I don't understand such low readings. The few reviews I read were pretty vague and didn't go into details about the actual flaws. For those who've seen it, what was your thoughts on this film? What were your biggest issues? And how big of a fan are you of the franchise?
  6. So as we all know, Rhea, or Seiros as she is truly called, built the church of Seiros from the ground up naming herself as Archbishop (under an alias of course). The Church of Seiros has been going on for almost 1000+ years since the game starts, and Rhea herself has been there the whole time serving as Archbishop. What I’m wondering is: how did practically no one get suspicious that the same woman was the Archbishop for all this time? Or perhaps did she go under many aliases and fake those Archbishop’s deaths, appointing herself as the new one each time? We know approximately how old Jeralt is, and how long he’s known Rhea, but even he would not get the least bit skeptical for how long she’s been serving?
  7. I rewatched the E3 trailer and I happened upon a discussion in the comments about how the technical aspects of the game had changed (Mercedes' hair color, gambit animation, Edelgard's VA, the Monastery, etc.) but what really interests me is the story changes. Someone mentioned that the lyrics in Edge of Dawn had changed from "born as time betrays" to "knowing time betrays". And of course, the most blatant difference, that ending when Edelgard says "I will return here some day, my teacher. Promise me...that you won't forget me." is nowhere in the released ver. Any ideas?
  8. For those who've heard of GenocIke... I present to you... GenocIke and Ryoma! In this story of sorts, Ryoma has gone insane from too many Conquest timelines and being forced to kill himself over and over again. Then he finds the infamous GenocIke... The story so far: Panels 1-9: Panels 10-21: Panels 22 - 30 (Mild Blood Warning): Panels 31 - 40 (Mild Gore Warning): Panels 41-50: Panels 51-61: Panels 62-70 Panels 71-80 Panels 81-90: Panels 91-100: Panels 101 - TBA Also, not only will I regularly update this with more of Ryoma's maddness, but I shall also allow you to make suggestions of any panels you want to add. Just tell me: 1. The character(s) you want in the panel. 2. What they say 3. The expression when they say it (optional) 4. Location (optional) 5. Optional things that are happening (i.e. someone being stabbed) and I can get it done using little more than the conversation generator and Paint.net.
  9. So a Thought came to me as I was playing Three Houses. Rhea's Transformation is that of a Dragon, and it appears that the other Nabateans (Macuil and Indech) have transformations too (or at least bestial forms), but only Rhea seems to be a tried and true Dragon. While Macuil and Indech seem to be some other creatures ( a Bird/thing and a Tortoise/thing, respectively). So I guess what I am wondering, is are all Nabateans Dragons, or do they have their own individual forms, like Macuil and Indech? I suppose if you wanted to go there you can say that Indech and Macuil's forms seem to be hybrids with dragon-esque features, but it seems odd to not have them be a little more uniform if they were all Dragons. Also, what would Cethleann transform into? Cichol? For Cethleann, I imagine a Sea Serpent of some kind, mostly because of her unending love of fish, and for Cichol... I have no idea. I am curious to know if this little Idea has popped up through anyone elses head while playing Three Houses.
  10. Hello chaps. This thread will be full of spoilers, so please don't continue reading past this point if you haven't completed the game. I think there are hints throughout Three Houses that Intelligent Systems had plans for plot lines that were later scrapped either due to time constraints or because they simply didn't pan out. The Death Knight's arc is strange to say the least, though this might be salvaged by the Jeritza DLC, and the assassination attempt in the very first map quickly gets forgotten about even though it really shouldn't for obvious reasons. However, something that gets alluded to multiple times is the "flow of time". When Byleth enters the academy for the first tme, Rhea wonders if the flow of time brought them there. When Byleth merges with Sothis, she says only Byleth knows about "both sides of time", and hell even in Heroes Byleth says that that the flow of time brought them there. The very first cutscene, right before you meet Sothis, also very briefly shows several scenes of Fódlan's past. This, in addition to the Divine Pulse being a central mechanic, I can't help but wonder if we were supposed to have had a plot that more heavily delved into the concept of the flow of time. I think this was all building up to something, but as to what is anyone's guess. Perhaps it was scrapped early on and we're only left with the fragments, perhaps I'm just thinking about this too much, but I like to believe the Divine Pulse was going to play a bigger role in the plot of at least one route. What do you all think?
  11. So yeah, yeah, there's no canon version to the Fire Emblem avatars. But at the same time, there kind of is. Male Robin gets more highlighted than female Robin while for Corrin (Smash Bros. aside) the opposite is true (and Kris wasn't considered popular enough to even deserve existence after their game). So which version of Byleth do you feel fits better? Personally I'm torn. I feel like the whole surgical reincarnation of a goddess seems to just fit better on female Bleyth (not that I object to gender bending on principal, I actively wish Naga maintained her Gender fluidity she was implied to have in the early games. It's just in this case with it being intentional done by Rea and all I feel a female baby would have been more suitable), but I definitely like the design of Male Byleth better, especially the alternate outfit that gives him a hat to hide his face slightly. And when it comes to these things, which design people find more appealing is basically the deciding factor. Anyway, which one do you find more appropriate for this story/which one looks cooler.
  12. Something interesting I saw when looking at the cutscene where we are introduced to Sothis' power to rewind time: the circle that appears in front of her not only has the Crest of Flames in the center, which clues us in where it comes from for Byleth long before Hannemann discovers it, but there is also some text circling around it. One line in particular caught my eye, because it says "the goddess always lives in heaven and Fodlan", which basically spoils Sothis' identity (because why else would that line be on a magic circle she summons?). Here's a screencap for proof (excuse the German): I thought this was interesting to share, but I didn't want to use any of the Forum Game or FftF topics in order to avoid spoiling people who haven't played the game yet.
  13. I wrote something about support grinding in here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gb8MjaF8NgkuXYECwFJydqpi8gd5VD9Ge4wMqqtVCKE/edit?usp=sharing Here is a summary: During your first run, increasing professor level to A+ should be a top priority (gardening, fishing, meals, choir, etc.). Then, abuse your 3 battle points and 3 adjutants to farm easy support points between all your units. Aim to reach A-rank with all of your units, but continue to gain support points past this threshold. Use New Game+ with another gender to unlock S-supports for your original gender using renown. For units that can be S-supported with either gender, you must select them as an S-support first. Therefore, it is optimal to choose only bisexual characters as your S-support that you have not unlocked yet, as you can buy everything else without viewing them. Some units are route-exclusive; prioritize those units first. Your first S-supports should be Edelgard in CF, Gilbert in AM, and Rhea in SS. Male Byleth is preferred for VW/CF/AM in order to purchase S-supports for Claude, Hubert, Dimitri and Dedue with New Game+; female Byleth for SS route. Sothis must be S-supported twice. In order to complete the support log, you must play through final missions at a minimum of 9 times. VW/SS final mission is best for this due to one map, as opposed to two in CF/AM. Every route must be played through at least once. The game automatically unlocks the support in the event log as soon as it is purchased, no need to save your file. If you wish to unlock all Goddess Tower scenes, you must play through all three routes in part 1 up to chapter 9 as female Byleth. For male Byleth, simply recruiting everyone during the Black Eagles route will work. Two music tracks are only unlockable with Japanese voiceover - one vocal song in chapter 9, and the end credits theme. Any feedback is appreciated. I may be missing essential information here and there. Thank you to all the resources that currently exist.
  14. This question mentions a spoiler. I put it in the title but idk if there was anything else I needed to do....anyway If I choose to side with the church do I lose any equipment Edelgard and Hubert have? I would like to fully utilize them in the last chapter I have them in but if I don't get their equipment back I need to take some stuff from them.
  15. So, I finished SoV yesterday. I didn't own the game at launch but I've been playing off and on for the better part of a year/ year and a half. From what I've read before I bought the game, I went in with very high expectations. Now that I've finally beat the main story, I kinda wanna gush and gripe about the game. Foremost, visually the game is stunning. It's easy to tell a lot of thought and dedication went into giving this game an appealing and cohesive artsyle. The portraits are gorgeous and detailed and the models have vastly improved since Awakening. All of these visual spectacles complement the impressive voice acting performances making SoV probably my favorite FE title aesthetically. Like, getting really nitpicky, the only thing I could think to complain about is that Alm amd Celica's touch screen portraits dont react to when other characters are speaking to them. I'm not gonna talk at length about the story because there's not much to it. It's simplicity is a refreshing break from Fates' convoluted narratives though Berkut's death scene is probably the worst thing I've seen out of the FE franchise. Going off that, I'm glad the developers kept the game fresh by adding characters that do not appear in Gaiden, but like, I wish there was more to them. Besides Berkut, all of the new additions are static (not gonna count Fernand's death revelation as dynamic characterization) and even Berkut's ending doesn't feel earned. And I love Conrad but his character does more for Celica then it does for himself. However, I do think the a lot of the main cast are strong. A lot of the characters (most notably the village boys) grow from their time at war and even in their supports. Speaking of, I think this game comes close to finding a balance between a few, well written supports and many supports that are 'meh' in quality. I feel bad that Slique's only support is Faye, especially since it's more about Faye being dismissive than it is about Silque. I think Lukas could also benefit from another support partner as I think his 'cold, calculated' demeanor could be expanded on. I could also make a case of giving Kliff a support with maybe Luthier or Zeke to expand his horizons. This leads to the characters' endings. I'm gonna be brief and just say I like Kliff's and Delthea's along with Tatiana and Zeke's. I dislike Sonya's and believe that Leon's, Mathilda's, Faye's and the Whitewings' were just bad. I'll elaborate if anyone asks. Now, onto the gameplay. The maps look pretty but the design itself seems rather uninspired besides being based off the originals in Gaiden. And I know I'm gonna get some shit for saying this (I haven't played 4 or 5) but this is the most Movement Emblem game I've played and it's agitating. From Alm's long, open maps to Celica's cramped, terrain infested ones, if you're not using a horse/wings/ Dread Fighter boots you're gonna have a bad time. It's hard to comprehend how a game that balanced archers so well couldn't do the same for Barons and Sages/Priestesses. And this sucks because none of those classes are bad! They're unique in the fact that they benefit the most from shields and rings but they're so incapacitated by 4 movement spaces that the strategy it takes to incorporate them into gameplay is often not worth it, especially when the 7/8/9 movment units can accomplish map goals (all 2 of em) that much faster. However, these 'slower' units have an easier time in the dungeon aspect of the game. The smaller maps and limited unit pool allow normally unfavorable units to shine. I think the dungeon crawling in general is one of the better aspects of SoV and really differentiate it from other FE titles. I mentioned at the beginning that it took me quite a while to beat this game. And I think this is mainly attributed to the gameplay. I often found myself bored and not invested enough to play the game consistently. I wanna partly blame this on the story, but Fates' plot was a lot messier and I just had more fun experimenting with units in FE 14. Maybe I should've played SoV on hard mode but I was initially worried the gameplay would be drastically different than what I wad used to. I also think this game is less strategy and more annoying gimmicks to inflate the difficulty. Conjure/invoke is cheap on both sides and are very rng reliant, along with the teleporting witches. I did have fun playing the game and would still recommend it, but I was pretty underwhelmed with most aspects of the gameplay. Questions: When exactly does Jedah learn Alm has the brand and why does he still focus solely on Celica after the fact if his main goal is to feed Duma a branded soul? Do you think the new characters added or subtracted to the main story? How are you supposed to make money in this game??? There's nowhere near enough gold to max out and create all the weapons, even for a handful of characters. It's a little ridiculous. For those whose favorite or close to favorite FE game is SoV, what draws you to this title? I think it's an enjoyable experience but, personally, I think the replay value is pretty low. What units were most useful to you(or were your favorite)? I heard good things about Mathilda and the Whitewings but most of my cavs fell off late game (my best cav was actually Lukas lol) and my only pegs that made it to endgame were Claire and Catria (and Cat barely got in). If you've played or experienced Gaiden, is SoV a faithful remake? Is there more that could've been done to modernize the game without compromising Gaiden's integrity (like maybe add Anna)? What were some other issues, nitpicky or significant, you had with this game? Lastly, would you still recommend Gaiden to someone if they've already played SoV? Why or why not? Sorry, if this got a little longwinded, I'm excited i finally beat this game and can finally focus on 6 and 11 before Three Houses is released.
  16. You know how at the end of chapter 11 Black Eagles, you make the choice to side with Rhea and the church, or Edelgard and the empire? Normally (with a few exceptions) your students follow whichever path you do...but what if hey didn't? What if the class was split between loyalty to their leader and loyalty to their teacher? Which side would each student pick? In my mind, Marianna and Lysythia (cross-house recruitment) would side with Edelgard, because the crests are to blame, etc. Dorothea would also be on her side, seeing as I ship them very strongly. Linhardt would never side with Edelgard in this instance, as would Caspar. I'll probably make a fanfic of this at some point.
  17. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is quickly growing to be one of my favorite games in the series, featuring a arguably the best balance of gameplay, story, and immersive world-building in the entire series imo. Despite my love for the game, I can't help but feel there are several missed opportunities within the game that prevent it from being as good as it should be. Similar to the Persona and Pokemon series, I think this game's lasting impact would greatly improve if it was given an enhanced re-release, ironing out some of the issues in the game that couldn't be addressed due to the initially limited development time. Some ways an enhanced release could improve the game: greater number of mid-week activities more minigames greater amount of variety for the post-timeskip chapters (several chapters are reused between routes despite not always making sense) exploitable dungeons recruitable NPCs (Judith, Rodrigue, etc.) more post-timeskip chapters that wrap up lose ends (currently, there are 18-22 chapters per route, which makes the game rather short by FE standards) more interaction between classes within pre-timeskip chapters (i.e. Dimitri and Claude being green units in Chapter 12) more supports What are your thoughts? Do you think the game should have an enhanced re-release?
  18. I was trying to find some info on all the students' default class line that were used from all four routes when they weren't recruited before the timeskip. I know that Fates did it the same with showing all the retainers' and others' default promotional line up from all three routes back then (including the Family Royale DLC) and I kinda wanted it it similar for my Three Houses Playthrough. I am currently playing the Black Eagles route in Chapter 2 and I am planning on promoting every Black Eagles students as well the recruitable Blue Lions and Golden Deer Students to the specific class that they were used from Blue Lions and Golden Deer Route in the future. Did anyone played any of the routes knows what the students promoted when they were enemy units? I noticed I watched few videos that noticed some that I am not too sure if I got this right, can you correct me on this one from judging through the timeskip portraits: I think Petra is suppose to be an Assassin I think Dorothea is suppose to be either a Dancer or a Warlock I think Hubert is suppose to be a Warlock I think Caspar suppose to be a Wyvern Rider or Fortress Knight (It's hard to tell from the armor he's wearing) I did saw Mangs's video that Cyril was shown to be a Wyvern Rider, I heard people mentioned about he was supposed to be a Sniper (Can anyone clarify that Cyril wasn't ment to promote as a Sniper in Black Eagels route?) I did saw that Reunion video battle showed Bernadette is a Sniper I think Leone is suppose to be a Bow Knight or a Paladin like Jeralt. I think Ferdinand, Sylvain, and Lorenz were supposed to be Cavaliers. I did saw Dedue and Raphael were Armored Units. I know that Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude have exclusive classes of their own.
  19. It's a bit funky how Three Houses has a small roster but they decided to not include some more route-specific, non-student units. Somehow only BL gets this privilege in form of Gilbert who is technically not even affiliated with the Kingdom anymore (as he is a Knight of Seiros). They could have done more with that. GD has 2 obvious choices in Judith and Nader. It's very weird how Judith is not playable considering she joins your army and only hangs around the monastery. Nader is a bit of underbaked character considering his title as "the Undefeated" as you don't see much of him beyond the Alliance part on the True BE route and one chapter in GD. Also he is jacked-up Wyvern Rider, I need to break this game even more. Another unsung hero of the Alliance is Holst. He is apparently one of the best generals in the Alliance and everyone strokes his shaft, only for him to get his butt handed to him by Nemesis and poisoned mushrooms. BE really should have made Randolph and Ladislava playable. You don't get any perspective on their characters, even on BE, and they come off as cannon fodder at best (no joke, that's how they die on all routes). Especially Ladislava doesn't have anything beyond "I owe Edelgard for some unnamed reason" and that's pretty sad. I guess they ran out of resources to make more support convos?
  20. These are just some of my overall thoughts. Thoughts on Blue Lions. For Black Eagles (both routes) Golden Deer. What do you guys want story wise from the DLC?
  21. https://theroonco.wordpress.com/2019/08/25/my-thoughts-on-and-partial-analysis-of-fire-emblem-three-houses-spoilers/ I hope you like this! I imagine I'll be tweaking this for a while, but I had so much to say I just had to get it out there. Thank you so much for your time!! Edit: I updated my post! And added quite a bit if I say so myself, I hope you like it!!
  22. Come on guys, we all knew from the moment chapter one ended that they're obviously the same character. Who did it better? And who'd win in a fight (nah, never mind, it's obviously Greil, he has a legendary weapon while Jearlt only has a crappy iron lance).
  23. I've done all the routes except the Church one, and from what I can tell, it is no one's favorite, and I've already put so much time into it I really need to set it down... until all the DLC is out and I will play it a ton again. No route is perfect, and some have positives that others don't, so I can't declare my take as objective fact, but I will try my best to lay down my thoughts and see how many might agree or disagree. Blue Lions Pro #1: Strongest White Clouds / Pre-War The first section of the game is quite identical with each House. However, there are more connections in this House to the shared events of this story than the other two Houses. The first example of this is the battle with Lonato, who is a complete stranger to every playable unit except one who is native to Blue Lions: Ashe. The dialogue added here is slim, for naturally it cannot be pivotal because this bout must be functionally the same with or without him, but it adds a personal layer to the event that doesn't exist elsewhere. Next comes Miklan, whose existence further adds to the themes and plot of the story, but is otherwise just a bandit that needs to be put down. But there's a backstory to him: he is the older brother of Sylvain, natively in the Blue Lion house. Additionally, a man randomly joins the fight here in Golden Deer and Black Eagles, who later adds nothing to the plot. But in Blue Lions, this man, whose name is Gilbert, is related to another member of the Blue Lion's House: Annette, and becomes a part of the plot after the time-skip. Then we are introduced to the Death Knight, who is revealed to be Jeritza, who may as well just not exist, but in truth he once was Mercedes's brother, and only in this route do we get a moment where she laments his death. Other NPCs like Tomas and Monica are strangers here, but that is also the case in the other routes. Blue Lions Pro #2: Best interactions between the main lords In Crimson Flower, you have the option of killing Claude or chasing him off when you encounter him, and when you encounter Dimitri you kill him and the only words that can be exchanged about their opposition to one another is him lamenting her methods and her chiding him for fighting back; there is only one hint of meaningful dialogue where he calls her El, but it is never addressed other than Edel requesting in a Support with Byleth that people closest to her call her El. In Claude's route, Dimitri "dies" in the time skip, comes back for one battle, then immediately dies pathetically off-screen for real. Edelgard is run off and when fought again, she is killed, and the only meaningful line here is one for Byleth where she requests that they kill her quickly so the chaos can officially be over. But in Azure Moon, Claude isn't chased off, he leaves of his own accord to achieve his dream, but not before helping Dimitri and believing in his innate goodness, along with the professor's. They depart as friends who respect each other. Dimitri in this route is discovered to be "related" to Edelgard, and having known her as a child, which is never mentioned in the other routes. They actually meet each other, along with Hubert and Byleth, and debate the merits of the war and their feelings concerning the sacrifices being made, a great exchange concerning the conflict of Three Houses that isn't to be had anywhere else. When next they meet, Edelgard gives up even herself to her cause, and goes down bitterly resisting to the very end. Blue Lions Pro #3: Best narrative and emotional arc Dimitri's ideals of peace and honor deteriorate over the time skip as the bottled up demon inside him becomes dominant. Encountering him alone, so disheveled and angry, really sets the shift in tone and world following the time skip better than the other Houses, especially in Crimson Flower where the skip is incredibly sudden and the reunion just as much. Dedue is said to have died for His Highness, Dimitri's protector gone, and he cannot be interacted with. He is lost. Edel and Claude more or less are the same; less so for Claude in that despite his lackadaisical reputation, he's proven himself to be an incredibly adept leader that thrives in the chaos off the noble houses, keeping the balance precariously in check so one side doesn't get the other killed. Despite Edel's attack in the Holy Tomb and starting the war that causes so much bloodshed, she never apologizes to anyone or pulls her iron fist in any development. The students of the Black Eagles never have any investment in their cause: they didn't start the war and they don't want to kill. But the Blue Lions are acting out of defense, and many of the students are childhood friends with one another and the main lord; they are invested in their heir and have every reason to fight back. Then Dedue returns, causing Dimitri to show the first sign of emotion other than anger since the war. His father figure Rodrigue, Felix's father, comes in despite warnings that leaving his territory as unsafe, because he hopes to find salvation in the fallen prince. At another point, a random girl requests to join the war, begging for a chance at revenge. Obviously she seems ill-equipped to join something so bloody, but Dimitri empathizes with her desire, and obsessed with his own, cannot be bothered to feel protective over her life. Then when she reveals that she really meant revenge against Dimitri for his savage actions against a band of thieves during the time skip, Rodrigue sacrifices himself to protect His Highness, and in one fell swoop he loses his father figure due to the actions of someone consumed with revenge, his dearest desire, which is all allowed to happen due to his own desire blinding him. He runs away, not knowing how to process and grieve, and Byleth chases after him and extends their hand and despite not wanting to be touched, he feels the warmth of someone alive and not the cold loneliness of the dead. This sequence of the story, for me personally, was far and away the most emotional in all of Three Houses. Only the ending of Crimson Flower with Byleth collapsing and Edelgard checking for his heartbeat, even comes anywhere close. Afterwards he returns to his friends, apologizes, and vows to repent for his behavior. Blue Lions Con #1: No Confrontation with Those Who Slither in the Dark This is odd because in Golden Deer's route Verdant Winds, Claude gets a post-humous letter from Hubert after defeating the Empire about the location of their base, and they fight Thales and even get a unique (and rather epic) battle with Nemesis. For what reason could Dimitri not have gotten the same info in the same manner? The fact of the matter is, it doesn't happen, and thus it is a point in Golden Deer's favor. Not Crimson Flower, which is pretty bad, because as many have noted, they are tied quite a bit with Those Who Slither, and we know Hubert is eventually aware of their HQ. Their route is even the shortest, so what is their excuse for not encountering them? Azure Moon is tied as having the most, and perhaps that might be why it isn't added onto theirs. But at least Azure Moon gets to kill Arundel, something unique to them, a character connected to Edel. He is clearly on her hit list, but he never goes down in their route. Very conspicuous. Blue Lions Con #2: No resolution with Rhea Rhea is brought up multiple times as someone with critical info and a strong motivation for invading the Empire. Yet, when Edelgard is defeated, she never shows up. It's so much like they forgot about her existence that even I had went a while after its completion without realizing that she just never showed up. It is a very baffling, incomplete aspect that is definitely worth mentioning, and worth putting forth as a strength in Golden Deer's route. Some info on the world and her are given in Verdant Winds, so that is a point in their favor for sure. So that's about it. I think Blue Lions has strong positives that outweigh its faults (opinion), and Golden Deer is a close second, for they have lack cons that Azure Moon has, and they lack the cons Crimson Flower has, overall making it a well-rounded experience. Anyone else with experience of multiple routes have any thoughts on how they compare to one another?
  24. Hello chaps! As the title suggests, I just wanted a place to discuss questions and mysteries the game sets up without ever fully explaining. Needless to say, there'll be spoilers. Naturally, there is more, but I believe that's my number one question for now.
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