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Found 2 results

  1. EN trailer: JP: Full dancer banner! I like Olivia's new art better than her normal form. Azura's axe though ayy lmao
  2. Well, its the week before Halloween. Time for some spoopy gaming! First up? Let's begin with the story of Soma Cruz! [spoiler=RIP] Lets get this party started! Well isnt that convenient. Wait, Soma. Didnt you just say youre an exchange student? How can Mina be your childhood friend? Oh translation... oooo foreshadowing. Its a Castlevania game, Soma, just roll with it. oh hai not-Alucard. Thats a funny way of spelling Alucard. Ruh roh. Wheres a Belmont when you need one? Whoa there, All-Star! Not-Alucard spots an enemy before explaining! MUST PROTECT FEMALE CHARACTER! Oooo a wild Game Mechanic appears! Game Mechanics are latent abilities! Whee. Yay actual gameplay time. A thing. Spooky Scary Skeletons! Sending shivers down my spine! I almost flub the fight cuz i derp with the controls. A MAP! Now the adventure really begins!
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