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Found 1 result

  1. Plot/Backstory Nearly two millennia ago, humans came to exist in a dark world shrouded in mist. For a brief period of human history, all was well. This peace would soon be broken; dark creatures emerged from the Black Mists, running rampant and terrorizing humanity.Unable to combat the emerging threat, humans called upon the heavens in desperation, only to be returned with silence. The being that had placed them upon this earth would not respond to their cries of agony and humanity quickly learned they had been forsaken. With their backs to the walls and forces of darkness encroaching ever closer, the peoples took matters into their own hands. These desperate times drove humanity to desperate measures, steel weapons were forged from human dread and desperation. But these weapons were not enough, greater power was needed, more than a simple forge could produce. A commanding sage named Velhari turned to the arcane arts and through further tribulations, created a flaming staff of overwhelming power. With the weapon complete, all of humanity rallied together in a final offensive for survival; Velhari plunged the staff into the dirt. Light arced through the land, shining pillars bursting forth throughout the corners of earth and the fruits of mans desperation rang true. The beasts from the dark turned to cinders and the Black Mists were sealed away, leaving a bright new world in humanitys fingertips. The world would remember its heroine, Velhari, and named the continent in her honor. Her legendary weapon would be forever immortalized at the center of a great city and was dubbed: The Staff of Ages. Free from the Black Mists oppression, the peoples of the new founded continent spread to its corners. The kingdom of Fortuita, located at the continents heart, tamed pegasi and rode into the skies. Arynden, a nation to the west, created a name for themselves by mastering steel and magic. To the East, the merchant nation of Riviere and its duchy, Persici, grew strong through trade, and between Fortuita and Persici, the tribal "nation" of Gahum formed. To the north, the isolationist nation of Toska rose. And to the south, explorers trekked through dangerous swamps to found Ezpatha. As time marched on, the continents nations grew lax and careless. Countless years after humanitys stuggle, the Aryndese King Oberon, began attacking Fortuitum villages under the guise of border disputes; these militant actions were the first to be seen in a millennia. In hopes of avoiding any sort of conflict, Fortuitan Queen Kalvesta drew back her nation. Never-the-less, Arynden continued its assaults, with the queen doing little to retaliate. Now, the Fortuitan-Arynden border is a standstill... Whats Planned Over 40 playable characters ~30 Chapters in total Some custom weapons Supports A full story with multiple Lords to follow New classes Rain levels(!!!) Hard Mode Credits: Download SoAXNA v0.1.1 here! Public bug tracker Act 1, Crown of Thorns: Complete Act 2 is currently in development. Hard mode will be done eventually. All constructive feedback is welcome! Discord link if you want more updates
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