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Found 2 results

  1. Since Echo Fighters are going to be added to Ultimate and they can share the spot with the counterpart in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I totally think these are the choices that I came up with who's going to be echoing who in Ultimate. If you want to post your echo fighter ideas down (try to not include Samus Aran, Peach, Marth, Roy, Pit, and Simon Belmont since they managed to gotten echo fighters) Here's my Echo Fighter ideas that could work: Ken as Ryu's Echo Fighter (both are friends and they were both taught by the same master, I think he be a likely choice) Revealed in 11/1 Direct as Ryu's Echo Fighter Mike Jones from StarTropics as Link's Echo Fighter (since Mike's two game are a Zelda clone, he could have some move sets that be differ to Link's similar to like Chrom for Roy and besides that Ganondorf was used to be Captain Falcon's clone back at Melee and Ganondorf did have the similar special move sets as Captain Falcon's, but some of their normal attacks are different) Ninten from EarthBound Beginnings as Ness's Echo Fighter (since Ninten does resemble to Ness, I think Ninten should have a little bit change on his outfit to avoid confusion with Ness being identical for any players who aren't fimilar with the EarthBound series similar to like how Marth and Roy had gotten newer outfits back at Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U) Funky Kong as Donkey Kong's Echo Fighter (he does act a lot similar to DK in Tropical Freeze Nintendo Switch port, the only difference that he carries his Surf Board that he could hover it be a version of DK's Spinning Kong) Zack as Cloud's Echo Fighter (Zack did had a prequel title for the PSP and it would make sense) or probably put Squall Leonheart from Final Fantasy VIII as Cloud's Echo Fighter since Final Fantasy VIII did had limit breaks as well. Octolings as Inklings's Echo Fighter (obvious reasons due to the Octoling Expansion Pack in Splatoon 2) Impa as Sheik's Echo Fighter (Possibly since Impa did taught Zelda the Sheikah technique in Oracle of Time's 7 time year skip) Isabelle as Villager's Echo Fighter (I did see someone suggested that) Revealed in 9/13 Direct as a separate fighter Ms. Pac-Man as Pac-Man's Echo Fighter (both of them are absolutely similar) Shadow or Tails could be Sonic's Echo Fighter (the only difference with Tails that he can fly) - I haven't played any of the Sonic games Shadow is now deconfirmed in 11/1 Direct and he's still an Assist Trophy Jeanne as Bayonetta's Echo Fighter (both of them are Umber Witches) Black Shadow or Blood Falcon as Captain Falcon's Echo Fighter (we haven't got a single new F-Zero rep for a long time and we do need new F-Zero reps be added to Ultimate) Normal version of Raichu (not Alolan Raichu since he's a Pokeball Pokémon) or Detective Pikachu as Pikachu's Echo Fighter Beck from Mighty No. 9 as Mega Man's Echo Fighter (which Mighty No. 9 is a spiritual successor of Mega Man) Naked Snake as Solid Snake's Echo Fighter (Naked Snake is Big Boss and Solid Snake is a clone of Big Boss, it would make more sense to make him as an echo fighter for Solid Snake) Louie as Olimar's/Alph's Echo Fighter (Louie was added as Olimar's partner from Pikmin 2 and he could be a wise choice as an Echo Fighter for Olimar's) Yarn Yoshi as Yoshi's Echo Fighter Digby as Villager's Echo Fighter or Isabelle's Echo Fighter (This gave me idea after Isabelle was revealed) I don't know if Dixie Kong would work as Diddy's Echo Fighter would work as since Dixie doesn't have a gun nor a Jetpack. I'm pretty sure Dixie will might be Diddy's Semi-Echo Fighter. For possible newcomers that I wanted to see it being to be added in Ultimate and I totally think they could get an Echo Fighter: Springtron from Arms as Spring Man's Echo Fighter (he did copied Spring Man's moves in Arms, the only difference that he could have his defense be higher and he could be stronger than Spring Man's and he could be a heavy weight fighter) Deconfirmed in 11/1 Direct since Spring Man is an Assist Trophy Curly Brace from Cave Story as Quote's Echo Fighter (they did fight the same in Cave Story, the only difference are that Quote and Curly Brace had different guns, they can trade the guns in the hut where Curly stayed) I don't know about Risky Boots would kinda qualify as Shantae's Echo Fighter or they could get Nega-Shantae as Shantae's Echo Fighter One of the CodeName S.T.E.A.M. characters as Henry Fleming's Echo Fighter For any unclear whatever some of these characters might make it to Ultimate and finally becomes as newcomers: Alice from Balloon Kid, Game Boy sequel of Balloon Fight as Balloon Fighter's Echo Fighter Isa from Sin and Punishment: Star Successor as Saki's Echo Fighter Matthew from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn as Issac's Echo Fighter Deconfirmed in 11/1 Direct since Issac is still an Assist Trophy Edit: Added Mighty No. 9, Naked Snake, Louie, Detective Pikachu, Yarn Yoshi, and Digby in the Echo Fighter idea list and fixed the description of the idea of Ninten. And add the unclear newcomers could make it in Ultimate and thought of something that could get an echo fighter. Nintendo Direct in 9/13 now revealed Isabelle is now confirmed as a separate fighter instead of Villager's Echo Fighter. Nintendo Direct in 11/1 now revealed Ken is now confirmed as Ryu's Echo Fighter and now deconfirmed Spring Man, Issac, and Shadow since they're Assist Trophies.
  2. So, say you've heard of a game, it sounds kinda interesting to you, and by chance, you happen to get it so you can play it. And, for whatever reason, it is NOTHING like how you expected it to be. For me, that game is Startropics. I heard the protagonist Mike was kinda like Ness, you know, being a (at the time) modern lad, wielding ordinary things like a yoyo and whatnot. So, I kind of expected it to be an RPG. Never saw videos or screenshots or anything, So, seeing the overworld and the town acting like Dragon Warrior, it kind of reinforced that idea (although, the Zelda I-esque title screen threw me off). And then I enter the dungeon and it's Zelda 1 combat...with a yoyo. Anyone else have something like that?
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