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Found 1 result

  1. THE RP IS CURRENTLY FULL, I AM NOT ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR NEW PLAYERS Angelcynn is an RP that has been going strong for nearly two years now. Set in the continent of Angelcynn, a unique location with diverse countries and a long history, the focus is very much on allowing players to take control of how they would like the story to progress. Many player characters are vitally important to the main plot line, and even supporting characters have some sway over the events that happen. Combining freeform RP segments with FE style maps, the goal is to create an experience that encourages engagement and cooperation with both the setting and other players. All roles have already been assigned, so please ignore the roles that are crossed out! Instead, please have a look at both this thread and the IC ones to gain some idea of what would be feasible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Important Characters Prince Owen of Wyke - The "lord" of the story, a young man coming to terms with his responsibilities and the faith people have in him. Princess Cassandra of Wyke - Owen's younger sister, loud and bold, she struggles coping with her personal life and the cruelty of war Baron Angus Kearney - Owen's young advisor, unrefined and lacking manners, he is finding his feet in his new important position Lady Claire Bennett - A quiet mage fresh from the Wihtwar academy, looking to try and solve the mysteries surrounding Malaphar Sidney Faren - A thief revealed to be the daughter of a Raewaldean noble. Deals with her relationship with Owen and also her family after her escape from prison Sir Alain of Duhamel - A diplomat from Raewald, originally a street urchin and hides his close relationship with Belial Freya - A guard assigned to protect Cass, finding that her task is considerably more difficult because of her unusual antics. Suleiman - A bald guard on loan from Ethel to Owen. He combines both nationalities and talents, as his father was a blacksmith from Tolouse. Eric - An optimistic young man who fled from Deira after seeing its cruelty, he is now under the employ of Baron Esclabor. Queen Ethel - The Queen of Raewald, currently in discussions with Prince Owen on an alliance to stop Deira Malaphar - An enigmatic sorcerer intent on sculpting the continent to his liking, an enemy to the party and wields his terrifying magic known as "The World" Scuttle Thames - A troubled bard who struggles with her inner demons, currently apart from the party after she became unhinged Apellon and Arteria - A twisted pair of sibling swordfighters who have had many encounters with the party. Have cheated death, possibly with help from the vial. King Oswald - Owen and Cass' aging father, distant as a parent but a caring king. Was last heard to be on his deathbed before the invasion. The Vial - An elixir that appears to be able to revive the dead. Its source is unknown but it appears to have ties with Malaphar and the Fountain of Ages. Plot Summary In the humble country of Wyke, Prince Owen was alerted by his father than a rogue noble known as Dettard was conspiring with the bandit nation of Magonsaete. The king being too sickly to travel himself, Owen was sent in his place, taking along Lionel and his other men. His younger sister, Cassandra, then invited herself along, aiding Owen in his journey. Joined by the "charming" rogue, Sidney, Owen learned of skulduggery, vowing to get to the bottom of the issue. Meanwhile, Lady Adeltrudis of Herman met with her father, and was introduced to Jean the Red, a Toulese noble. After being attacked at their lakeside manor, she learned of Owen's quest, taking her brother, Graham, and their butler Jeeves. Joined by Niko and Doug, the group met up with Owen's and joined forces. Battling through the forest, Lionel's men arrived to assist Owen, following them to Dettard's castle. Once there, Dettard claimed that he was Owen's half brother, but was bested in a duel by the noble prince. Inside was the monstrous Baleros, a man-beast with strength beyond belief. With some quick thinking from Angus of Kearney, Baleros was eventually slain. However, part of the group had remained outside, with two of Lionel's men falling to enemy forces. Jeeves the butler also succumbed to his failing health, passing away shortly after the battle. With heavy hearts, Owen and friends return to Hull, the capital, looking to find some answers. The battle at Dettard's manor had been a cruel one. Despite besting the treacherous cur, Owen's group had received their own losses. Still, there were so many things left unexplained, so many questions behind Dettard's actions. However, those had waited until they returned to the capital, where they were quickly met by the King's men. Dettard was detained, taken away to the dungeon. After much debate with his father, Owen had chosen to execute his half-brother for his treachery. However, through a suspicious dungeon fire, Cass had managed to connect with Dettard, eventually convincing her brother to not take his life. In another strange situation, Angus and Doug were made nobles of Wyke for their efforts. However, as the party celebrated one evening, Cass was kidnapped by brutish thugs, as part of a scheme for her to bear the child of a minor noble, Talmot of Gorlois. Thwarted by Adele and Serge, the only clue the party was left with was "Mr. E". A castle guard, Freya, had been assigned to protect Cass by Earl Valter, although the threat of Mr. E was still very real - suggesting treachery within the nobility of the country. Meeting with Raewaldean diplomats, including Alain, to discuss the state of the continent, Owen decided to travel to Raewald to speak with Queen Ethel, worried about the reports of Deira mobilising to invade Myrcia. Deciding that he would travel through the lands of Magonsaete to save time, Owen had a strange young bard, Scuttle, join his group. Owen was forced to land on a bandit infested beach and made a mysterious ally in a sorcerer who also fought against them. After meeting the wizard, Malaphar, Owen and his group entered an uneasy alliance. However, after witnessing Malaphar's blatant disregard for human life and how he manipulated those around him, Owen finally demanded answers. However, this resulted in conflict, causing Malaphar to take Owen and some of his allies to his strange world. Escaping with only Baron Nelon injured, Owen had learned Malaphar's desire to see society fall, and the threat he posed to the continent. Stopping in a village called Magon, Owen's group took their time to rest and evaluate their choices. However, the loss of Javier had affect Scuttle too much, bringing out her darker side, Susan. Attempting to kill Claire and claim the vial, Susan was stopped by Cass and her allies. Meanwhile, Owen and Adele were able to talk to the ghost of Jeeves, learning that both he and Javier were one and the same. Owen also learned that Malaphar had opposed his father also. Later on, Cass and Owen were able to learn their father still lived... but for how much longer they could not tell. Leaving Magon, Scuttle had escaped the group, struggling with her own internal conflict. A new group of enemies attacked Owen's party, claiming to be under the command of Malaphar. With the help of a wyvern squad claiming to be the Reliants, Owen was able to repel the threat. However, upon learning that Ywein had been slain, Laudine, their leader, demanded retribution. Things were made more complicated as Marcus, a griffon rider from Toulouse, had come with the Rhongomiant and news of Deira's invasion of Wyke. After much heated debate, Laudine's group had left, although not before a member threw a spear intended for Serge... but had killed Emily instead. Cass had decided to use the vial to attempt to revive Emily, much to Emmet's disdain. With the appearance of Apellon and Arteria, Emmet attempted to betray the group in the search of immortality, but was met with a death sentence from Prince Owen. Owen and his friends... and Esclabor, reached Raewald, meeting with Queen Ethel and forming a tentative alliance to try and hold back Deira. However, Owen is unsure he has made the right choice, the decision seemed far more grey after he begins to fight through Myrcia... CURRENT CHARACTER CREATION
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