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Found 4 results

  1. The 2nd trailer for Stories 2 finally released, revealing a lot more new information about the game: I also thought this trailer release would be a good time to create a discussion thread for this game. I only played the demo of the original game, but it was fantastic, and this game looks like it'll be great. Also, am I just hearing things, or does the Wyverian girl have the same voice actor as BOTW-Zelda? EDIT: I didn't realize until after I posted this that this new trailer was part of a huge announcement for both this game and Rise. Should I modify this thread into a discussion thread for the whole announcement or leave it as it is?
  2. The Title is pretty self-explanatory, I guess. But anyway, I'm just having a really bad RNG-Day and was curious about other people bad RNG-Days. So, any stories you want to share? (Btw, it doesn't need to be from Fire Emblem)
  3. Hey everyone! I've been working on this for a few days now. This is my first Fire Emblem Fanfiction, or whatever you want to label it as. So, my story is about what happens after Fire Emblem Echoes, specifically the character endings. I felt like Luthier's ending left a little too much to the imagination, but hey, imagination is awesome. So when I saw Luthier's ending, I immediately wanted to write something about it that explains what actually happens to him. WARNING: This will obviously include spoilers about Fire Emblem Echoes. Read at your own risk. I always appreciate feedback, but please don't point out every little tiny mistake or argue about things that you might not think makes sense. Please understand that I'm not perfect and I'll make mistakes, and that this is my story, and I can write whatever I want in it. I'll eventually leave a link due to the lack of space here, but for now, you can find the first 3 Chapters of my first Fire Emblem Fanfiction here (Title Pending)
  4. With the Christmas Robin and Tharja being discovered in the datamine of the game, it's probably safe to assume we're going to be in for quite a few events in the future, holiday or not. So, what would you be most interested in for an event, or would be looking forward to. I personally think it'd be pretty neat if we could get a Valentine's Day event this month, especially since it's coming up, and since it would probably help a lot with keeping users playing near the beginning of the game's life-cycle. So, what do you think? Any thoughts or ideas on events you'd want?
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