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Found 1 result

  1. Yep, one of these chats. So, I've replayed Awakening, for what, the millionth time? And I had recently finished Fates once more on a friends whim (we had a small competition to collect supports since we got Amiibo booklets and whatnot). And upon playing the games, opposed to what I normally do, I decided to do pairings based on story merit, or at least the most hints that are humanly possible. There were obviously some that I couldn't finish deciding. But when I finished doing what I understood best I got to Olivia and it was just Robin and her. At first I was all for marrying some other non story character, but upon something a friend of mine told me, my PoV changed a bit and stuck em together (and it's stuck that way for some time now). So, as far as I can tell, to be Inigo seems like a very plausible candidate for Robin's son. Reasons? Well, Inigo's father must be close to Chrom for the support to make sense. Chrom himself I believe should be with Sumia. Plenty of early game hints and CG's point to their pairing rather heavily, not as heavy as say, Ninian x Eliwood, but still heavy enough that the opening CG has them holding baby Lucina together, so yeah, if it weren't for that I'd be more willing to debate the whole Chrom x Olivia thing. Furthermore, if I do recall from recently reading this, Inigo's father get's angry at him (or is at least annoyed/worried) due to him having missed the war meeting just to flirt with a girl. I find that of the few people to compare people, and or get angry at a tactical meeting to me would be Robin. It feels natural given that he makes these entire meetings just to make sure everything is as perfect as can be (given his ultimate tactician extraordinaire status). But, that doesn't mean much still, Frederick could fit either basis for said criteria right here and now, so what separates this pairing from the others you may ask, since that's the important point here. Well, let's go look at unique situations in Awakening. First off, it's the recruiting chapter for Inigo, where I got a weird vibe. You see, in most recruiting chapters, Robin is not to be seen, only the mother, and perhaps Chrom is to be seen, who may or may not speak to the mother (whereas Cynthia's is a unique mission since Chrom is part of the recruiting). In this mission, Robin and Olivia are the ones that interact, which is a unique situation, that I found rather cool, but that didn't sway me enough, I was still adamant in believing Robin was still not paired to anyone. And then I read the amiibo supports in Fates. While Owain an Selena either don't recognize Robin, or don't believe it to be him for real respectively, Inigo can instantly tell it's him, which to me was rather odd. This is further made strange as Inigo states that Robin could always see through him, and how they're old friends. This also struck me as strange, but I shrugged off the old friend remark and focused on the prior phrase, which focused on "seeing through him". I didn't really understand what he meant by that, but my friend kinda had an idea. Inigo's entire character is based off of hiding who he really is. Hiding his personality, his reason for being the way he is, and all the pain he feels. That's who he is. But the only people to truly know his pain, are the other children, Olivia, Soleil, his eventual wife in Fates, and his father. Now, I once more didn't believe jack, but after hearing the explanation it made more sense. Inigo was relating to his potential parental support. And this was rather strange since Robin, in their friend supports, make no mention to the effective way Inigo really is, only talking and watching him hit on girls 24/7. Seeing this, I had to go for it. I just made sense from there on out. And it felt like it just fit so well. Also he's super broken as Robin's kid so I can't really say that I wouldn't use him either way given how busted he is if you do a children only run! XD
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