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Found 113 results

  1. Spoilers obviously. Okay, so RD is legit my second FE game, only to PoR, and the main reason I chose RD next (outside of it being a sequel) was that I truly enjoyed the story and lore and character building in PoR and was really looking forward to see how everything rounds it in RD. I was able to turn a blind eye to the lack of base support conversations, but this whole nonsense that happens in part 3 actually blows my mind and made me stop playing just to say this. I’m currently at 3-13, and just recently came across the whole blood pact part of the story, and I have to say that as a whole this entire section of the story is just bonkers and is a huge blow to the rest of the story. It’s not so much that the blood pact itself is a bad thing, as I don’t know how the rest of the story pans out, it’s everything leading up to the blood pact reveal and how poorly Micaiah was written in part 3, as up until this point I actually really liked het as a character. - First thing I want to say, or know, is why does Micaiah’s powers only work when convenient for her? Like she can see all this other shit, but couldn’t see her stupid ass King signing his and his country’s life away? Like what? - On the topic of Pelleas, what does anyone in Daien, especially Micaiah see in him? He lacks any type of leadership quality, and has done or shown nothing to prove he is deserving of ruling a country, or deserving of Micaiah’s blind loyalty. Not only does he have incredibly poor taste in advisors, namely.. Izuka, who Pelleas still kept around after finding out how sick and twisted he was (when he poisoned Muarim, and learning of the shit he did in PoR), but there wasn’t even any proof whatsoever that he even was related to Ashnard. And even if there was proof, which I don’t remember there being any, why would anybody in Daein want a descendant of Ashnard on the throne knowing how that ended up? If Micaiah cares so much about her country, and had the backing of all the people, why didn’t she just take over? Besides that, all Pelleas has ever shown was how useless of a person he is, so I really have no idea why Micaiah was so against the fact of him wanting to off himself (especially since it was suppose to save her beloved country), if I were her.. I wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement (I personally chose to off him without any second thought in how it alters the game), let alone practically refuse to do it (does she or does she not care about her country.. I don’t get it?). But unfortunately for us, great King Pelleas couldn’t even do one thing correct, and properly research/read a book. - Now what I really don’t get is how poorly written Micaiah is as a character in part 3. I did not take her as dumb, I took her as loyal, yet also smart enough to know right from wrong. The fact that she so willingly agreed to helping Pelleas before even learning of the blood pact, by siding with a country that she literally just got done fighting, so that she can fight in a pointless war that has literally nothing to do with her country makes absolutely zero sense. There is being loyal, and then there is being dumb; siding with a country that you literally just fought to free yourself from because your braindead King told you so is being dumb, especially knowing what Begnion is capable of, it should be more than obvious they are only using you as a pawn, while in turn you make tons of other enemies. I don’t know, I feel like I have a lot more to say, but I think I’m just going to end up going in circles. My main issue is honestly, Pelleas, and not understanding what Micaiah, or anyone for that matter, sees in him, along with not being a fan of how blindly loyal Micaiah is for Pelleas when he has done nothing to show he has good leadership qualities. Maybe I missed some dialogue somewhere that shows some character development for Pelleas, but even then I’m still not happy how the story turned out and it just all feels incredibly lazy. It just feels like the developers really dropped the ball with Micaiah’s character, and they had so much potential for a great story, and making these characters memorable. I’m gonna hold out hope, as I still have 2 more chapters in part 3, along with the entirety of part 4, but I’m not going to hold my breath. All in all, I still greatly enjoy the game up until this point, and am actually looking forward to replaying it on hard as I really do enjoy the gameplay, just the story and characters feel very poorly written coming from PoR.
  2. Welcome, ladies and gentleman! I have a great pleasure to inform you that I am working on a new hack: Fire Emblem: The New Dawn! The story picks up where FE6 leaves us (Bern being defeated, Idun unsealed, Roy learning the 'truth' about the Scouring) and tells the story after ten year,s when the allied occupation (Lycia and Eturia) of Bern ends. Meanwhile new disorder erupts in Lycia, as some of the nobles are displeased of Roy's new kingdom (which he formed after the war). Unrest raises on the Western Isles due to lack of competece of the new Eturian king. Isles, despite gaining partial independence are still owned by Eturia in some parts. A young sacean girl named Sarnai is passing her final trails before becoming a true sacean huntress. All these three stories are connected by a sinister cult, worshiping that what used to be... FEATURES: a) Reworked promotions. I added some new classes and made the already existing not to double. For examble, the armor knight now promotes to (of course) General or Vanguard (heavy knight with lances, bows and magic), archer has 'hunter' and the second chosable class, etc; b) Compeling, epic story with a darker overall tune comparable to FE4; c) Fates of many characters revealed at once (many are dead, though :D); d) Custom animations for most characters; e) Epic and moving end to some stories unfinished in the previous games. RETURNING CAST: - Roy, king of Lycia - married Sue (not Lilina and this is a plot device!) - uniter of Lycia, most do not understand his dream. Believes in humankind; - Sue, queen-consort and true heir to the Caelinian throne. Mother of prince Hector of house Pherae; - Lilina, marquesses of Ostia. Has some doubts about Roy's monarchy, but supports him nonetheless. Still has hots for him; - Priscilla, marquesses of Cornwell - the house was rebuilded by Roy; - Echidna - Queen-regent of the Wester Union. Tries everything in her power to stabilize her homeland and cease any hostilities with Eturia; - Milidain - new king of Eturia. He is bad at being king and relies on his trusted advisors do rain in his name; - Klein - helps Milidain with his work. Is often sent as the embassy of the king; - Danyan, the Silver Wolf - raises the new generation of famed sacean nomads; - ??? - the defender of Sacae, known as the Beast (can't reveal this one, it's too hilarious); - Nino - the new archsage; (-ish? not really, very powerful. Speaks with ghosts); - Lugh, Raigh, Jaffar - Nino's family. Along with her try to avert the inevitable fate; - Gwynevere - the new queen of Bern; - Idun - snapped out of it. Finally. - and many more... NEW CAST: - Theodore - marquess Arphen; - Daria - daughter of Erik; - Darius, son of Erik - Hector - son of Roy (yes, he has THE NAME) - all the others marquesses; - Gren, knight of Arphen; - Gerard, illian merc; - Jeff, very bad spy thief; - Elizabeth - cleric; - Thorne, new marquess Thiria, Roy's trusted advisor; - Sarnai - young huntress from Sacae; - Big chuck of characters that are in a way spoilerish. If anybody wants to help, I would welcome it openly. You can contact me eaisly. I should reply the same day. Progress info: ACT I: - Lycian arc: 5/5 chapters made! - Interlougue 1: done! - Sacean arc : 0.5/5 chapters made - Interlougue 2: done! - Eturian/Islander arc: 0/5 chapters made ACT II: - Mid arc: 0/3 chapters made - War of the Sun God arc: 0/6 chapters made ACT III: - Return of the Old Gods: 0/5 chapters made - Final arc: 0/3 chapters made Total: 5.5/32 chapters made Credits: Credits.txt Regarding the potential hype: Don't. I know that there are people that will hype my hack. I firmly believe that it will be good, very good. But I don't want enybody to expect more than can be done with the limited human resources (ie. me) and the engine I work on (ie. FE8). If you believe that it will be revolutionary - you'll be disappointed. Just - don't hype.
  3. I plan on being a game dev in the future and making my own Fire Emblem-esque SRPG one day, but so far it's a mess of scattered and disconnected ideas that don't really fit together. Thinking about this got me curious what other people would hypothetically come up with if you got to write the plot of a future Fire Emblem game yourselves. It goes without saying that certain games (we all know which ones) have divisive plots so I should clarify that I don't mean an improvement of a story that already exists (so no "x but good/better" type answers), but an original plot that can take inspiration from the mainline series without directly copying their homework. So, what would YOUR Fire Emblem be about?
  4. Starting roughly half a year ago, I started doing a playthrough of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Originally, it was just gameplay with subtitled commentary I made for a friend who hadn't played the game, but as I learned more about how to use my editing program, I had more ideas for my project. Starting with chapter 24, I started making some visual novel-like scenes from scratch, to add a more humorous and dynamic aspect to my playthrough (though in retrospect, some of it is a little too silly). I started calling this series OVERpLAY, partly because of the use of overlays and that I'm doing more than just playing a game. I read somewhere that at least part of Kaga's vision for Fire Emblem was for players to make their own stories, and that's sort of what I'm trying to do with this now; have some more character interactions, show some ways the deaths of some characters have affected surviving ones... ... and also play some things for laughs. Here is Chapter 24, where I started doing stuff in the "OVERpLAY" style: I was, admittedly, still trying to find some direction when I made this, and some of the humor, particularly early on with external references, which even I find a little cringy now. Also, in case you're wondering why the dead unit list is so long when the Aum staff is used, when when this was still an LP I made for a friend, I deliberately sacrificed my guys to access the gaiden chapters so I could show as much of the game as possible. Here is the Endgame: This is where I started doing stuff the way I currently am: while still mostly comedic, there are some serious moments too, and I used my additional scenes for the sake of some extra character depth, like Marth feeling the pressure of living up to Anri's legend. Lastly, here is the Shadow Dragon Epilogue: I bring everyone back to life for the sequel in an unapologetically contrived way, and make shoutouts to what's to come in Echoes and New Mystery. The very end also lays some groundwork for some of my plans for NMotE, but I'm not saying where that is. ? Here is the full playlist: As I said, Chapter 24 is where I started doing stuff in the OVERpLAY style, but here you go if you're interested in seeing how things got to that point. If you're interested in seeing an expert playthrough, though, you won't find it here. I'm planning on doing a New Mystery of the Emblem OVERpLAY in the not-too-distant future, building a story around the results of an Iron Man run, but for this, I deliberately killed off units for the gaiden chapters and I wasn't above stuff like arena grinding. Here is an unfinished video showing the progress of my current project, where I set up a little competition between my units: Here are some screenshots: Anyway, I really hope you enjoy these videos, and if you do, please leave a like and comment for the videos, and maybe consider subscribing to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC47MYIuECuL7-mLMDIf403Q It would mean a lot.
  5. Anyone who's played this game knows that the tendons of Greil's dominant sword hand (his right) are slashed by the time Path of Radiance starts. This means he's incapable of using a sword effectively, except for the wooden training sword he's seen using in the opening cutscene and the tutorial. For the rest of the game, he's seen using a massive battleaxe with his left hand on the hilt and his right hand on the neck. Is there any sense to this, or is it just a convenient plot device?
  6. If you could bring in one great writer you know about to Intelligent Systems and have that writer become the lead writer for a Fire Emblem game, who would it be? Note: it doesn't have to be a video game writer (though it can be); it could also be a novelist, film/TV writer, etc. It also doesn't have to be a writer that you think, realistically, would ever get involved in writing a Fire Emblem game. My only rules for this are: 1) the writer must still be alive (J. R. R. Tolkien, Homer, etc. are not allowed), and 2) even if you are an experienced writer, you can't answer, "Me"; there's already another thread for how you would write a Fire Emblem plot. Here's my choice: Writer: Hiromu Arakawa; most well-known for being the writer and illustrator for the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. One reason that I have for this is that a lot of typical plot points in FE are things that she has shown to be able to write and write very well, going by her most notable work: The other reason that I think she would be great for Fire Emblem is that, in my opinion, a lot of FE games in recent years have had great concepts, but the refinement and the execution of those concepts have been less-than-great. Interesting stories, characters and magic systems in a story that relies a bit too much on contrivances and doesn't really explore everything it introduces to its full potential. incidentally, it's a similar problem I had with the anime Code Geass that I tried recently that led me to stop watching the show near the end of season 1 despite overall enjoying it up until that point. That, and (spoilers) One thing I loved about Path of Radiance was how refined it was; all the character interactions and story events were well-thought-through and the attention to detail was above anything I've seen since in FE (though I haven't even come close to finishing Three Houses yet, so I have no idea how it compares to PoR in that area). I think Arakawa would be great for FE because, from what I've seen of her work, she does get the details right. The attention to detail in Fullmetal Alchemist is frankly above any other piece of media that I've seen/read/played, and I think it would be great to see that level of detail in an FE game. Frankly, I would just love if, in terms of writing quality and storytelling strengths, FE was a little less Code Geass and a little more Fullmetal Alchemist.
  7. Fire Emblem has always been a series that draws players in by their lovable cast of characters, often more than even the story itself. One of the most heart-wrenching things to experience while enjoying media is seeing a beloved character die...but only if it's done well. So how has Fire Emblem handled scripted (or story mandated) deaths? Generally it's NPCs, which can certainly have an impact but is it possible to make a impactful death with player controlled characters? Let's look at examples of where this has been done before. Spoilers for scripted character deaths for SD, SoV, Genealogy, Fates, and TH I'd argue that most of these attempts fail to really capitalize on making the player care. If you can choose who dies, you just throw your least liked character under the bus. But if you don't get to choose, then the character gets shafted which sucks for their fans. How could we implement this to make people actually care about a character dying? I have an idea. What if a character was scripted to die (let's say in chapter 18 of a 25 chapter game) but that character would be selected via a hidden game mechanic. To ensure this is a character people have actually been using/getting personally invested it, they could make it so that the character with the most support points with the lord character will die in some battle, affecting the protagonist in a profound way. The character could get a CG image depicting their death and multiple script changes could be made to accommodate what that person's death meant to the lord. What was their shared past? What dreams did they have? How will the protagonist choose to honor their memory? Things like that. This death would technically be under the player's control to force, but you could make it difficult if the support points were a hidden value rather than the listed CBA support rank (in the same way that paired endings in Three Houses are determined by invisible support points if multiple pairs have an A ranking). The death could happen to anyone and would probably be someone that the player was close to. What do you think? Do you never want scripted player character deaths? If they are scripted, should you be able to choose who dies or should an element of randomness be added to keep people on their toes?
  8. These are just some of my overall thoughts. Thoughts on Blue Lions. For Black Eagles (both routes) Golden Deer. What do you guys want story wise from the DLC?
  9. I've never been a huge fan of any of the writing in the Fire Emblem games. It's usually serviceable at best. For the most part this game falls into that category but I'll admit there were a number of times where the writing in this game really struck me with how good it was. So, I thought it would be fun to post your favorite lines from the game and explain what made them stand out. Please use the spoiler tag if you think it's necessary. Looking forward to seeing what lines were your favorite! Have fun!
  10. After looking on the script, one thing that confused that about SoV story was the relationship between Rudolf and Berkut. At first I though that Rudolf cared for his nephew, however the more looked at things I noticed that Rudolf doesn't say anything positive about him. While it is true that Berkut repeatably lost to Alm's forces. He doesn't tolerate his multiple failures well. Rudolf seems to have more faith in the destiny Alm will have. It's it just the Rigelian way of teaching or Rudolf cared little for Berkut?
  11. Hi, I'm Scott and I'm a high school teacher. I'm also a huge Fire Emblem fan, I've never posted really on the Serenes forums but I decided to share my story today because I thought it might interest people here. A group of students started a gaming club at the school where I work, and I'm the sponsor of the club. One year ago, on our first meeting I met a young man (for the sake of privacy I'll be using different names for each student) we'll call him Juan. Juan was playing a card game with a friend and when I passed by the place they were playing I was stunned, the game was Fire Emblem Cipher! He had the Corrin M and Corrin F starter decks and was teaching his friend Daniel how to play. I started chatting with them, and next thing I knew I had a Path of Radiance and Tokyo Mirage Starter Decks coming in the mail. Fast forward a year and there's around 20 students at the school with Cipher decks, many who attend meetings regularly to trade and play. We have monthly tournaments, and even "Festival Events" with prizes. I enjoy collecting Cipher cards so much that many of my extra cards become prizes for students to earn, I have 10 complete Cipher decks and some of my students even have multiple decks. It may seem super elaborate but I've even come up with ways for students to earn free cards from participating in different events. For example: I give out "Exhibition Passes" to each tournament participant, they can spend a pass one of two ways, exchange it for a pack of 10 common cards. Or use it to challenge me to a Best of 3 Round with its own rules, if they beat me they get to choose 1 SR card from my binder. At tournaments I host raffles, where I give out R cards or even booster packs (The club has about 4 boxes of packs donated by some online friends of mine to be used as prizes) and the top 5 players at each tournament get to pick a R card from my binder (at festival events every player gets an R and the top 5 get SRs) It's been a pretty amazing experience to not only bond with my students but also to play this amazing card game. You might be thinking "How do you read the cards?" Well, as posted on this very forum in the past, users such as AsheoftheEmblem, Murdock, and SAIKLEX have made English Half-Card Proxies which I have been using for this club. It's helped enormously for opening the game up to many more students and I haven't been bothered by the extra work of assembling the proxy documents for the kids. Attached are some pictures of my own decks, and I'm in the process of assembling a picture collection of my student's decks to show off not only how many students are involved, but also their creativity in creating decks. Just a small sample of my decks are here to show how some of them are proxied.
  12. These are notes I have made that might link this game to Evil dragon. Spoilers for Awakening and Echoes Endgame. This is what I gathered so far. (not too much) Evil man with white hair (magic one) might be Forneus maybe. Or better yet, Byleth with that "hidden power?" Here is something interesting I noticed: The symbol looks "somewhat" similar but what strikes me is that the evil man symbol has 6 lines around a center point like the Grimleal symbol possibly hinting that this is grima with his eyes closed (to show he is not born). Maybe this "religion" are working for old man/Byleth to begin the creation of Grima maybe to gather dragon blood. (this is not explained) I had a horrible idea that probably won't happen but what if Sothis is killed for dragon blood? Really this is just me coming up with a theory for this symbol that we know nothing about. Also the Valentian Endgame wasn't long ago so maybe they planned to have this connected? P.S. Probably just a coincidence but just wanted to point out some "links" . Had some other points but felt like they weren't worth talking about. Just something while I desperately wait for release.
  13. If there's one predictable thing about the FE series' plot, it's the fact most of the conflict is one sided. A protagonist faction and the main antagonist faction. Sure you usually fight minor factions but they are usually siding with thr antagonist faction anyway. And no, monsters and bandits don't count. FE4 and FE10 are great examples of what I'm talking about. Many players in the same game making moves against each other in an ongoing conflict that lasts the whole game. Even then though, it ends with the protagonist faction fighting the main antagonist faction in their endgames. Still, I'm not saying that there should be no Big Bad faction, it just that the Big Bad is just one of the many major factions the protagonist has to face and only after the protagonist has managed to resolve or defeat all of the other players before fighting the Big Bad. From other games, Tactics Ogre, Vandal Hearts 2, Brigandine and Langrisser also have the same setup as the two FE games I've highlighted. All of them portray the complexity of world and how messy war is.
  14. Sooooo... if someone doesn't want Loki's 5* lv40 dialogue spoiled, I suggest you close this topic right now. For those who remained. What are the nine worlds that Loki is blabbering about? Under what logic are they counting? When they differentiate worlds and Outrealms I think they mean the Outrealms like the ones in Fates were the kids grew up, who are so small and pointless there's no reason to call them Worlds. But then what are those worlds? We know that things like Nifl and Muspell are called kingdoms, they are not worlds. The world Heroes takes place in is Zenith. just 1 world. According to the game the only thing that counts as alternate worlds are the ones the heroes from the FE games come from. Obviously we can't count every single game as a world because that's more than 9 and counting Birthright and Conquest, or Blazing Blade and Binding Blade as 2 different worlds is dumb. The game is being dumb when it even suggests that. But then... I actually took the time to think what the 9 worlds are and I think I might be onto something. Let's start with saying that Awakening, Shadow Dragon, New Mystery, Genealogy, Thracia and Echoes all take place in the same world, as do FE1, 2 and 3 obviously. A second world is the one in which Binding Blade and Blazing Blade take place. The world in which Sacred Stones takes place is number 3. Then we have Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. They are in world 4. World 5 is where Hoshido and Nohr are. World number 6 is Zenith, where Heroes takes place. I know little about Fire Emblem Warriors. But I have to assume that the kingdom the blonde twins rule is in its own world. World number 7 Some of you may object that Tokyo Mirage Session is such a whacky spin-off that it shouldn't count. It shouldn't be canon. But the thing is, Fire Emblem Heroes comes in our help and CONFIRMS that the world of Tokyo Mirage Session is canon. Because TMS takes place on Earth, in our world. And we know that our world is canon in Fire Emblem lore because Kiran comes from that world. OUR WORLD IS WOLRD NUMBER 8 IN THE FIRE EMBLEM MULTIVERSE! But this is were we stop. We are 1 world short of a complete collection. Except... we are not! Fire Emblem: Three Houses is coming, everyone knows it's coming. And there's no reason to believe it's not in its own world (inb4 it takes place in Magvel in the future and my theory dies). IS is making 3 Houses, it will come out next year, and it's a no brainer to take characters from that game and put them in Heroes, perhaps even before the game comes out if Faye is any indication. So it makes perfect sense to plan the story for Heroes in advance knowing that the world of 3 Houses is coming. And just like that, everything falls into place, everything is consistent. It's confirmed that there are 9 (N I N E) worlds in Fire Emblem. Just nine. But wait! You may object that Brave Veronica says that she comes from a different world from the one of regular Veronica. That makes it world number 10. Except... I think that when she says "different world" she means "different timeline". Every decision that changes the flow of history creates a different timeline. It's what Lucina told us. There is a clear difference from the same world, with some differences caused by the actions of its inhabitants and a world that looks nothing like the previous one. I know this is very complicated, but it's actually the foundation on which FEH is built. Because if not for the existence of different timelines nothing in the game would make sense. How come I can receive letters from another summoner? Shouldn't Kiran be the only summoner? Answer: different timelines. There is a timeline in which Anna waited a second too long before using Breidablik and a different summoner appeared. How come I have 130 Hinatas in my Order of Heroes? How many Hinatas exists? Answer: an infinite number, just like the infinite number of timelines. I actually really like the theory that says every time we start a Fire Emblem game, we create a different timeline. Because the growths of our units won't be exactly the same, we won't take the same exact number of turns to complete a map, we may decide to recruit Deen instead of Sonya, or we may lose some units and not reset. Of course this theory is heavily based on the theory about how the Pokémon Multiverse works, but it's a nice theory nonetheless and it makes too much sense to ignore. It may even explain the weird alts we complain about. Eirika with Gleipnir? She comes from a timeline in which an experienced player was having way too much fun with the Dark Magic Glitch. Bunny Lucina? Well, we saved the world from Grima, of course the Lucina who is still a baby will grow up to be an happier princess that enjoys silly things like that. Different worlds + different timelines are the answer to everything. Of course not everyone will like such an answer, but it is the answer the game gave us. Personally I really like that IS may decide to use Fire Emblem Heroes (the only spin-off they have total control on, without Atlus or Koei-Tecmo in the way) to answer some very big questions about how the Fire Emblem Universe works as a whole, and maybe I'm hoping too much, but I think they may do more of this kind of stuff in the future. Like explain what the heck is going on with the Cipher original characters? Please IS? Anyway, I just thought of something silly. Some time time ago Akira Toriyama decided to drop a BIG piece of Dragon Ball lore out of nowhere by telling us how many universes exist in the Dragon Ball canon. And now IS decides to do the same and randomly drop a huge information like it's nothing. IS: "Yeah, there are 9 worlds, or something. But let's go back to the important stuff now: we heard that you have some complaints about the arena works and we..." Anyway I want to hear what you all think about this matter. Are there really only nine worlds? Or IS just got drunk again and is blabbering nonsense?
  15. Which story structure do you predict that Fire Emblem: Three Houses will follow? The poll is strictly about expectations, not desires, but feel free to discuss desired stories below.
  16. Hi all, I'm a somewhat frustrated screenwriter looking to try her hand at game writing, and this seems like the right corner of the internet to do that. The Fire Emblem community is incredibly passionate, but one of the most common complaints about these games is that the text boxes are long/exposition heavy, dialog sounds stilted, characters fail to grow, and interesting plot threads are introduced and then immediately dropped. This isn't because people are "bad" at writing, it's because they don't understand that storycraft is its own art-form which requires its own skillset. My goal here isn't to breathe life into some "epic" I've been dreaming up since I rode tricycles; it's to help other people build scripts and stories worthy of the countless hours they're spending on custom classes, new sprites, and revamped weapon systems. So, if you're the kind of person who loves building maps but never knows what to do with the text boxes, give me a shout. I have writing samples of varying size and genre, and I really do want to write your scripts. <3
  17. I'm going to make a wild claim, and try to call the theme of the story. I think it will be about power corrupting people. Let's look at the trailer. So here is my prediction for the story. It starts off with the Edelgard being involved in training battles, and also defending herself against some bandits. However, she doesn't like the fighting, and fights only if self defence. Eventually, she ends up defending against a crest-holder, and taking the crest. At this point, she decides to not only protect herself, but also protect others using her newfound power. This eventually causes the story to a larger and larger scale, as Edelgard makes larger and larger battles for the sake of peace. The other two houses join her side after being saved. This eventually comes to a peak when Edelgard kills the goddess and takes over the country. However, unlike most fire emblems, where that would be the end of the story, there is a new plot twist. Edelgard does NOT produce order by killing the goddess. Instead, her soldiers sow chaos by abusing their power and killing innocents in her name. Like Sanaki but she's the protagonist. She then has to restore order by fighting her own army and tearing apart the very unity she created. The story eventually ends with order being restored, as laws are created to prevent people from abusing their power.
  18. This is just my take on it from what I gathered with the trailer! The description says this is a country ruled by the church of Seiros, who was the woman who received a gift by the goddess, meaning the kingdom is a theocracy. First, it seems a lot of people think the lady at the beginning with the dragon crown is the goddess herself, but if you take a look at her clothes, you'll notice they're identical to the ones Seiros is wearing on the painting: Meaning the lady is actually the descendant of Seiros or Seiros herself, and that along with the crown means she's the queen ruling over this kingdom, since, as the description says, the kingdom is ruled by the church of Seiros. Now this queen is clearly at war with some other people with some barbaric designs; one of them even tried to attack her and a soldier stopped him. It can be assumed some are not happy with the church ruling over them, which is of course to be expected. But what I noticed through the trailer is that our three key characters (Edelgarde, Claude and Dimitri) are also shown fighting against the kingdom. Dimitri and Claude are shown fighting against an unit called "Kingdom soldier", whose design correspond with the same one who was defending the queen. Edelgarde, on the other hand, is seen fighting against Mercedes, whose clothes look to me kind of like that of a nun, and her overall design fits better that of the church than that of the enemies with their barbaric designs: Then we have Edelgarde talking about what a horrible world it was, and she says: "some believe the crests, tokens of the goddess' power, are necessary to maintain order. But they're wrong. The crests are to blame." Meaning she doesn't agree with the church at least partially. She would later warn her teacher that if they're to follow "this path", one misstep would take them to ruin. And speaking about the teacher. His name is Byleth, which is another name for Beleth, the king of Hell, who had a vast knowledge and the ability to command legions, which agrees with him both being a teacher and a tactician, so it's not a coincidence. But the fact it comes from a demon lord makes it ideal for him to be the one going against the church and the goddess it serves. Byleth can be seen fighting against a kingdom soldier too, with a design also seen before: So what I want to make clear is that, maybe not at the beginning, but at some point, our three key characters will be on the same side, fighting the church, so it's not like Fates in which you choose sides, and it will not be a war against the houses, but against the church. Also, since Edelgard represents Spring (according to the japanese title, which is Four Seasons), it will probably start with her, then we'll get Claude (Autumn) at our side and lastly, Dimitri (Winter). As for the queen, I don't mean to say she's evil. Maybe she's wrong, or waiting for something, it's happened in past games. But it did striked me as weird that she, who looks so benevolent, like Elice or Emmeryn or something, shows no sign of sadness or pain while watching the massacre unfolding around her, her face doesn't even show seriousness or severity, nothing. It doesn't mean much now, just that it's weird. Sorry for the links instead of the images, and for any grammatical errors, since English is not my first language. And well... that's my take. If all of this was already discussed somewhere, I'm sorry, I get lost easily! If not, I would love to talk about it, your own thoughts and theories, I just want to talk about this game so bad haha. Thank you for reading!
  19. Prologue: Aftermath Despite everything that happened previously; Robin never could have guess how long the conflict would last. The war against Walhart the Conqueror alone lasted two painfully long years. There were various factors that caused this length of time to pass. Having to transport the army by boat initially then waiting for the self same fleet to return with reinforcements and more supplies was another. They also had to be very careful about moving in Valm as well as the risk of ambush was high and Robin didn't want to walk into any traps. When they finally returned to Ylisse; it was quickly discovered that they had been tricked by the King of Plegia, Validar. Originally Validar had wanted to invite them to the Capitol of Plegia so that he could steal the Fire Emblem. However due to the fact that the war on Valm lasted longer than he anticipated Validar changed his plans and invaded Ylisse with soldiers that he'd safeguarded. He had them infiltrate the Ylisseans and it took the Shepherds an entire year to get rid of the soldiers. It was clear to Chrom what had to be done and he ordered through Robin a full scale invasion on Plegia. This new war lasted a further two years leading up to a final confrontation at the Dragon's table. Robin figuring it was safer to keep the Shepherds out of the Dragon's Table ordered them to wait for her and Chrom to deal with Validar. She did not want to risk anyone being injured by Risen which had become a common name for the strange beasts that had been attacking Ylisse and the surrounding nations. Surprisingly enough for both Robin and Chrom, Validar did not pull much of a fight against them. But of course Robin wasn't born yesterday, she expected some kind of dirty tricks up the Sorcerer's sleeve like the one that he pulled off back at the Plegia castle. Chrom made a terrible mistake of not paying attention at the worst moment possible when the Sorcerer casted another spell as his last resort. Robin just had enough time to push him out of the way before the spell hits her instead. Fortunately, she didn't die but a few seconds after, she was feeling weird. Her vision was getting strange and she had a hard time hearing Chrom. Before that both realized it, Robin stabbed Chrom in the chest with thunder magic ''This is not your... your fault...'' said weakely Chrom holding his chest, who hasn't realize that Robin was posseded. ''Promise me you will escape from this place. Please now...go.'' he felt on the ground. Despite Validar being dead, Robin could still hear the Sorcerer's laugh. Grima had successfully posseded Robin. The Exalt was on the ground with his legendary sword near him. Grima grinned using his vessel. ''One child of Naga death.'' said the fell dragon, Robin's voice was now distorded because Grima. He had the perfect plan to kill the little girl using the host body as a way to fool the humans. He was about to go outside when he felt someone stabbing him in the back. He turned his head only to see Chrom, who was still alive somehow, using all his remaing strength to impale Grima with the Falchion. He then crumbled on the ground near the fell Dragon. ''I... love you... Lu...cina.'' said Chrom before his eyes turn into lifeless eyes. Grima removed the sword from his body and tossed it aside like a twig, the blow wasn't deadly due to the sword not being blessed by the Awakening. But it was still a wound and it hurts A LOT because his host was human after all. ''Tsh.'' Grima knew it wouldn't even leave a scar once this wound fully heals. It will only delays his inevitable victory and gives the last child of Naga a few more years to breath. Hopefully he would have time to kill her before she has a chance to be at an age to reproduce, not that would matter anyway. He warped to the castle and sealed himself inside a secret chamber so he can begin his recovery using magic. He had no servants to give tasks or feed upon. For now, the Risen will be on their own. The Shepherds managed to hold their ground although a few had to retreat due to severe wounds. But the worst was when they went inside once they realized that neither Chrom or Robin have returned. This is where they made the gruesome discovery. The Shepherds won another battle and resolved another conflict but they paid a high price for this day: their leader was dead and their tactician was missing in action. Chrom's funeral was quiet for the most part; Lucina however was almost screaming at the top of her lungs with grief. Her mother held the child into her chest in an attempt to soothe her but Lucina was inconsolable. Joining the poor little girl was Lissa, Frederick and all of the Shepherds. A funeral who reminded them of Basilio's who died during the Valm conflict. A few days after, Lissa was crowned new Exalt of Ylisse. That event wasn't as cheerful as it should be since the mourning that was still very well present in everyone's mind. The members of the Shepherds who weren't from Ylisse went back to live in their native land: Flavia now ruled alone in Ferox, Virion, who was previouslly a duke, had become a King since him and Cherche helped the people of Valm during a great time of needs. Finally, Tharja was crowned Queen of Plegia with Henry as her right hand. A few days after Lissa's crowning, Frederick was summon to the throne room. The place infested with a very sad atmosphere, Frederick could only wait as he waits for the Council to make their decision. Lucina was playing with her only friend, her cousin Owain while her mother was watching over them. The only thing that was lighting the mood up was Lissa's new outfit, an outfit similiar to Emmeryn's. Her cleric princess outfit was not fitting of her new position. ''Your Highness.'' all the men of the Council turned to Lissa. She alone could apply any decisions, the Council could only suggest solutions and punishements for the Exalt. ''We highly suggest that you remove Frederick from his role as an Exalt's guardien.'' Lucina's mother gasped. ''But Chancellor...'' said Lissa to the man who spoke to her. ''It wasn't Frederick's fault if Robin--'' ''With all due respect, your Highness.'' interrupted the Chancellor. ''I understand clearly your bond and your trust over this man. However, a guardien who fails to protect the Exalt is in our opinion, a fail guardien.'' the man said before adding. ''What's more he had an unique second chance with your brother and yet he has fail once more.'' Lissa groaned in the inside, how harshly of him to speak of Frederick like he was an incompetent. The Knight did many things for her siblings and herself over the years. ''However...'' he continued. ''We would be fools to simply discard his experience. For this reason, I suggest that he keeps his high position in the Shepherd and that he also continues to train the new recruits. And if your Highness could choose another member of the Shepherds as your Guardien if you prefer.'' ''And perhaps Frederick could also become the princess's mentor.'' suggested a member behind the Chancellor. ''But--'' Lissa insisted, it wasn't fair for him at all! ''Lissa wait!'' suddently said Frederick who was silent the whole time. ''I understand how you feel and trust me, I feel it even more. However if the Council wishs to put the blame on me, then for your sake, Lucina's, Owain's and Ylisse's, I'll accept it. What's more those suggestions do not seem so bad at first glance.'' he smiled, he didn't want Lissa to go through a diffucult decision like this one when she just started out as the new Exalt. Lissa hesitated, she knew it was still wrong despite Frederick's resignation. But... she also knew it was for the best. ''Alright Frederick, if you are so sure it's alright than I'll accept those suggestions... I'll also decide who shall be my new guardien soon.'' she decided which made the joy of the Council and made Lucina's mother sighs in frustration while the two childs wonder what is going on. ... A few years later, a enormous group of Risen attacked the capital and the surrounding villages. The Shepherds did everything in their power to stop the multiple assaults, they managed to do so after a few months. However, not only did many soldiers died for their country, many members of the Shepherds suffered the same fate. One of them being Lucina's mother. Upon this day, the princess was now raised by her aunt Lissa and Frederick. ... More years later, Lucina is almost an adult. The princess has a much serious personality than when she was a child, however she still kept her kindness toward others. On Lucina's hair was a tiara, a gift that her mother gave her when she was little and has also become the memento of her mother. Apparently this tiara was once the Hero King Marth's. Her hair was bouncing on her shoulders as she was training with Frederick outside in the back garden. Frederick had trained Lucina to the sword since the day he has become her mentor. Her father had already showed her how to use a sword, Frederick was only helping her improve. Lucina never knew why she had to train until she asked Frederick the question one day, he responded: ''For self-defense''. She trains so often that she almost no longer wears dress (dress that are most of the time not of her taste since dress of her taste are ''very... unique'' according to her aunt), she wears most of the time her training gear: a simple light armor that protect her shoulders, chest, hips and part of her legs. She also has a blue cape that is red in the inside. The two of them were sparring until Frederick sees that Lucina is getting tired. ''A breather, Lucina?'' ''I could use one...'' Lucina dropped her training sword before asking. ''Frederick, do you think one day I'll be equal to my father?'' ''One day you will Lucina, one day you will.'' said certaintly Frederick who almost expected the question. The years had given a few grey hairs but the Great Knight is still in good shape. He looked at the stables briefly, his horse was sadly no longer here to entertain him with her calm look. ''Shall we continue?'' asked Frederick after a moment. ''Yes.'' said Lucina as she picks up the training sword. Frederick is now a bit farway from her. ''Come to me and strike me with your strongest blow!'' Lucina grunted before quickly running up to him and striking him with her sword. ''Remember...'' reminded Frederick. ''Melees weapons all have an advantage and weakness. My axe is weak against your sword for example.'' Lucina did not answer, she was too busy striking him. After a few minutes, Frederick called it for a day. ''Very good Lucina, you are doing good progress. Perhaps soon enough I won't have to hold back anymore.'' said the Great Knight proudly. Lucina sighed in relief, her arms and legs were ''burning'' from the inside. But she felt good despite being a little bit exausted. Not too far away, a short blonde woman is looking at them in her shiny outfit.
  20. Just another dumb question I wanted to ask everyone, it's basically a "what do YOU want from FE Switch?" question only this one is specifically asking about what you are/aren't hoping for in terms of plot, setting, writing, themes, etc, whatever. I hope this isn't too similar to too many other threads here
  21. Well, I recently beat this game, and...I really enjoyed it! Wasn't perfect, by any means; for example, the gameplay somehow managed to be even MORE unbalanced than Gaiden itself was...but I still enjoyed myself. And while the plot itself still had a lot of the doofy elements of Gaiden, the writing behind said plot went a long way to helping resolve it. Plus, I liked how much they expanded upon Act 5 (in the original Gaiden, the game just sort of...ended. It felt like the entire Act was written under a deadline). That all said, I also realize that the plot definitely had some loose ends that should have been tied up. So, I've decided it'd be fun, theory crafting ways this can all tie together. So without further adieu... Number 1: If Rudolf Could Beat Up Mila...Why Didn't He Just Beat Up Duma, Too? Why the Overly Convoluted Plan? As far as I know, Mila and Duma are equals. Otherwise, their long war before the Pact wouldn't have ended in a stalemate. So logically speaking, Rudolf could've just taken the BOTH of them out, just with the information available. But, I feel like that can be explained. I don't know the exact timeframe for all of Echoes' events, but... I think think there are two easy explanations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Maybe beating up Duma WAS Rudolf's original plan...and then Mila messed that up by sealing Falchion. 2) Where Mila's followers were namby-pamby pacifists, Duma's followers were scary dark mage types. If Rudolf went after Duma...it wouldn't have just be "Rudolf vs. Duma". It would've been "Rudolf vs. Duma + The Entirety of the Duma Faithful". Perhaps Rudolf didn't think he could take the both of them at once. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Going by theory No. 1, Rudolf might've decided he wanted to try his luck with Mila, first. Perhaps he feared what Duma would do to his family and kingdom if he failed to take him down. So, instead of marching into a fight he wasn't sure he could win, he picked a fight with Mila first, knowing that she was about as strong as Duma. Then, if he emerged victorious, then he'd know he could beat Duma, too. So Rudolf marches to Mila, does his thing, wins the fight... ... ....... Aaaand then Mila seals the Falchion! Rudolf marches back to Rigel, planning on defeating Duma, and then gets stopped in his tracks when Mila figures out what he intends to do. Because remember; Mila's still selling the mental effects of degeneracy. She's not in her right mind, and she doesn't want Rudolf killing her brother. That's theory No. 1. So going by Theory No. 2, well...let's face it. The Duma Faithful are a HECK of a lot scarier than the Mila Faithful ever were. So scary, in fact, that Rudolf felt that he needed to send Alm away with Mycen, instead of just crushing the cult himself. And that makes sense. Even assuming he could round up the army he needed to fight the Duma Faithful, his army's screwed the moment he himself gets taken down. Falchion is the one thing in their world that can kill Duma. So all the Duma Faithful would need to do is focus all their firepower on Rudolf. Do that, and the entire effort collapses. It wouldn't matter how many men Rudolf had with him. Hence, why Rudolf felt the need to turn to his utterly nonsensical, overly convoluted plan. It's risky as all-get-out, but, well...Alm and Celica are the prophesized saviors. It's not much, but, it's still better than nothing. Do either of those sound like reasonable explanations? Or is there something I'm forgetting about (like, maybe Rudolf beat up Mila many years AFTER sending Alm away? Like I said, not sure on the exact timeframe of everything that happened).
  22. What on your thoughts on the Possessed/Corrupted villain type in Fire Emblem games?
  23. Who do you guys & gals think should write a future Fire Emblem title? I've heard Yasumi Matsuno as a suggestion, what do you all think though? Have anyone in mind?
  24. This is the feedback for my new story: Link to Fire Emblem: The Grimleal's return: A few things to keep in mind: I am NOT confirming any ships whatsoever, there's a few that you can probably guess but they will not be mentionned directly in this story. The chapters will be written like if they would be written in a video game Robin is female because I want her too. Robin could also be male, it has no effect on the story. This story is not an explanation of what happened before what is shown on the Awakening Drama CD. In fact I would say it's something entirely different, basically of how I would see everything that happened before they go back to the future. Have a good read and post if you find any mistakes!
  25. Hey all, I've been working on this fan fiction for a while, and by for a while I mean that I started it a long time ago and then life got busy so I stopped and because I stopped, I lost motivation. So now we're here. Hope to get back into writing and hoping some of you beautiful people can poke me hard enough to make me keep writing. Basically the premise of the story is an alternate universe take on the world (but moreso the characters) of Awakening. I feel like the absurd elements of Awakening's cast would fit really well into a cheesy high school dromedy. So that's what I did (read: tried to do) I've gotten a couple chapters and a half done and would love some feedback. I also post it on Fanfiction.net when it goes up so if you prefer to follow it there, that works as well. Side note: Yes, I know Virion is out of character. He'll get better but his being a tool is a tool for me to form his clique. FE High Chapter 1.docx
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