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Found 1 result

  1. I really liked both Fire Emblem & Stratego. When we were a child, a friend & I made Stratego with Fire Emblem characters. Unfortunately, I don't have any physical pieces left of the game, but I still have a list of ranks of the characters. It's only a list with Tellius characters though. I tried to make the list as canonical as possible (With a little bias). I also tried to fit teams in 1 rank. All non-royal beast are 'Miners / Sappers' Additional rules (to make the game more special): -Weapon triangle When the number is the same, but the weapon varies, the character with the weapon advantage wins. -Support When your character is next to another character with the same affinity (for example, Greil Mercenaries: Shinon & Gatrie. Or for example, Royal Guards: Kieran & Geoffrey), the character receives +1 bonus. Feel free to command if you don't agree with the list :) And feel free to make your own list of a Fire Emblem game! Whether it's Shadow Dragon, Awakening , Radiant Dawn or a whole other Fire Emblem game.
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