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  1. Hello. You may know me for the FE3 Translation update I made, or less likely, one of the previous screenshot LPs I've done. Recently I had two very silly ideas: I should try to beat FE3 using only mounted/horse units! I should livestream my playthrough! And thus, here I am. The streams can be found on my Twitch channel here(Including a recording of my first stream of Chapters 1-1 to 1-5). I plan on doing weekly steams every Saturday, but I'm still working out the best timeframe to maximize what interested parties can watch it live. Rules of the playthrough: Only units that either can mount to a horse or promote to a class that mounts to a horse can be used for most activities. Allowed classes: Cavaliers, Paladins, Hunters, Horseman, and Freelancer(only when transformed). Non-allowed units can perform the following activities: Recruiting other units. Marth is allowed to visit villages and seize gates/thrones. In certain chapters, I will let some non-allowed units see combat where it would be impractical to avoid it. For example: 1-10, 2-4, and 2-7. Other Questions: Is this Book1/Book2 only, or will you play both? I will play both. Will you aim for Book 2's best ending? I would lean towards yes, but will make a decision for sure when I get to Book 2. Will you be doing full recruitment? Yes, since according to the poll that's what most people want to see. Why FE3? Because it's my favorite FE, and also I think it has enough quirks/challenges that emerge from only using horse units to make it interesting. Will you play other games? Possibly, if this turns out to be popular enough to continue it. I'll allow suggestions, but I'll only play another game if I feel it also has some quirk that makes the challenge interesting. This is my first time doing a regular stream, so it will be a learning experience for me. Hopefully y'all enjoy it!.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm an up-and-coming variety streamer! I posted here a while back asking for help with finding an FE7 save, and was very graciously provided assistance. So now, I'm starting off my stream with a playthrough of FE7 HHM! The title is a bit misleading, though, because I'm apparently a bit of a masochist. Not only is this my first time playing HHM, it's technically going to be my first time playing through the entire GAME, and I decided to start on HHM (though to be fair I did start with Lyn's mode this playthrough). Considering that FE7 is currently my favorite FE title, how can this be? Well, tune in and find out! My normal streams are Saturdays starting around 12-1 Mountain time, with some surprise streams sprinkled in throughout the week, like possibly tonight (partly depending on when my son is awake/asleep). https://www.twitch.tv/kensei_xero Feel free to stop by, say hi, and watch my suffering as I stumble through what the game has to offer! And don't forget to drop a follow if you like what you see!
  3. Hello everyone. I am a youtuber known as The ChoZen One. I started a playthrough of me playing for the first time Golden Deer Maddening Mode but with a twist!! Not only will I not be using new game+ (so I get that golden title screen) but I will be restricting myself from using divine pulses. I want to have the ultimate challenge with this and play the game how the classic FE games were meant to be played. It will be a crazy experience as I have never played the hardest difficulty on any FE before aside from Sacred Stones (which is considered the easiest) I am a semi casual player, I like to use my favorite characters but have some decent knowledge on certain strats here and there, but nothing on the level of some hardcore players out there who study growths, viability etc. So come check out this madlad attempt such a crazy challenge. I would appreciate all the support. I want to interact with more FE fans on my streams and plan to make more content around FE in general. Subscribe if your new and hope to see you guys join me on this journey as we take on such a incredible challenge!! My first stream is linked below, be sure to check it out. There is a few parts out already and I plan to stream a lot this week continuing the journey!!
  4. On July 17th of this year, I started my first time Maddening Mode run of Golden Deer with no new game + and with a twist..... NO DIVINE PULSE!! What a journey it has been. I always been quite casual when it came to playing Fire Emblem. but I have learned a lot on this journey. The struggles, to the restarts, to the hard as heck paralogues, to our blessed Ignatz!! All of it was quite the experience and has made me an even better Fire Emblem player. Join me today as I take on the final map of Golden Deer in the FINALE of my Maddening Mode run!! My hardest experience and greatest challenge with Fire Emblem thus far!! Ending it with a grand finale to remember.... Let's do this!! Live right now!!
  5. So before I start, I want to say thank you for checking this run of Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic+ out. Also thanks for checking out my other Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic Classic playthrough. Below is a video explaining some of the quirks for this run, which is important since the skillsets will be mostly hacked Skillsets to make sure that everyone doesn't die...and we can handle Apothesis...oh boy, what trouble have I gone and done now... Now that you've seen the video, I'd like some skill suggestions for both parents and child units! Feel free to go crazy and I'll be sure to upload Episode 2 which is the actual start of this LP. Also please note that I am still doing my Lunatic Classic playthrough as well, so be sure to check it out!
  6. Ok, so since I kind of let my last playthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening lapse, I kind of realised I needed to...do it again and this time give it a more sustainable future and not lose any units because that is the ultimate goal here. Also I'm a masochist and like to drive myself crazy. The last playthrough I did had a poll on whether or not I would do Lunatic Classic or Casual, but since Classic won by a landslide and so, for the sake of those whom wished to see me complete that run, I have returned to do just that. Complete this run of Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic Classic and do so without losing a single (Virion included) unit. I am a pure masochist so for the real fun I am opening a few things for suggestions, take note however the following has been set in stone: 1. The team must have Chrom, the Avatar and their wives (Maribelle and Lucina). Sumia is locked to Henry because I have massive bias and I like a dark mage Cynthia and a +6 mag modifier Grandmaster/Dark Flier Morgan abusing Aether like no tomorrow XD 2. The Avatar is +Mag/-Def named Grima and his birthday is the 19th of April (mark that down if you like, we'll call it an Easter Egg for this playthrough, brownie points if you can guess why that is so.) 3. The first couple of chapters are over two videos, but hopefully it will be a chapter/map per video thereafter. 4. There will be some grinding, this isn't meant to be a massive challenge run, but will contain the bare minimum of stats required to pull through each chapter map without the units dying. DLC will help build up certain relationships after all. 5. Class suggestions will be considered, even the DLC classes if it's worthwhile. 6. There won't be any Enherjar units unless needs really must. 7. Enherjar shopping and grinding is acceptable for this run. With those wrinkles out of the way, suggestions and the run will now begin in ernest. My next post will contain Part One and Part Two of the run. Thanks for following and I do hope you enjoy me being the masochist I truly am. Tagging previous run watchers @Nym @DisobeyedCargo @deskita @ChickenWings @ElectiveToast @Light Strategist so you can join in on the masochism and take a sip of soft drink or more healthily water every time I tell Grima off in this playthrough. Part One: The Curse of the Game Overs XD Part 2: Chrom gets a kill XD
  7. Hey there, I've recently decided to start playing older Fire Emblem that I haven't tried yet, starting the FE6. Even more recently I've decided to stream these playthroughs. Over the years I've managed to stay mostly spoiler free when it comes to all the games I'll be playing. I stream at 6PM UTC every week day.
  8. I played through the Black Eagle's path on hard. Now it's time to do what any sane person would do and go in blind on the hardest difficulty, without losing any units (hopefully) That makes enough sense, right? https://twitch.tv/frznheir
  9. I'm constantly commentating, speaking my mind, interacting with viewers, trying to figure out which units are good/bad while doing my best to keep every one alive. The game also runs on 60 fps with upscaling, so it looks very smooth and detailed on top. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and don't forget to say hello to my waifu.
  10. Hey all, I was playing FE4 for the first time recently, but had some problems, and have had to restart, so I decided I may as well stream it, and have everyone tell me how bad I'm doing. However, now it's not exactly a blind run for most of the game, I thought I'd make it an Ironman, to keep things interesting. First stream will be going up around 8pm GMT (1hr 40m from this post), and will be stopping at some undetermined point afterwards. Come hang out, watch me suffer and guide me through the nightmare to come. Heres the link (also in the sig.): https://www.twitch.tv/dwarfishh
  11. Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/sirmarcuscalibur Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-s-G_OOqVlYZwGIrGFZVPQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaliburSir So I decided to give Twitch Streaming a try. This is my first foray into streaming, even though I did run a Youtube Channel back in the day. My first official stream is currently scheduled for Tuesday, September 4th, at 7:00 PM US Central Time. I will be playing Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on the PC. I have experienced the original Valkyria entirely through a Youtube Let's Play, but I personally only played up to Chapter 10. I have also watched the VC anime as well. This stream is meant to be more casual and laid back. I'm not sure how exactly I'll be playing through VC yet (playing casually, trying for S Ranks, or trying to clear out the map), but if you decide to join in and watch, I hope you enjoy the stream!
  12. Having made it through Dark Souls Remastered and Dark Souls 2, it's time to round out the trilogy with Dark Souls 3. This time might be a bit more of a doozy. I've added the rule that the host of the world is basically a Lord, and a host dying will be permadeath for that host, and they'll have to start over. Also we got a new friend to help *insert Together We Ride*, who is a Thief. Also the two other are Mage Fighter, Pirate/Brigand. And I'm an Archer. We're squishy bois. We'll probably die. Feel free to watch as we potentially scar ourselves forever. Update on Dark Souls 3: We've, so far, only beaten Gundyr and Vordt, and our Mage Knight died and rerolled into Dark Knight. Which is fine, because our Thief also died and rerolled into Mage Knight. So, you know. Lateral moves. Thankfully we're not far, so rerolling isn't a huge issue.
  13. Kinda felt like playing Book 1 of Mystery of the Emblem again, but I didn't want to do a ye olden spam broken units run for the 100th time, so I thought a PMU would be mildly entertaining and/or salt inducing. So 12 units excluding Marth please, my only rule is that I will use any unit who is recruited or automatically fielded but only for the chapter that it happens in. Might try to do it semi fast but don't expect super high IQ LTC strats from me. Oh right, in the spirit of Wrys, I am not allowing myself to use the vulnerary that replaces him. It will stay in Marth's inventory the entire game, and the PMU is forfeit if it leaves his inventory.
  14. HELLOOOOOOO Everybody! Long time no see!~ It's been awhile since I've on the site. Good to be back! With this E3, I wanted to do something rather new territory for me...streaming and living reacting! If you wanna hang out with me for the Nintendo livestream, you can check out my Twitch around showtime (12PM EST for me...which is in 2 hours right now). I'd really appreciate it! Either way...I hope Nintendo's presentation is good and we all have a good time! Link to my Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/busterman64
  15. General FE Streamer Heromystic will begin an extra long stream on Sunday, March 18th at 8AM Central US time. The stream is so he help raise money for one of his subscribers to buy a tablet to play FE Heroes with. But what he needs are viewers to hang out with while he streams. He'll start out with FE Heroes and play other games as the day goes. He's very knowledgeable about the series and just a general chill guy. So if you have some spare time come hang out with us as we try to make one more Fire Emblem lover.oneget a
  16. No one here probably knows me, since all I did was lurk for the past few years, but as a fire emblem fanatic I will finally be streaming a fire emblem game. 11am pst will be the start of my fire emblem 7 stream. As a bonus, ill be attempting hectors hard mode after a lyns hard mode completion. https://www.twitch.tv/emblemologist43 Edit: things happened and i could not end up doing this right now
  17. @Lord Raven and @MrStardustRicon will be streaming the game alongside me Our various Twitch Channels are thus https://www.twitch.tv/lraven17 https://www.twitch.tv/mrstardustricon https://www.twitch.tv/serenes_jedi I'd advise using multitwitch for this one considering all of us will be in a call with each other. http://www.multitwitch.tv/ I will be using Rowan as my MC in this run as I used Lianna in the original Japanese Stream. We are also going to be using certain characters after they show up Raven is pretty much using all 3 SD characters, Stardust is going to use Robin and Lissa for sure, and I will likely stick with a couple of Fates characters + one from Awakening or something This will be at around 5:00 PM PST tomorrow if all goes right, I hope to see you all there, I'm also not sure how long this stream will be, I will also be using the 60FPS 720p option this time. It is SUPER smooth.
  18. I'm getting the Japanese Treasure Box of the game as some of you already know, and i've been testing my stream setups for the past few weeks now. https://www.twitch.tv/serenes_jedi/videos/all - I usually stream Platformers, and whatever I feel like at the time. While my pre-order is going to ship really quickly i'm still unsure of the exact day i'll be getting it, there are some things I need to note. My internet isn't the super best, so it might drop frames every now and again and stick that way until it stabilizes again. I don't know Japanese, so I will be mostly learning menus and playing the game to the best of my ability with pure menu prowess. If @shadowofchaos or @Kirokan is around they may be able to provide some assistance. (Anyone else with Japanese knowhow is welcome to help as well of course, they were just the first two that popped into my head). I will be going slower through the dialog however so people can use the Twitch Clip feature so they can translate scenes or send them to people who have proper talent to translate them. I will likely show off each character I get at least once, but find a squad to stick to after awhile (expect a fair bit of Chrom, Ryoma and Marth probably not all at once but still), provided there isn't too much character selection forcing. It is likely I will be joined on co-com with some friends from the SF Smash discord such as @Lord Raven @Batter the Beast etc like my usual streams. They will also likely be modding the chat, unless I find others like @Elieson and @eclipse free on that day. I will be streaming the game a bit until I complete at least the story mode in the Japanese version, however I'll likely wait for the English version to stream the game again + History Mode stuff. Poll is gonna be up on which MC to start with, however be aware whichever one we play as in the Japanese version, I will be playing as the opposite in the English version. I will take some small requests from my Warriors Discord probably as well, as thanks to their involvement. As well as requests from @VincentASM @Kirie and @Elieson for being the awesome fellow editors that they are! Be it like "using Sakura a bit" for Vincent or something. Any suggestions from the rest of you would be really nice! I want this to be as fun as can be, and I will set an actual date and time when I have the game in my hands.
  19. So yeah, I get early access to the Beta for the game and I plan on streaming it in my free time. Most notably tomorrow and Thursday Night. I am not the best at shooters however so please no judgement if I die a lot. But overall I'm looking to having a good time streaming the game and I can answer a few questions about it from the perspective of a casual Battlefront player after I get to experience it some. Stream Info: I'll probably try every class but don't be surprised if I stick with Heavy or Specialist. I also don't plan on using starfighter so I'm wrong guy to watch if you want to see that. Also I don't have any mic set up so this will just be gameplay with me talking to you guys in chat between rounds. Link: https://go.twitch.tv/lucariogamer812 Times: Wednesday: 5 pm EST - probably 8 pm EST Thursday: 5 pm EST - probably 8 pm EST The reasons the streams start so late is that I don't get home from school until 4 pm and this gives me a little time to get settled. It also ends early due to school as well as other commitments. Also these are rough times, I may start slightly earlier (or later, of which I'll update when it'll be) depending on how fast I get set up and I may go a little over the end time to finish the match.
  20. Hi everybody! My name's Kyle McCarley, and I'm the new voice of Alm. If you're familiar with my work as 9S in NieR: Automata, you may be aware of the fact that I streamed my playthrough of the game on my Twitch channel. Starting on Tuesday 5/30 at 7:00pm Pacific, I'll be doing the same thing with Shadows of Valentia. Hope to see some of you then!
  21. Hello all! I'm not super well known or anything, but I would like to share my stream with all you lovely folks. For this month I am doing a Fire Emblem February where I play a Fire Emblem game, as of the time of this post it is FE 6/Binding Blade/Sword of Seals. Stop on by if you'd like, if not that's chill too. I do play other games, but I am dedicating this month to mostly Fire Emblem. I've even streamed Fire Emblem Heroes when it came out, which was an experiment for me. But anyways, Here is my stream =] Stop by and say hi and if you can endure the sound of my voice and face then definitely chat with me. =] EDIT: I did change my username on twitch..
  22. What is Charity Emblem? Charity Emblem is a for-charity 24-hour streaming event taking place on March 4th-5th where a group of friends will play Fire Emblem games and raise money for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital. Heavily inspired by Zeldathon, we wanted to give back to the world and support children’s research in a meaningful way and have fun doing it! Check us out at twitch.tv/CharityEmblem Who Are We? -Phillip Ball -Zane Nelson -Alex Ball -Josh Ball -Charles Schmitz -Ian Farrell -Tony DeWitt -Nathan Himes -Ariana Selzler What’s The Plan? (All times PST) 1:00 P.M. March 4th: Zane kicks off the stream with Fire Emblem 7, the first game released in the U.S. ~10:00 P.M.: Phillip takes the reigns with Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. ~5:00 A.M. March 5th: The Couch Squad will collectively take on Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance with hilarious results. **If we have extra time we will be playing some more stuff, but we’ll leave that as a surprise for now!** Why St. Judes? We chose St. Jude's Children Research Hospital because they have been fighting cancer and other horrible diseases since 1962. They've proven to be a reliable charity that has helped the lives of millions of children either directly through treatment or indirectly through their research. We are happy to help them kick cancer's butt and have fun doing it! How To Help 1. Come watch us and donate! We’ll be live on twitch.tv/CharityEmblem on March 4th-5th. 2. Advertise! Tell your friends about this awesome event coming up! 3. Have a suggestion for something you would like to see us do at the event? Message us here, or at [email protected].
  23. Hey everyone! I'm SEVA. I don't post regularly, but you might know me as the person who made Micro Emblem, and this Paper Mario fangame. So anyway, if you've been around the Fan Projects section, you probably know about FE6xna, a remake of Fire Emblem 6 using the FEXNA engine. Well, the remake has a sort of mixed reputation, so I'm going to be taking a look at the good and the bad of it, and I invite you to join me! This can be done by tuning in to my Twitch stream on Friday, 27th of January. (This is stream part 3.) You can find my Twitch channel here. The stream starts at 22:00 GMT. That's also 9:00 AM AEDT, 5:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM PST. Any other time zones, you can look up yourself. EDIT: second video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRWjXuF6ZgQ
  24. So a friend of mine and I have been doing a bunch of Fire Emblem Randomizer streams and I've been "regularly" uploading edited versions of them onto my youtube channel. We completed Sacred Stones which was our first run not too long ago and moved onto Blazing Sword which was up until recently my favorite FE game. I figured may as well try and like advertise since there's a sub-forum for that. Couple things to know going in, I'm not amazing at Fire Emblem so if you're super amazing at them I may occasionally do something stupid and I apologize for that. We swear a lot, and I know a lot of people here probably have heard most of the stuff we say before but some people may not like that so warning ahead of time that we're not exactly PG. We also engage in a bit of the dark/offensive humor from time to time, nothing like super over the top so I don't think too many people would take anything we say seriously but just fair warning. Anyways, here's the first part. I've randomized almost everything; recruitment order, bases, growths, classes, affinity, move, con, etc. The only thing I didn't randomize were item stats. No increased growths or anything either since I'm not that good and have nothing to prove. The plan is to do Lyn and Eliwood's story on normal, again because I'm not great. Also any criticism anyone could give for how to perhaps make my videos better is always appreciated. I wanna improve so I can do a better job as an entertainer so even if it's just a minor detail I can fix please let me know. We also stream on my friend's channel Sundays at 3PM EST but we're both busy guys so our schedules often don't align so sadly that's not a consistent schedule, just the schedule we try for. https://www.youtube.com/user/Danetothemax Also my friend hates his URL so if you could tease him ceaselessly that would be great.
  25. Should finally make a topic here since I stream so often and do a lot of Fire Emblem I stream live here at Frenchfroodle every Saturday starting around 12 noon Atlantic Standard time (11 Eastern, 8 Pacific, 4 Greenwich) I play a lot of Fire Emblem, Super Robot Wars, Pokemon, Final Fantasy; the works. Also do a lot of PC games like Dark Souls, XCom, Darkest Dungeon. If you want to come have some laughs, feel free to come watch~ I'll post here whenever a stream starts to let people know what's going on :3 And with that, today's stream is! The Docket: FE5: Thracia 776 http://www.twitch.tv/frenchfroodle If you want to come watch, here's the link again. I hope to see you there~!
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