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Found 26 results

  1. Hi, So, my new obsession is trying to go through the game while swapping the units accessible (understand that I want to play Nohrians in Birthright and Hoshidans in Conquest). For people who still don't know how to do it without an emulator and an edited rom, I'll just expose you my way of doing it (although it takes a few hours to prepare): 1. Pick a really strong logbook unit who can solo the game (or look for one in My Castle, preferrably with galeforce although you can always teach it to that unit if it's not already lv 99 but what a waste of time it would be) and put the boots on it if it doesn't already have all stats capped (with statues for higher cap, like my logbook Keaton with 50 def 45 spd 47/8/9 str 38+ res with great knight as a friendship seal option, the great master lv 5 regen skill and gold/weapon drop farming skills (from blacksmith and merchant), this unit is very useful to solo the game but also to farm gold/ressources/hoshidan weapons in conquest, if you can find one I recommend you to use this kind of logbook unit) 2. Solo the game and recruit all characters you want 3. Build the einherjar (preferably to max rank it's faster) then go to the ball on the right of your throne (where you take the bonus items from paths, the pvp etc.), streetpass, change your defence, then put everyone on your defence team (there's a max, just repeat with the units you didn't select the 1st time so you get everyone in 2 rounds). When you have selected all your units to put into the logbook, go to the Einherjar and buy them (that's why you want a unit who can farm gold efficiently and fast), repeat with the 2nd row until you've got everyone in the logbook from the Einherjar bulding 4. DON'T FORGET TO SAVE, then reset the 3DS, go to another save file and check your logbook. Everyone from the other game should be there. Now save this file with the logbook full of the units you did all that for 5. Once you have saved your logbook in any other save file, you can delete the playthrough. You can now access all the Hoshidan/Nohrian units from any save file you want as long as you don't delete them from the logbook, you can also recruit them earlier than their join time in a same path case (let's say you want Odin in chapter 7 instead of 1X (very late) or whatever chapter he appears in in Rev, you can use him 6. You can also use this to transfer skills, secondary classes (I married Keaton to MU ninja to have the option to reclass Keaton to ninja and cumulate th fang skill with poison strike for -40% hp after a fight like these b*tch ennemy ninjas and faceless, so the Keaton I put into my logbook can access ninja from any save file even though he cannot support anyone) 7. Don't forget you can't make any logbook unit support another one, so you can't get marriages, children and buddies with your logbook units, if you want them, plan them before deleting the logbook filling playthrough 8. Conquest is practical for this since your units don't gain exp in DLC and non-cannon maps, so you can grind supports without modifying your units' level and stats/weapon ranks. Good recruitment swap playthroughs to you, I hope it helped! If you have other tips to add, please go on. I think "new players" or simply players who weren't familiar with the einherjar and logbook functionnalities can appreciate any information they can find. Good thing: you can do it legally (unlike having a copy of a rom if you don't have the game) and no one can forbid you from doing that.
  2. So I'm trying to make a street pass team made up of custom avatars in fates. Since fates has 9 save files thanks to the extra data, I decided to use them to make my different save files for all of my different MUs. I made 3 different save files in the extra data, one being the actual account I'll be sending out, and the other two I registered into the unit log book. Now this is where the problem comes in. I made the fourth one and bought and einherjar of the fourth MU to register it in my Logbook. When I went to the "main" save file to buy the fourth MU, it said that I already recruited it despite only having the 2 previous Einherjar in the file! Not only that, the second MU that I made and registered was nowhere in sight in the log book! After some experimenting, I found out that save files that are in the same row are assigned the same log book spots. Also, I tried saving the save file to a different row, deleting the unit from the logbook, and then buying it again, but the MU is still in the same position in the log book. Do you have any alternative ideas/ways to make a MU army cause the logbook doesnt work any more.
  3. Allow me to introduce myself as Inari, headmaster of the Fates of the units. Please students, add characters as you see fit, after all our organization is to help with streetpass building (One of my constant jobs in Awakening.) Feel free to upload any units you see fit, or if you know any tips to help ready your units for battle. Now if you will excuse me, I will be waiting for my special edition to come. And remember students: When it comes to picking members for a street pass team: Thou shant call one unit useless Thou shall only punish themselves for ignoring them Thou shant use avatars to get around this, as it is cheap And thou shall train them and have them live those respecteds' ranks Shared Units: Kaze(Tactical-Pigeon) Felicia(Tactical-Pigeon) Asyura(Tactical-Pigeon) Mozu(Dark Paladin X) Silas(riolumaster) Hoshidan Units: Kaden(Tactical-Pigeon) Rinkah(Tactical-Pigeon) Oboro(Tactical-Pigeon) Hana(Dark Paladin X) Nohrian Units: Charlotte(Tactical-Pigeon) Owain Odin(Tactical-Pigeon) Flora(Tactical-Pigeon) Other Streetpass benefits/units: Concerning Copycat Puppet(Tactical-Pigeon) Anna(HTakara82)
  4. This is gonna be a bit long, so please bare with me. I bought the new 3DS XL FE Edition when it was released, and set up a new Nintendo Network ID because I didn't want to use the one on my older 3DS. This is because it had my real name on it I didn't know how to change it (not the actual ID itself, but the name associated with it). A few days later (after I already started to play Fates) I figured out how to change the name on the older ID (it was stupidly easy and I should've known how to do it tbh). So, I decided to transfer my 3DS data to the new 3DS XL, and removed the new NNID from the XL system. However, I recently noticed that I can't StreetPass with anyone, but only with Fates. My brother and I will be sitting right next to each other, playing Fates, but I don't show up in his castle and netiher does he in mine. My classmate who plays is the same way; she doesn't show up in my castle and I don't show up in hers. The only way my brother was able to visit my castle was by giving him my castle address. He also tried putting in the name of my castle (This Isa Castle) and told me that two options showed up. Both of them happened to be mine, but one was older (I think it was my castle before I transferred my data, but I'm not sure) The reason why I talked about all that is because I'm thinking that I can't StreetPass with Fates because that other NNID still exists, and maybe the Fates data is still connected somehow? So I'm guess I have to delete that NNID, but I was wondering what you guys think would help?
  5. In this discussion, we will be taking a look at Suzie- I mean Kaze from Fire Emblem Fates and turning him into an op streetpass unit. Be sure to leave your build for him below, include class and skills. With the introduction out of the way, let's start the process Who is the unit: So, now that we know about the unit, let's start breaking him down a little deeper. We will cover the unit's class tree, growth rates, personal skill, and all skills the unit can obtain, excluding DLC. But there is one thing I also want to cover with Kaze...There are 3 ninjas on the Hoshido route. 3!!!! So, how do I know which one to use. For now, I'll give the short answer Saizou: DEATH EVERYWHERE! Kaze: The speedy tank Kageroi...Kagerou?: Glass cannon Growth rates: HP, 55-STR, 40-MAG, 0 :(-SKL, 45-SPD, 65-LCK, 20-DEF, 20-RES, 35 *Starting class* Class set: *Ninja* -> Elite ninja or Puppeteer Samurai-> Trueblade or Weapon master So, what class to use? Now I actually haven't experienced Fates yet, but from what I see your best options are Trueblade or Elite ninja. For the sake of this discussion we are going to build an Elite ninja Kaze. Personal Skill: Prayer of Bonds; When the user is the support unit, the lead unit has a <insert your luck stat here>% chance of surviving a fatal attack with 1 HP. Essentially, Kaze can give anyone a free miracle, which makes this a very good skill. Couple that with the fact that he is a tank, have him supporting his spouse, and this can be kind of broken. All obtainable skills: Flowing Strike, Vantage, Astra, Swordfaire, Strength seal, Line of death, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Lethality, Kunaifaire, Puppet Break, Copycat Puppet And now, drumroll please, the top 5 skills you should and shouldn't use in Kaze (in my opinion); Don'ts: 5.Snake venom- When the user triggers the battle, the enemy's HP is reduced by 20% after the battle. If the enemy has renewal or a healer has fortify then this is useless. That is not to say it is a bad skill, it sort of helps Kunais out a little 4.Line of Death- During battles, both damage and damage received +10 I really don't like this skill on Kaze. I get he is suppose to be a tank, but defense doesn't nullify this. He needs to be able to one shot his opponent, something hard to pull of with him unless he gets a crit. 3.Flowing Strike- When the user triggers the battle, avoid +30. Ok...so what if Kaze one shots the opponent...What if the opponent can't counter-attack, like if it's and archer or someone helpless to Kunais? 2.Copycat puppet- Creates a clone of the user once per map with the use of the "Copycat" command. Only useful if he is a puppeteer, this is an Elite ninja build. 1.Locktouch-User doesn't need keys to open doors and chests. Streetpass team...no chests in My Castle...This is useless. Do's 5.Lethality-Chance of instantly killing an opponent, based on skill x 0.25%. Insta death is good in my book. Saizou makes better use of this skill, but come on, IT'S INSTA DEATH! 4.Vantage-If the user is under half HP, they attack first. Hey, this is great for Kaze, give him a brave sword and he might as well start wrecking stuff 3.Puppet break-The users attacks are super effective against puppets. Coverage is all I have to say. 2.Astra-Based on skill x 0.5%, chance of triggering 5 consecutive hits at half damage. If all hit connect, Kaze will do 2.5x his original damage. Nuff said 1.Kunaifaire-Damage +5 if the user is equipped with a kunai. Yay! Stronger kunai! This will actually make his main weapon useful! So their you have it. Building a good competitive Kaze as I recomend. Don't forget to comment your build and also what character I should look at next. I'm Wolfie, and Kaze might as well be the next Lon'qu.
  6. HI GUYS! Been hooked on fire emblem fates recently.. but noticed a problem. Whenever i clear all my streetpass hit in the game(no more avatar in my plaza square) my notification in my 3ds still shows i have the same amount of streetpass hit. Do i have to tweak the setting, or is it just like that? Appreciate all the help!
  7. I'm relatively new to the series, but I decided, that I would make a full-on streetpass team (because why not). Right now, I'm having a bit of trouble. I have 2 units (Walhart and Walhart!Morgan) which I only have 4 skills for (I have all DLC classes and skills). I also have Chrom, and I have no idea what his skills should be, or what his final class should be. But right now, I'd like to have a physical tank, a healer, and either a magic user or another healer. Could someone help me a bit with this? Below is my plan for my team so far, so try not to use any of the parents I'm currently using (FeMU, Walhart, Chrom, Sumia). I also have 3 units which are missing a final skill, and I'd kinda like some help with that, as well. I have seen several people saying not to use Conquest and Iote's Shield, because they are a waste of a skill which could just be avoided by me having better positioning. However, I have also heard that the streetpass bots just aim for maximum damage, which can leave characters in really bad positions. Finally, if I have some sort of really bad mistake which I don't realize, could you please say what it is? I may have tried to give someone a skill that they can't obtain. I really don't know all of this. Like I mentioned, I am still fairly new to the game, so I don't understand everything. Character 1: FeMU Skills: Limit Breaker, Ignis, Tomefaire, Armsthrift, Pavise Class: Sorceror Asset/Flaw= Magic/Luck Character 2: Skills: Limit Breaker S Rank: Class: Character 3: Chrom Skills: Limit Breaker Class: Character 4: Sumia Skills: Galeforce, Limit Breaker, Luna, Tomefaire, Iotes Shield Class: Dark Flier Character 5: Sumia!Lucina Skills: Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Aether, Tomefaire, Iotes Shield Class: Dark Flier Character 6: Walhart!Morgan Skills: Limit Breaker, Conquest, Ignis, Lifetaker, Class: Dark Knight Character 7: Walhart Skills: Limit Breaker, Conquest, Luna, Pavise, Class: Conquerer Character 8: Chrom!Cynthia Skills: Limit Breaker, Galeforce, Aether, Iotes Shield, Pavise Class: Falcon Knight Character 9: Skills: Limit Breaker Class: Character 10: Skills: Limit Breaker Class: Thanks a ton!
  8. In this discussion, we will be taking a look at Nishiki from Fire Emblem Fates Hoshido/Birthright and turning him into an op streetpass unit. Also, one more thing before we start this discussion. Ever since Marriage seals and Buddy seals have been confirmed you also have to think about whom Nishiki will S-support and A+-support with. These discussions will only cover his BASE stats and classes, so I will not be talking about spouse options. Anyway, be sure to leave your build for him below, include class and skills. With the introduction out of the way, let's start the process. Who is the unit: Nishiki was born to the leader of a Youko fox spirit clan, I call what happens when a Taguel and Beast Laguz have kids, and as such is the rightful leader. Eventually, however, he has to put aside his leadership duties to help in the war against Nohr and Hoshido. Since his clan is located in Hoshido, he decides to help that side, meaning he is only playable in Birthright. So, now that we know about the unit, let's start breaking him down a little deeper. We will cover the unit's class tree, growth rates, personal skill, and all skills the unit can obtain, excluding DLC. Personal growth rates: HP, 45 STR, 40 MAG, 10 SKL, 25 SPD, 45 LCK, 50 DEF, 35 RES, 40 *Starting class* Class set: *Fox Spirit (otherwise known as Youko)* -> Nine-tailed Fox Spellcaster -> Basara or Exorcist So, what class to use? Well you are stuck with, and for this discussion we are using, 9-tailed fox. Why? Look above you, do you see that magic growth rate? IT IS SO LOW! Spellcaster is completely out of the question for Nishiki, only make him a spellcaster for skills and or to make him a Basara and spam Naginatas. Take a look at these max stats and maybe you'll understand why Spellcaster is kind of useless to him, unless you want to make him a Basara in which case I understand. Max stats; in order of HP, STR, MAG, SKL, SPD, LCK, DEF, RES 9-Tailed Fox : 55, 30, 29, 30, 36, 34, 25, 36 Basara : 65, 32, 30, 27, 33, 36, 28, 34 Exorcist : 45, 26, 33, 28, 34, 28, 23, 33 Personal Skill: Gratitude; When a unit uses a healing staff on the user, that unit has their HP recovered by half the same amount. This can make Nishiki kind of a broken supporter/glass cannon. Say you are having a non-healer-healer/glass cannon heal him, say that 5 times fast, all the way back up to 80 HP and that healer will heal himself by 40 that same turn. That is INSANE, the unit can spam heal Nishiki with fortify and bulk himself up as well. This already makes Nishiki very useful as both a glass cannon, who can take hard hitting moves to help heal whomever is healing him, a tank, so healers can spam heal him so that they can heal themselves from hard hits, and a supporter, look at the two reasons stated above. All obtainable skills: Breaking Sky, Flamboyant, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic, Tomefaire, Even Illusion, Beastbane, Even nap, Four fangs And now, drumroll please, the top 5 skills you should and shouldn't use on Nishiki (in my opinion); Don'ts: 5. Rally Magic-Magic +4 to all allies within a 2 tile radius for one Turn when the “Rally” command is used. I'm going to say it now, no rally skill is useless. The only reason this is counted as a don't use skill is because all the other skills on the "do" list are more viable. That is why this skill is only at Number 5; it can still be used, but not really useful. 4. Flamboyant-User and enemy’s Hit rate +30 and skill activation rate +15 during battle. This is just like Line of Death, but more toned down. And just like Line of Death, this activates even if the enemy is attacking you. And if the enemy has Lethality (and it's Saizou) Then you can kiss Nishiki good-bye. 3. Tomefaire-When user is equipped with a Tome, damage +5 during battle. Only use this if you are using a spell caster Nishiki, as here it is completely useless for a 9-Tailed fox build. 2. Magic +2-Magic +2. See above, and I also really hate the "+" skills. 1. Fortune-When user triggers the battle, Luck% chance of gaining double experience when user defeats the enemy...Streetpass team...Your units don't get EXP...I swear this is Locktouch Kaze all over again. Do's 5. Breaking Sky-Skill x 1.5% chance of adding half the enemy’s Strength (if user has a physical weapon) or Magic (if user has a magical weapon) as damage. Ah, yes. Sweet revenge. This can help Nishiki immensely for any of his classes and just makes him more useful. The only reason that this is at Number 5 though is because his skill stat is...so-so to say the least. 4. Even Illusion-During even-numbered Turns, damage +4. This fixed what Even rhythm did wrong. Still, not having this the first turn kind of sucks, but it is still a damage adding move that defenses can't counter which is great. 3. Even Nap-Recover 40% HP at the start of even-numbered Turns. Once again, fixes what Even rhythm did wrong. Couple this with Gratitude, and Renewal (If his spouse happens to be Sakura) and Nishiki is pretty much invincible 2. Beastbane-When user is a Garou or Fox Spirit, their attacks are effective against Beast units. Coverage is all I have to say, and this is great for our 9-Tailed fox build. 1. Four Fangs-The enemy’s HP is reduced by 20% after the battle. Even illusion, Breaking sky, and an Attack stance all put on top of this means that your enemy has a very low chance of surviving, especially if they have a high STR stat. So their you have it. Building a good competitive Nishiki as I recomend. Don't forget to comment your build and also what character I should look at next. I'm Wolfie, and why does Nishiki make me want to play Okami so bad?
  9. Hello everyone! I've been trying to make a StreetPass team as challenging as possible without using MUs. To this end, I've scoured the net for any effective gimmicks or strategies only to come to the conclusion that anything one can assemble, any reasonably competent player can destroy it using Pair-Up. And yet, as one last tribute to Awakening before If is presumably released stateside sometime next year, I wanted to devote one final save file to making a challenging StreetPass team and would appreciate any advice. From what I understand, the most useful skills for this endeavor are as follows: General Skills: Limit Breaker: Without this, almost any tactic employed will undoubtedly fail. Counter: Might as well attempt to kill through passive damage if active damage fails. Aggressor: Provided one has a chance to initiate combat, they ought to hit as hard as possible. ____'faire': An alternative to Aggressor that becomes the only comparable option for female units. Vantage: Since it’s HP-based, it only ought to be used on a unit with Miracle. Procs: Lethality: When used selectively, it can be a great asset. Personally I intend to limit use of it to half my team or less, to discourage auto-dismissal. Miracle: Useful in a select number of instances, particularly involving Vengeance or Counter. Vengeance: Primarily useful with Miracle. Being a guaranteed proc doesn't hurt either. Luna: For when Lethality and/or Vengeance isn't used, but a proc could still help. Hit/Avoid: Lucky 7: +20 Hit/Avo for seven turns. Few StreetPass battles will eclipse this limit. Quick Burn: Start with +15 Hit/Avo with a general decrease (1 Hit/Avo?) per turn. Anathema: -10 Avoid/Critical Avoid to enemies within a 3-tile radius. Notable for encompassing the attack range of all weapons except for Mire. But other Hit/Avo skills seem more effective. ____'breaker': +50 Hit/Avo against a single weapon type. Useful if a unit is locked into a weapon type, or if one simply wants added utility against tomes or bows. Hit+20: Self-explanatory. On to the weapons. Usually, over-reliance on Celica's Gale will make a team even easier to defeat, provided a player slaps on Tomebreaker. What can be done to introduce a little variety? Granted, all forgeable weapons will have +3 Mt / 25 Hit. Weapons: Celica’s Gale: The most accurate 'brave' range 1-2 weapon in the game. Brave ______: Be it a sword, lance, axe, or bow, the opportunity to hit twice is invaluable. Eirika’s Blade: May be more useful than a Brave Sword due to its higher accuracy. Superior _____: Can be equipped when sortied to act as a ‘Breaker’ during the first player phase. Dragonstone+: Despite its lack of a Brave effect, there aren't any skills or weapons that reduce its accuracy like WTA or ‘breakers’. There are ‘hazards’ like Wyrmsbane, and the Falchion variants, Wyrmslayer and Book of Naga which all deal effective damage. And Aegis which halves damage, but none of these hinder its accuracy. In order to narrow things down a bit, it seems that in order to be an effective unit in StreetPass, a unit should possess as many of the following classes/skills as possible: Class Sets and Skills: Thief: Lucky 7 and Lethality Wyvern Rider: Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Quick Burn Dark Mage: Anathema, Vengeance, Tomebreaker Barbarian: Axefaire and Counter Fighter: Counter and Axebreaker Mercenary: Axebreaker and Bowbreaker Cavalier/Knight: Luna Priest: Miracle Myrmidon: Vantage, Swordfaire and Lethality The Barbarian/Fighter/Mercenary line have significant overlap, with the former two being male-exclusive. The Myrmidon line, while quite useful in-game for Vantage, Swordfaire, and Lethality seems to be superseded by the Thief line with Vantage's decreased prevalence, and the latter's access to Lucky 7. Cavalier and Knight seem to be functionally similar in regards to having Luna in common, and few other skills of value in a StreetPass setting. Paladin may be a superior ending class though due to its higher movement and generally higher speed and skill. But before getting into my own theory-crafting setups, I also have a couple questions on this matter that I'd appreciate some guidance in: Questions: 1. As only two units in this file can use boots, is it best to give them to high movement units to enhance it even farther, or give it to someone with lower movement for the surprise factor? 2. The MU is treated as the ‘boss’ of the StreetPass AI and, from what I've observed, seems to spawn furthest from the player’s units. Does this usually happen or does it fluctuate? 3. Are any ‘hackforges’ applied if the recipient’s file is on Hard mode or above? And does this only apply if weapons are unforged? Also, from what I recall, having a higher difficulty on the file the team is generated in does nothing. Is all of this accurate? My Unit: For a setup like this, a MaMU is personally favored due to being an innate Counter-bomber with the potential to also run Miracle/Vengeance. There is also more versatility in potentially being able to pass on their class set to up to two more units. Granted, FeMU can do the same, but only with Lucina (who gets all she needs in a StreetPass setting from Olivia in my opinion). With this minor preamble aside, here is what I've devised so far. Open to suggestions: MaMU (+luk/-str) -Wyvern Lord: 85/55/42/47/48/59/55/40 10 movement (Boots) -Paladin: 85/51/42/49/50/59/51/52 Finn’s Lance/Brave Lance Limit Breaker, Miracle, Counter, HP+5, Iote’s Shield/Acrobat The luck asset is for higher Miracle procs, while a strength flaw is the only one that doesn't hurt luck or speed. Being locked to Finn’s Lance, which provides +2 strength and luck, ensures that MU will attempt to Counter–bomb, though a Brave Lance may be better should the first attack be dual-guarded. HP+5 means that MU can be all-but-KO’d, but due to Miracle, deal 84 damage, killing a standard player’s unit. Iote’s Shield is to negate a Wyvern Lord’s flying weakness, while Acrobat removes most terrain penalties for a Paladin. Would Vengeance or a Hit/Avoid skill be better, and which class seems more effective? Chrom!Inigo-Dread Fighter: 80/54/49/53/54/57/48/52 Celica’s Gale, Brave Sword, Brave Axe Limit Breaker, Rightful King, Vantage, Lethality, Counter Has a 23% base chance of activating Lethality with a potential irl chance of ≈43% via two hits of Celica’s Gale. Perhaps Patience or Hit+20 would be better than Counter? Olivia!Lucina-Dark Flier: 80/48/53/54/55/57/41/50 Celica’s Gale, Brave Lance Limit Breaker, Rightful King, Vantage, Lethality, Iotes Shield Similar to Inigo, but with Iotes Shield instead of Counter. Would Hit+20 be better to ensure a hit, or All Stats +2 for that extra Lethality percentage point? ...and that's all folks! No not really... While I'm somewhat set on the above units, even those are open to suggestions. On top of that, I still have seven more units to account for! When considering mods, inherent classes, and complementing skills from potential parents, this is what I devised so far: Pairings: Child Class Sets: Notable skills Parents Owain Priest, Myrmidon, Barbarian: Miracle, Vantage, Swordfaire, Lethality, Axefaire, Counter Would benefit nicely from a Dark Mage father, or Donnel’s luck (+6 mod = 61 luck as a promoted unit with LB). Other than that, he just needs to exist. Potential fathers: Libra, Henry, Donnel, MaMU, filler (Ricken, Virion etc.) Brady Priest, Cavalier, Mage: Miracle, Luna Could benefit from a Counter father. Besides that, his only notable feature is his +3 luck mod. Potential fathers: Vaike, Donnel, Gregor, Gaius, MaMU Kjelle Knight, Cavalier, Myrmidon, Wyvern Rider Luna, Vantage, Swordfaire, Lethality, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Quickburn Aside from lacking Miracle for M/C (which she can’t get aside from MaMU), she has a plethora of useful skills. She could benefit from more breakers or hit/avoid skills. Potential fathers: Henry, Libra, Vaike, Donnel, Gaius, MaMU Cynthia Cleric, Pegasus Knight, Knight Miracle, Luna, Lancefaire, Tomefaire While excellent in-game, she needs some work to be StreetPass usable. Frederick only provides Wyvern Rider, Chrom is taken by Olivia and would only provide Aether, the Archer class, and overlapping Cavalier class anyway. Henry provides Counter as well as Dark Mage and Thief skills. Gaius provides Counter as well as Thief and Myrmidon skills. Potential fathers: Gaius, Henry, MaMU, filler (Frederick) Severa Mercenary, Dark Mage, Pegasus Knight Bowbreaker, Axebreaker, Tomebreaker, Anathema, Vengeance Could use a father with Wyvern Lord for ‘omni-breaker’ potential. Thief would also be beneficial for Lucky 7 in addition to Quick Burn. Potential fathers: Frederick, Virion, Lon’qu, MaMU Gerome Wyvern Rider, Priest, Fighter Miracle, Counter, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Axebreaker Would benefit from Dark Mage, for Anathema, Vengeance, and Tomebreaker. Or maybe Donnel for that luck mod. Potential fathers: Libra, Henry, Donnel, MaMU Yarne Taguel, Barbarian, Thief Counter, Axefaire, Lethality, and Lucky 7 (can also inherit a breaker or Quick Burn from Panne if his father lacks Wyvern Rider) Aside from getting the full Wyvern Rider class set from a father, Libra could work for Miracle/Counter/Vengeance, while Kellam provides Miracle and Luna (albeit with Thief overlap) Potential fathers: Kellam, Frederick, Virion, Libra Laurent Mage, Dark Mage, Barbarian Anathema, Tomebreaker, Vengeance, Axefaire, Counter Works well with a Miracle father or, barring that, someone that buffs his Hit/Avo in general. Potential fathers: Kellam, Libra, MaMU, filler Noire Archer, Dark Mage, Knight Hit+20, Bowbreaker, Tomebreaker, Anathema, Vengeance, Luna She has an innate -2 luck mod, making her less suitable for Miracle+Counter+Vengeance. Instead, she can be converted into a Lethality user or dodge-tank. Potential fathers: Gaius, Gregor, Stahl, filler Nah Manakete, Mage, Wyvern Rider Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Quick Burn, Tomefaire Has potential due to Dragonstone usage, but requires significant investment to be made usable. Henry is notable for providing several Hit/Avo skills from his Dark Mage and Thief classes. Can alternatively be paired with Donnel to make a third-gen Morgan with two male-exclusive skills (albeit with Dragon weakness). Potential fathers: Henry, Donnel, MaMU, filler Morgan All relevant classes and skills (aside from Aggressor and Counter) She could be raised as a third-gen unit to inherit two male-exclusive skills, namely Counter and HP+5, letting her run a similar setup to MaMU. Or she could run a duplicate skillset to whatever sibling she has. A child fathered by Donnel (like Donnel!Kjelle, Donnel!Nah, Donnel!Severa) would be an ideal candidate, but someone like Gaius/Henry!Cynthia could suffice as well, without ‘ruining’ Morgan’s mother in the process. This basically becomes a question of what six children besides Morgan should be used, and whether Morgan would be better off with an equally versatile sibling or functioning as a MaMU 2.0. What do you think?
  10. Since in Awakening cross territorial Streetpass used to put random characters and teams against you and only regional Streetpass would show their actual characters/teams, I wonder how they'll manage it this time. Since I have an American 3DS living in Europe, it's quite an issue for me seeing the same names over and over.
  11. For some Nintendo games, content in newer games can be unlocked through various means that often involve having possession of older games, such as using the save data from the older game to unlock the content (such as the Olimar trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee needing save data from the first Pikmin game to unlock) or being able to outright transfer content from the older game to the newer game (such as what can be seen in the main series Pokemon games). What do you guys think? To me, it could be possible that the DLC maps can see reuse with some adjustments alongside Spotpass content like legacy characters and bonus items.
  12. Note: These are my OPINIONS. This is also taking into account recent feedback. So you want to build a StreetPass team that will give your opponent a run for their money? It ain't easy, that's for sure. First of all, we need to assume a couple of things. First, we should assume your opponent is playing on Classic. Second, their units are paired up. Third, they are relatively competent FE players. Pairing up murders hit rates. We know this for a fact. So, a skill that is absolutely necessary is Limit Breaker. Limit Breaker will allow you to actually have a chance of hitting your opponent, even if they are paired up. However, Limit Breaker alone won't save you. Just look at this "amazing" StreetPass team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ijdawoAVVc Look at some of these skills. Now, remember assumption #1? This person did not think their team through. We see skills such as Galeforce and Lifetaker. These skills, while great when you use them, are useless in SteetPass teams. I shouldn't need to explain why. Other skills that don't work are support skills (DS+, DG+), Locktouch, and Critical skills. Especially Gamble. DO NOT USE GAMBLE. In addition, HP related skills such as Vantage and Sol don't work either. Your unit most likely won't last the turn, so don't bother. So what skills should you use? Well, besides Limit Breaker, Counter is another good one. For those of us who don't use bows, Counter is a very scary skill that can and will leave you near death. Another good one is shockingly Hit +20. Let's face it, your hit rate's going to suck. If you are below the 60% threshold, you're praying for hits. Hit +20 should alleviate some of that. Here's the small list: Anathema: Hit rate. Lethality: Don't base your team around this. It doesn't work. Otherwise, it's a good backup. Luna: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Limit Breaker: You need this. Counter: I'm taking you down with me! Miracle: I might attack again! Hit Rate +20: So you can actually hit. Aggressor: If you're gonna hit, might as well hit hard. Quick Burn: Once again Hit rate. The map should be over before it stops working. Lucky 7: Same as Quick burn. Now, what about weapons? A common tactic is to just distribute all of your A rank weapons among your units. It's also a stupid one. Remember hit rates? Sometimes you can forge better weapons. For example, a Forged Hector's Axe has overall better stats than Hauteclere. A forged Alm's Blade sacrifices 5 hit for 3 might and 5 crit over Mercurius. A forged Aversa's Night is infinity better than Goetia. And don't forget brave weapons. Now, what is the problem with most of these weapons? Their low durability. Now, your unit will probably will be dead before their weapons break, but you could prevent that from happening with Armsthrift. It's up to you to decide. Then we get to throwing axes. The best throwing axe is Helswath (Unless you're Walhart in which case you use Wolf Berg). Helswath has a high might and is overall better than a Tomahawk. Unfortunately, there's a problem. 60 hit. Ouch. This is where you would want Hit +20. Now you might actually have a shot of hitting. Short List of Good Weapons: Any Brave Weapon. Alm's Blade: Monstrous might and hit. Use this over Mercurius. Ragnell: If you have a Swordsmaster, put this in. Don't use Amatsu. Gradivus: The best lance. 1-2 range and functions as an elixir. Hector's Axe: Same reason as Alm's Blade. Helswath: Hit +20 will be really useful if you use this. Wolf Berg: If you put Walhart on your team, he needs to use this. Double Bow: A must for Snipers. Parthia: If you aren't a sniper, use this instead. Valflame: Definitely use instead of Mjölnir. It's got a better hit rate and the highest Might. Excalibur: Very high hit rate. The critical rate doesn't matter as much. Celica's Gale: There's a reason why people use this on Apotheosis. Aversa's Night: Same as Alm's Blade. The life-stealing property doesn't hurt either. Goddess Staff: . Otherwise Fortify. Elixir: I know it's not a weapon. But . Now with all that said, will your team still lose? Yes. Dual Guards and Dual Strikes will destroy your team no matter what you do. All you can do is just make it more difficult.
  13. I've been walking every day with my 3DS for months now, and I haven't met anyone who was a threat, even though I only use only one pairing against each team. What about you guys?
  14. I think a topic like this was posted before... this can be locked or whatever if it was. I've been getting lot of StreetPass teams lately but I don't think they are real people. So far only 2 are real that I got Usually whenever you see/recruit/battle a team, the Avatar will have greeting and recruit messages along with marriages if any. Some of the ones I get will have strange names, the same greetings, not possible hair colored/skilled Morgans and other children, and no marriages when you view thier card. Some names are: Olwora, Sayvra, Arund, Rieve, Ardissa, Luthor Rieve and Sayvra, wiht Luthor and Arund have the same greeting. Sayvra "married" Chrom, yet has a red hair Morgan. By red, a Cordelia or Miriel red Olwora has the same recruitment message as Ardissa. Is this some sort of joke or glitch?
  15. Some friends and I got into a discussion about Streetpass teams, and the building thereof. I thought that it might be interesting to have said discussion on here. So, in this thread, I invite you to post your Streetpass teams, units' skill sets, equipment loadouts, the whole shebang. I also encourage you to critique the teams others post (at least mine- I welcome the help!). Mine is as follows: -Sully!Morgan (Sorcerer): Skills: Limit Breaker, Aegis, Ignis, Sol, Patience Equipment: Mire, Superior Jolt (+5 mt, +3 crit), Waste (+5 mt, +3 crit), Ruin (+5 mt, +3 hit), Aversa's Night (+5 mt, +3 crit) -Chrom!Cynthia (Falcoknight) Skills: LB, Iote's Shield, Galeforce, Healtouch, Aether Equip: Brave Lance, Fortify, Physic, Recover, Elixir -Sumia!Lucina (Great Lord): Skills: LB, Aether, Pavise, Galeforce, Rightful King Equip: Brv Lance, Brv Sword, Spear, Parallel Falchion, Noble Rapier -MaMU!Kjelle (General) Skills: Aegis, Pavise, LB, Galeforce, Ignis Equip: Brave Lance (+5mt, +3crt), Brave Axe (+5mt, +3crt), Gradivus, Armads, Killer Lance (+5crt +3mt) -Lon'qu!Inigo (Hero) Skills: LB, Sol, Swordfaire, Galeforce, Vantage Equip: Killer Edge (+5 crit, +3 mt), Brv Axe (+5 mt, +3 crit), Brv swrd (+5mt +3crt), Tomahawk (+5mt +3crt), Killer Axe (+5crt +3mt) -Frederick!Brady (War Monk) Skills: LB, Healtouch, Aggressor, Luna, Pavise Equip: Bolt Axe, Brv Axe, Physic, Recover, Rescue -MaMu (Grandmaster) Skills: LB, Lifetaker, Ignis, Patience, Swordfaire Equip: Eirika's Blade (+5crt +3mt), Valflame, Book of Naga, Katarina's Bolt (+5crt +3mt), Celica's Gale (+5mt +3crt) -Sully (Paladin) Skills: LB, Aegis, Luna, Lancebreaker, Vantage Equip: Brave Lance, Gungnir, Brave Sword, Tyrfing, Elixr -Sumia (Falcoknight) Skills: LB, Healtouch, Galeforce, Iote's Shield, Miracle Equip: Brave Lance, Physic, Fortify, Goddess Staff, Elixir -Donnel (Dread Fighter) Skills: Sol, Aggressor, LB, Counter, HP +5 Equip: Thoron (+5mt +3crt), Brave Sword (+5mt +3crit), Brave Axe (+5mt +3crt), Celica's Gale (+5mt +3crt), Ragnell
  16. Post pics or type up your streetpass team here. May give other members some combinations/ideas for their own! I'll just link mine: http://puu.sh/2JlMV made this team months ago, since then I've gone through like 5 more playthroughs, lol. Gotta make a new one sometime. This was back when I didn't realize the glory that was forged braves, so I have a lot of regalia on my team (that and I forgot that you can't buy regalia... ooops). I also capped everyone's stats a while after I took the screenshots. My team is a little... awkward, to say the least. Dread Fighter Chrom and Swordmaster Stahl being some of the more bizarre class choices. But my headcanon won't let me change Stahl to a rider class anymore :P And don't worry, Inigo doesn't have Galeforks on the actual team, that was just an oversight on my part
  17. https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYIHAAAEAADCUqFO3wlwvA Just found this weird thing on Miiverse. The topic creator said it happened on a StreetPass. One of the topic follower said that he had ever met the same thing before. I'm curious about why it could happen.
  18. So, what are the highest rated characters on your team? In the few streetpass battles I've had, I've literally destroyed the other team in a few short turns. I'm interested to see how I would fair (probably poorly) against other people that truly love the game, opposed to the casual player. Also, feel free to post any skills you have equipped on the unit. As for me, mine are MU- 356 Lissa- 358 Morgan-309 Owain-304 Tiki- 305 Nowi- 294 Nah- 290 Lucina- 270 Cynthia- 234 Chrom- 227 Quite a dip at the end, I know......
  19. So! Since I was able to StreetPass so many people, I thought it might be a good idea to see if anyone else had gone to the convention, and maybe find out who got each other's teams or something. Firstly, if anyone got a low-leveled, purple-haired Erk lookalike named Turks, that's my character. I'll hopefully be distributing my female Avatar, little poofy-pink-haired Valentine, tomorrow. I was able to acquire a LOT of StreetPass avatars; so many that it apparently filled up my StreetPass box all the way. [spoiler=My list of recruited StreetPass characters]Maxwell ♂ (Dread Fighter) Phantom ♂ (Dread Fighter) Saffron ♀ (Bride) Robin ♀ (Grandmaster) Amelie ♀ (Paladin) Hikaru ♂ (Dread Fighter) Trevor ♂ (Trickster) Michy ♀ (Dark Flier) Coquille ♀ (Assassin) Thomas ♂ (Grandmaster) Meryl ♀ (Grandmaster) Eden ♀ (Tactician) Dosio ♂ (Priest) Mark ♂ (Mercenary) Lynn ♀ (Hero) Jinn ♂ (Assassin) Mic ♂ (Dark Knight) Lightning ♀ (Grandmaster) Ramune ♀ (Grandmaster) Galatea ♀ (Grandmaster) Peter ♂ (Dread Fighter) Solanin ♂ (Grandmaster) Tureil ♀ (Grandmaster) DAVID ♂ (Trickster) Doryu ♂ (Dread Fighter) Ryan ♂ (Grandmaster) Starbuck ♀ (Grandmaster) Thomas ♂ (2)(Grandmaster) Shake ♂ (Myrmidon) Lilith ♀ (Grandmaster) Lily ♀ (Grandmaster) Enemis ♂ (Grandmaster) Peli ♀ (Grandmaster) Muse ♂ (Tactician) Embyr ♀ (Tactician) Jonny ♂ (Tactician) Jethro ♂ (Tactician) This list includes only the characters I decided to recruit. There were several more who I found redundant/uninteresting and either bought items from or just outright dismissed. I'd be interested in seeing if the creators of any of these characters are on SF; I'm sure at least a few of them are.
  20. These are items that aren't obtainable through map shops or legacy teams, but can be sold on StreetPass teams. They're only sold by Anna shops/StreetPass teams or are obtained from Barracks/sparkling tile events - basically, you can't get as many as you want at any time. The items I know of are: Superior weapons, glass weapons, Dying Blaze, 1 Mt joke weapons, Rapier, Soothing Sword, Shockstick, Miniature Lance, Volant Axe, Orsin's Hatchet, Towering Bow, Underdog Bow, Wilderwind, Aversa's Night, Hammerne, Kneader, Balmsood Staff, Catharsis, Sweet Tincutre, keys, Arms Scroll, permanent stat boosters, confects, Tiki's Tear, Seed of Trust, Rift Door, Did I accidentally put one on their incorrectly or am I missing anything? I ask because I'd like to put a lot of these items on my StreetPass team for others to be able to purchase, and hopefully you'll put these on your StreetPass shop to help out others!
  21. kk so i've been like working on this for a while and it's not completely finished The aim of the team is to kill things. To kill things,it uses good offense. Defenses are generally neglegible as i see no reasonable way i'm surviving hits from paired up things Speed is similarly useless since there's no point in trying not to get doubled Priorities: Luna > Aggressor > --faire > Counter > Breakers > Lethality for all combinations (this doesn't really matter though) Breaker priority: Tome (res+10 also works) > Axe > Sword > Lance > Bow Notes::assume all forgable weapons are +3 mt/+25 hit and that all units have LImit Breaker My Unit: Assassin +STR,-HP Swordfaire,Luna,Axebreaker,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Vaike!Gerome: Berserker Aggressor,Axefaire,Counter,Swordbreaker Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Vaike!Gerome!Morgan: Berserker Aggressor,Axefaire,Counter,Luna Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Olivia!Lucina: Assassin (maybe Great Lord? not sure if it's worth it though) Luna,Lethality,Rightful King,Swordfaire Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Frederick!Yarne: Berserker Luna,Axefaire,Aggressor,Counter Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Stahl!Severa: Assassin Luna,Swordfaire,Lethality,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Gregor!Nah: Hero (probably my biggest mistake) Axefaire,Axebreaker,Swordbreaker,Astra Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Brave Sword Gaius!Noire: Assassin Swordfaire,Luna,Counter,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Henry!Cynthia: Sage Tomefaire,Tomebreaker,Luna,Acrobat Inventory: Celica's Gale Rescue Libra!Brady: Sage Tomefaire,Aggressor,Luna,Tomebreaker Inventory: Celica's Gale Rescue Another question wrt the AI: It will attack with the Brave Swords/Axes over the 1-2 range weapons (solely there to counter 1-2 range turn one but it's not really nessecary I guess?)
  22. Actually, not exactly. I've noted something: I -never- see them. Ever. Went to a con that had a crowd of 100,000 people on one of its days... Hell there was 65,000 on the last day (And well, cons... their last days are usually... weaker) Got a few more than 700 streetpass tags. All of them had FE:A data. Yet, for 100,000-- that'd mean only about 7 in 1000 people had a 3DS. No way in hell is that figure even remotely close to true, especially at a con, where the populace is skewed towards the nerdy. Now, yes, it may kick out ORO's for actual players, due to 50 tag limit. But still, I should've seen some OROs during Con. Today, I got another couple tags whilst walking about 10 miles-- err I got 1 tag out a group of kids that had between them 4 3DSs. And of course, the 1 tag I got? FE:A data. (Scrubby team-- although he did have Limit Breakers and an irritating Kellam!Nah, but that's not the point) Yet, a thought occurred to me: FE:A is the -only- 3DS game that I have Streetpass for, and I'm not sure Swapnote works entirely well with Streetpass (I mean it does, supposedly). For me, FE:A was a System-seller, although I do have Tales of the Abyss, and Paper Mario Sticker Star, but neither of those games have Streetpass functions. (I do not have Mii Plaza despite it being free, which is the main go-to Streetpass thing.) ...so perhaps, FE:A doesn't exactly register non-FE:A streetpasses, but reads tags for other games (and things like Mii Plaza) and generates those as Outrealm Orders.
  23. I have a US physical copy and I noticed something while borrowing my brother's 3DS for streetpass. On my brother's 3DS, I update the map for streetpass teams, save, and then proceed to parley with the teams on my 3DS. Afterwards, I re-insert the game into my brother's 3DS and repeat the process. When I updated the map again, the same streetpass teams from before appeared again. I tested this multiple times to see if maybe my brother just streetpassed the same people multiple times, but a team from someone who was only met once kept appearing. So what does this mean? If you set up a team with stat boosters, glass weapons, and other "hard to find" items, you can have a constant supply of those items without having to wait hours for another streetpass.
  24. There have been a few other Rate-My-Teams this week and since I'm going to start my StreetPass team playthrough soon, I figured it wouldn't hurt to post my team to get some feedback. The following is pasted from a word document I used for a couple hours in order to organize my options. --- Skill priority: Lethality > Rightful King > Counter > Vengeance > Lucky 7 > Miracle Avatar – xNowi 1. Limit Breaker 2. Lethality 3. Counter 4. Vengeance 5. Lucky 7 - All male classes Morgan – AvatarxNowi – inherit Counter 1. Limit Breaker 2. Lethality 3. Counter 4. Vengeance 5. Lucky 7 - Manakete Nah – AvatarxNowi – inherit Counter 1. Limit Breaker 2. Lethality 3. Counter 4. Vengeance 5. Lucky 7 - Manakete Lucina – ChromxOlivia – inherit Aether 1. Limit Breaker 2. Lethality – from Olivia 3. Rightful King – always 4. Luna – always 5. Hit+20 – always - Great Lord, Paladin, GK, Bow Knight, Sniper, SM, Assassin, Falcon Knight, Dark Flier Inigo – ChromxOlivia – inherit Rightful King & Galeforce 1. Limit Breaker 2. Lethality – always 3. Rightful King – from Chrom 4. Counter – always 5. Aegis – from Chrom - Hero, Bow Knight, SM, Assassin, Berserker, Warrior, Paladin, Great Knight, Sniper Fathers’ skills: 1. Henry – Lethality, Counter, Vengeance, Lucky 7 – Brady 2. Gaius – Lethality, Counter, Lucky 7 – Cynthia 3. Vaike – Lethality, Counter, Lucky 7 – Noire 4. Gregor – Lethality, Counter 5. Kellam – Lethality, Lucky 7, Miracle 6. Lon’qu – Lethality, Lucky 7 – Gerome 7. Stahl – Lethality 8. Libra – Vengeance, Miracle – Owain 9. Donnel – Counter 10. Ricken – N/A 11. Virion – N/A 12. Frederick – N/A Brady –HenryxMaribelle – needs Lethality + 2 skills – inherit Galeforce [Miracle – always] 1. Limit Breaker 2. Lethality – from Henry 3. Counter – from Henry 4. Vengeance – from Henry 5. Lucky 7 – from Henry - War Monk, Sage, Paladin, GK, Dark Knight, Assassin, Trickster, Berserker, Warrior, Sorcerer Cynthia –GaiusxSumia – needs Lethality + 2 skills – inherit Counter 1. Limit Breaker 2. Lethality – from Gaius 3. Counter – from Gaius 4. Lucky 7 – from Gaius 5. Miracle – always - Falcon Knight, Dark Flier, GK, General, War Cleric, Sage, SM, Assassin, Trickster Noire – VaikexTharja – needs Lethality + 2 skills – inherit Counter 1. Limit Breaker 2. Lethality – from Vaike 3. Counter – from Vaike 4. Vengeance – always 5. Lucky 7 – from Vaike - Bow Knight, Sniper, GK, General, Dark Knight, Sorcerer, Hero, Assassin, Trickster Gerome – Lon’quxCherche – needs Lethality + Lucky 7 – inherit Dual Support+ 1. Limit Breaker 2. Lethality – from Lon’qu 3. Counter – always 4. Lucky 7 – from Lon’qu 5. Miracle – always - Wyvern Lord, Griffon Rider, Hero, Warrior, War Monk, Sage, SM, Assassin, Trickster Lon'qu speed > Kellam Owain – LibraxLissa – needs Vengeance – inherit Galeforce 1. Limit Breaker 2. Lethality – always 3. Counter – always 4. Vengeance – from Libra 5. Miracle – always - SM, Assassin, Berserker, Warrior, War Monk, Sage, Dark Knight, Sorcerer --- I gave Nah access all the classes because Nowi doesn't give any of my desired skills. That leaves Brady, Cynthia, and Noire to take fathers 1-3. I know these children aren't optimal for what I'm trying to do, but I just picked what color hair I wanted the kids to have from those 3 parents. I know I could use Severa or Laurent to get more Vengeance, but I really just picked my favorite 9 children and gave them what I could. I'm not using more avatars because I want supports for DLC on this file, too. Chrom must marry Olivia or Sully to give Lethality to Lucina, but Sully's kid can't get Rightful King. My skill priority for Lucina and Owain is Counter > Vantage > Luna of their available skills (besides LB, Lethality, and RK). What skills should I give these two, and what do you think of the team?
  25. For my next playthrough, I want to make my StreetPass team. I made this topic to discuss what the most effective way to make your StreetPass team get a kill is. This is so that if someone is playing Classic, they will have to reset to beat you without losing a character. The goal is to force them to have to battle you multiple times before defeating your team. The team will have maximum stats and will assume that the person battling it also has maxed out characters. So, what do you think is the best strategy? Counter-Miracle suicide? Lethality? High Crit? Mire spam? Double Bow trolling?
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