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Found 3 results

  1. So I really want a Ebon Wing, and doing the Royal Royale DLC seems to be the best way to get them - Problem is, I can't to save my life not beat it. I mean, I'm by no means bad, but the rng just screws me so incredibly hard it isn't even funny... Anyone else who has problems with this dlc? I'm looking for some tips, to make my life a little easier. I've tried Ryoma, but due to me not landing hits, getting crits or triggering astra, I just get absolutely destroyed. Kagero and Saizo die from one hit anyway, so it's a given I can't rely much on them for anything other than lowering stats and chip damage. I've tried pairing them up with Ryoma, pairing them up with themselves or eachother, but no - If Effie as much as glances at any character they're dead :/ I have tried Elise, which went ok, until I missed a shot and then a couple turns later misplaced Effie one square. Leo get's hammered pretty hard once Effie gets down to the southern part - And Sakura can't seem to scratch Leo's team. Xander seems obvious, but Peri is super squishy and can't take a hit either - So I'm not sure what to do there :/ As you can see, I'm not sure what to do - I've read some people having an easy time with the DLC, but that must mean I'm doing something horribly wrong :/ Any tips or helpful advice is much appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm having some difficulty with getting a clear for chapter 2 on H2. This is my first time playing this mode and my only other experience with this game is me roflstomping it with mounted units on NM, once. So I'm basically playing it blind. Anyway, my MU is a male noble/kind/recluse cav, I have no access to lunatic stat boosts or dlc content, and I got through the prologue and ch1 rather well. On chapter 2, I figured the best idea is to have Palla kill the thief and then have her flee west and then south to run from the cavalier reinforcements, while my other units ignore the bridge key village and run towards Palla to protect her from the cavs and dragons who she will unavoidably aggro. I can take the cavs and the first wave of dragon knights just fine, but the remaining ~3 on the mountains and the ones over the water are a pain to aggro. I can't just sit on the edge of their range, no, I have to go into it and then they ALL come after me at once and I just get overwhelmed. Any ideas on how to deal with this?
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