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Found 3 results

  1. For me, it was as early as day 10. My hair grows straight ...at the beginning until half way were it decides to curl. If I don't mange my hair I end up looking like a hobo George Washington. The problem was my last hair cut was a few weeks after the quarantine started. Anyway I going to do something with my hair I haven't have seen i was 7. I'm going to make myself an Afro baby! I only got a few days left until I can finally get a hair cut, may as well do something a little bit fun. I'm about to be looking like a white trash Bob Ross. I know, I have a strange unit promotion. Now spill the beans! Let's find out whats going on with your hair! Don't hide everything!
  2. Narcian, Wyvern General Green Axe Flier 5★ Lv. 40 Stats: Hp: 42 Atk: 29 Spd: 29 Def: 32 Res: 26 Total: 158 Default Skills: Weapon: Emerald Axe+ Assist: -- Special: Vengeance Passive A: -- Passive B: Lancebreaker 3 Passive C: Savage Blow 3 Overview: A quick glance at Narcian’s stat spread reveal a very well-rounded unit – perhaps too well rounded. Narcian’s stats put him in a very awkward place where nearly any build he can run is done better by another axe flier. Even his “strength” of physical bulk is outdone by both Beruka and Michalis. Narcian does sport high Res for an axe flier, which brings to mind a possible magic-baiting, DC build, but it is difficult to justify using this when Camilla: Bewitching Beauty has +5 Res on him in addition to slighter higher offensive stats at the cost of some physical bulk. Things are bleak for the man of unparalleled abilities, but such is the life of a low tier unit, and in this analysis I will attempt to highlight builds that allow Narcian the limelight he so desperately craves. Pros: He is a flier, and therefore is extremely mobile and can take advantage of powerful flier buffs. Green color and decent magical bulk allow him to tank the oppressive Reinhardt. His default skill set is perfect for assassinating lance units, making him a worthwhile Arena Assault unit with minimal investment. He makes use of all his stats, making him a solid choice for Summoner and Ally support. Has glorious hair. Cons: His well-rounded stats mean he’s going to be outclassed by his green axe rivals in nearly any role he tries to fulfill. 29/29 offensive stats means he generally struggles against non-blue units. Limited merge potential – at this time of writing can only be raised to +5. No access to IVs/natures to help rectify his statistical woes. If he passes a mirror, he will cease battling to admire his prowess. Builds: (A Note on Passive C Skills and Sacred Seals: These skills are very flexible by nature. You can put more or less anything here to complement whatever your team needs. Generally speaking, the skills I listed in these slots in the builds below are the ones I feel are his best options while giving the most flexibility in the type of Sacred Seals he can use. Adjust according to your intended team composition.) The Strong High Investment – Arena (Offense) – Standard Horse Emblem check The Clever Low Investment – Arena Assault – Lance Counter The Handsome Medium Investment – Chain Modes – Medic, Support The Righteous Very High Investment – Arena (Offense), Arena (Defense) – All-purpose Other Options: G Tomebreaker Green Tomebreaker is an option on the first build if you don’t care about the retreating properties of Hit and Run, and want to better counter Cecilia and other fast infantry greens as well. Bonfire Bonfire is always a worthwhile Special on units who have good Def, and Narcian is no exception. It works well on the The Clever build if you don’t think you need Moonbow, and it’s a solid option on The Righteous if you don’t care about wasting it on Reinhardt and can make the lost points up elsewhere. Still sort of a WIP, and sort of not. I'll edit and make changes to this depending on the kind of feedback received, and I'll probably add some more specific calc information especially for the fourth build.
  3. This thread is about two minor aesthetic suggestions regarding the updated forum. If aesthetics do not concern you, feel free to ignore this thread. On to the suggestions. Please consider them carefully. Suggestion #1: Avatars Avatars have unnecessary borders and drop shadows that can detract from the avatar itself, particularly if the avatar is designed to blend with the forum. Users should be a given a choice to use a border and drop shadow when they create their avatars instead of being forced to use one. Please remove the border and drop shadow. Suggestion #2: Favorite Fire Emblem Game / Profile Fields The 'Favorite Fire Emblem Game' profile field stretches onto two lines no matter what you put as your favourite game, making it look tacky and unwieldy. Please make it cleaner any way you can. Preview » Left image = How things are Right image = How I think they should be (The Favorite FE text doesn't matter; just an example)
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