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Found 1 result

  1. In this thread your general knowledge is tested with relevant and also trivial questions. Each day I ask you four questions, I'll give the answer one day later. How to answer? Select your answer in the poll. It's annonymous so one can be blamed. The purpose of this thread is the fun factor and maybe to learn the one or other thing. Of course you can submit questions too by sending me a PM. Each question shall have four answer possibilites to make it similar to quiz shows like Who wants to be a Millionair. Day 1 Question 1: How is the phenomenon called when the moon sets between sun and earth? a: new moon b: full moon c: solar eclipse d: lunar eclipse Question 2: The Dutchman Max Verstappen is the youngest... a: student on Oxford University b: winner of a Formula 1 race c: Noble Peace Price Winner d: daddy on earth Question 3: The distance of the mainland of which countries amounts less than 100 km? a: Iceland + North Pole b: Argentina + South Pole c: USA + Russia d: Japan + North Corea Question 4: The current Prime Minister of the UK is... a: March b: April c: May d: June
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