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Found 3 results

  1. Your Summer II banner is a Sacred Stones OC mix with Summer Eirika, Summer Nifil, Summer Lyon, and Summer Duo Thor. Tempest Trial unit is Summer Seth.
  2. Since we pretty much have three months left till July. We know that the Summer Banners are going to be around July and August every year. Since Ylisse, Nohr, Nifl and Muspell, Ellibe, and Fodlan got one. What are your thoughts on what 2 realms that we might get in this year? I was hoping that we could see some full Valentia and Tellius Summer Banners since we haven't gotten a Valentia and Tellius exclusives banner in a while. I did think of ideal units might possibly show up in the banner are: My ideal Summer Valentia units: Clair and Gray (Duo Hero) Tobin Kliff Alm Lukas My ideal Summer Tellius units: Mist and Elena (Duo Hero) Ike Elincia Kieran Geoffrey Post what are your speculative thoughts on what two Summer Banners that we could see around July and August 2021?
  3. "A hoshidan Princess raised in Nohr. She won a ticket to a tropical island in a lottery." Stats: Hp: 31/34/37 Atk: 28/31/34 Spd: 31/34/37 Def: 19/22/25 Res: 23/26/30 Skills Weapon: Sealife Tome+ Special: Dragon Fang A Slot Skill: Swift Strike C Slot Skill: Fortify Fliers Intro: Being the second introduced Mage flyer in the game, Summer Corrin is a great unit despite some glaring weaknesses. Compared to the two other mage flyers in the game, specifically Halloween Nowi and Spring Camilla, she is faster than both of them, but has less attack than both of them. Strengths: Great movement abilities, Amazing speed, good attack, one of the top users of Blarblade+ Weaknesses: Abysmal Hp, poor def, mediocre res, weakness to arrows. Best Boons: +spd/+atk Neutral Boons: +res/+hp Worst Boons: +def Best Banes: -def Neutral Banes: -res Worst Banes: -atk/-spd/-hp And now, the builds: Bold = Best option Queen of the beach (Blarblade) Sealife Supporter (Sealife Tome) Army of Seagulls (Offensive Blarowl. Suggested by @BANRYU) Snakes on the Beach (Blarserpent) And that is all. If you think I missed a build, or I should change something, or something else, then just reply or pm me. Changelog:
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