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Found 2 results

  1. Just pulled my 3rd Ike with -Atk/+Def, last 2 are both -Atk/+Res, really frustrated right now and super tempted to pull more with 60 orbs left... I just rerolled this account 4 days ago, spent about 200-ish orbs and got 10x 5*, included Ayra and Eldigan both +spd/-res, and 3rd Ike is 11th 5* from 60 orbs. Already got everything lined up for Ike, Fury 3, Vantage 3, QR 2, Threaten Atk/Def/Spd, but with -Atk he won't be at full potential with anything. Should I pull one more? I have 60 orbs left and all the story/paralogue/quests left add up for another 60, haven't pulled the Halloween banner yet. I'm F2P btw, if the bad luck streak hits, there might be nothing left for Xmas banner :D If I should not, which build is good for -Atk/+Def Ike?
  2. I have finally gotten myself ten Cordelias in a white dress, but I still have not gotten one with an attack boon. Is there a better way for me to summon more copies of her? I have been pulling only colorless orbs unless the game forces me to pull a color orb. I have listed semi-Quadsuna, Reinhardt, and Linde for comparison. Calculations are done on June 7, 2017 with this calculator: https://kagerochart.com/legacy-damage-calc/ — — — — — — — Cordelia (Bridal Blessings) 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Resistance Bane Brave Bow+ Luna Life and Death 3 Swordbreaker 3 HP +3 (Without this, Cordelia dies to Cecilia.) Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 125 wins, 0 loss, and 9 draws Eirika (Attack +3, Speed +4): Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 133 wins, 0 loss, and 1 draw (It is Effie, just in case you are wondering. Yeah, that thick one.) — — — — — — — Setsuna 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Defense Bane Brave Bow+ Luna Life and Death 3 Swordbreaker 3 Attack +1 Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 108 wins, 2 loss, and 24 draws Eirika: Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 128 wins, 0 loss, and 6 draw — — — — — — — Reinhardt 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Hit Points Bane Dire Thunder Moonbow [Cooldown 1/2] (See Quickened Pulse.) Deathblow 3 Lancebreaker 3 Quickened Pulse (This is not on the calculator yet, but it is pretty easy to simulate its effect.) Hone Cavalry Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 123 wins, 1 loss, and 10 draws — — — — — — — Linde 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Hit Points Bane Blárblade+ Moonbow (Does not really matter.) Life and Death 3 Lancebreaker Attack +1 Eirika Max (Attack +3, Speed +4, Defense +4, Resistance +2) Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 129 wins, 2 loss, and 3 draws — — — — — — — Cordelia is not my ideal waifu (Lucina), but she is the best waifu who knows how to satisfy me. I have not checked the waifus on ponies though. Maybe they will be better at satisfying me since they have more experience riding bigger and faster things, and bigger the gang, the bigger the bang. Okay, I will stop. Forgive me. I need sleep. Edit: I extended the joke maybe a little too far.
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