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Found 7 results

  1. So the most recent Xenologue reveals that Hel, the Norse equivalent of the Devil (although she would be more akin to Hades from Greek mythology) is going to be the next villain in Fire Emblem Heroes. And that makes ridiculous amounts of sense to me. So why would Hel have beef with us summoners? Well, I would say that it's probably because we keep taking all her stuff. Hel rules over Helhiem, where all the terrible people like Surtr, Garnef, and Valter would go. You know, those guys we shoved into orbs and then brought back from the dead to fight for us for all eternity? It would make sense that Hel would hate us, because we are constantly taking all the people she's supposed to be cosmically responsible for. Surtr even comments that you plucked him from the realm of the dead when you summon him. If you owned a Deli, you'd be pretty mad if someone kept on coming into your shop, shoved your meats and cheeses into Christmas colored balls and then left without even acknowledging your existence. A large amount of the heroes we summon are dead, and if you go with the multiverse vibe that FEH lays down, its entirely possible that all the orbs we summon from contain the souls of all the characters that died while we were playing there respective games. All the times you reloaded because a character died created an alternate timeline, and the orbs are just a multiversal graveyard of sorts. It could turn out that Fire Emblem Heroes goes full Undertale on us. I would love it if that's the real reason why she's going to be the next villain. It would be so meta and so perfect if we show up in Helhiem and confront her and she just says "stop taking my stuff". I don't expect it to boil down like that, but it would be great.
  2. This is my personal wish list for FEH’s five star summoning pool. I think that there’s a lot of units that are unviable in the five star pool. I primarily updated the units present in colorless’ five star pool. Colorless hell is an awful, awful thing. Please feel free to edit this or disagree with me. I’m really interested in the way other people think about how the five star summoning should be changed. RED REMOVE: Athena Ogma Saber Seliph(?) Caeda Karel Seth ADD TO 4-5 STAR POOL: Gray Sanaki BLUE REMOVE: Abel Oscar Catria Clair Peri ADD TO 4-5 STAR POOL: Hinoka GREEN REMOVE: Camilla Sheena ADD TO 4-5 STAR POOL: Merric COLORLESS REMOVE: Rebecca Jakob Lachesis Lucius Maria ADD TO 4-5 STAR POOL: Genny Mist Jaffar
  3. While trying to get Inigo to come home, I summoned three PA! Azuras. Like, in a row. It was weird and I really only wanted the green mage dancer to come home. Anyways, I was wondering which one of these to keep and which ones to merge. The one I got first (level 40) is +Spd/-Atk. The other two (level 1) are +Spd/-Res and +Res/-Hp. Which one should I keep? (Also: please pray for me and my hunt for Inigo. I love Azura but, like, I don't need another one.)
  4. I have finally gotten myself ten Cordelias in a white dress, but I still have not gotten one with an attack boon. Is there a better way for me to summon more copies of her? I have been pulling only colorless orbs unless the game forces me to pull a color orb. I have listed semi-Quadsuna, Reinhardt, and Linde for comparison. Calculations are done on June 7, 2017 with this calculator: https://kagerochart.com/legacy-damage-calc/ — — — — — — — Cordelia (Bridal Blessings) 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Resistance Bane Brave Bow+ Luna Life and Death 3 Swordbreaker 3 HP +3 (Without this, Cordelia dies to Cecilia.) Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 125 wins, 0 loss, and 9 draws Eirika (Attack +3, Speed +4): Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 133 wins, 0 loss, and 1 draw (It is Effie, just in case you are wondering. Yeah, that thick one.) — — — — — — — Setsuna 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Defense Bane Brave Bow+ Luna Life and Death 3 Swordbreaker 3 Attack +1 Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 108 wins, 2 loss, and 24 draws Eirika: Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 128 wins, 0 loss, and 6 draw — — — — — — — Reinhardt 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Hit Points Bane Dire Thunder Moonbow [Cooldown 1/2] (See Quickened Pulse.) Deathblow 3 Lancebreaker 3 Quickened Pulse (This is not on the calculator yet, but it is pretty easy to simulate its effect.) Hone Cavalry Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 123 wins, 1 loss, and 10 draws — — — — — — — Linde 5*40+10 Attack Boon / Hit Points Bane Blárblade+ Moonbow (Does not really matter.) Life and Death 3 Lancebreaker Attack +1 Eirika Max (Attack +3, Speed +4, Defense +4, Resistance +2) Initiation against Neutral 5*40+10: 129 wins, 2 loss, and 3 draws — — — — — — — Cordelia is not my ideal waifu (Lucina), but she is the best waifu who knows how to satisfy me. I have not checked the waifus on ponies though. Maybe they will be better at satisfying me since they have more experience riding bigger and faster things, and bigger the gang, the bigger the bang. Okay, I will stop. Forgive me. I need sleep. Edit: I extended the joke maybe a little too far.
  5. This one's probably going to be an odd question and I don't know if someone's already done this, but thought I might throw this out as a question to any math/probability nerds around (and all glory and honor to thee, math nerds, because even though I'm a university history major most high school math lies far beyond my grasp) but I was trying to work this out for a friend of mine who's been stockpiling her orbs. She's waiting on some of her faves (one blue and one green both in the 4*-5* group specifically) and I'm trying to figure out if it works out better from a probability point of view for her to just stick to summoning blue and green or if it works out better from a probability vs. cost point of view to just keep doing a full summon each time. So, trying to work it out myself, I started with identifying the number of each unit in-game by color and star: 5* - Red 18, Blue 12, Green 9, Colorless 9 4* - Red 26, Blue 19, Green 15, Colorless 20 3* - Red 15, Blue 12, Green 9, Colorless 13 And then I tried to break each down to a percentage chance per unit by color: Red Orb: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/18 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.167% per character 36% for 4*, 1/26 of 36% which would basically work out to 1.38% per character 61% for 3*, 1/15 of 61% which would basically work out to 4.07% per character Blue Orb: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/12 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.25% per character 36% for 4*, 1/19 of 36% which would basically work out to 1.89% per character 61% for 3*, 1/12 of 61% which would basically work out to 5.08% per character Green Orb: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/9 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.33% per character 36% for 4*, 1/15 of 36% which would basically work out to 2.4% per character 61% for 3*, 1/9 of 61% which would basically work out to 6.78% per character Colorless: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/9 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.33% per character 36% for 4*, 1/20 of 36% which would basically work out to 1.8% per character 61% for 3*, 1/13 of 61% which would basically work out to 4.69% per character But this leaves me with a few questions that I was hoping anyone who's been working with stats for the game so far would be able to clarify: If the color isn't in focus, does that 3% just not apply? Is there an equal chance of getting the four different colors in a five-summon group or is it distributed based on the number of units in each category? (With higher chance for example of red showing up in a summoning block than, say, green?) And if one could work out an overage or a percentage of the number of times that a color would appear in the summoning group, could one then use this to more or less predict, if dumping a set number of orbs in (say 100 orbs in one batch for example), what the probability would be of coming up with certain characters? Most of what I'm managing to accomplish with this is hurting my brain at this point, lol, but I'm wondering if anyone could either fill in some blanks or make corrections to where I'm making any wrong assumptions or guesswork on this.
  6. Anyone have any ideas on who I should train up to beat chapter 9-5 on Lunatic? Would be good to finish it before summoning again.
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