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Found 6 results

  1. Since everyone is telling me it's ok, I guess I will bring it up. I've been into Smash Brothers since the very beginning of the series. It's been my favorite game series for a long time. The original will always be my favorite entry. So when I found out from an N64 Mod YouTuber by the name of Snooplax that there was a mod of Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 64 I was hooked But... We need to do story time. Snooplax made a video of a Scam artist doing a Kickstarter for Smash 64. The "mod" was called Smash Overload... It was terrible.... Horrible models and obviously just pasting character models over Existing fighters. The Kickstarter was immediately shut down because of intense backlash. However Snooplax taught me there was hope for Smash 64 fans.... A team of Nintendo 64 modders of the highest quality formed and dedicated their time to creating Smash Remix. Am expansion Mod Pack for Smash 64 Unlike Overload this Project is 100% nonprofit and refuses donations This mod adds a lot fresh content in. For starters: As of Today we got 12 fighters added Dr.Mario Ganondorf Falco and Young Link were the first release The mod began to get a decent following. Then followed Dark Samus. As time went on the started to do Smash ultimate style Trailers for characters Wario became the first Original non Clone fighter they made bases on his Wario Land moveset. They also added the ability to play as Bosses such as Metal Mario and Giant Donkey Kong Then came Lucas. Unfortunately Lucas is considered BY FAR the worst character. Bowser got his own preview which even including a fully Playable Giga Bowser made from Scratch. They also added 12 character battle which functions as Smash down from Ultimate. Next added was Wolf and a decent surprise Conker the Squirrel from Conker's Bad Fur Day. Along side a new classic mode that is always different every time you play it as the opponents are always random excluding certain rounds. Hell, they even made an April fool's day joke a playable character, Mad Piano from Super Mario 64. The Most Current update added Mewtwo from Pokémon. Along side a new All Star mode. But the biggest thing of reference for this Forum.... At the end of their 1.0.0 update video they left the Newly debuted Mewtwo defeating everyone in battle. Everyone was powerless against him... But then a familiar light sound played... The Legendary Hero King from the Kingdom of Altea, Marth became the final fighter added for this update. Marth was given his own Stage with Castle Seige and Caeda can be seen flying in the background. They put a lot of effort into him. The cape was the hardest part due to physics not being easy to animate. This mod is very incredible and I love it's got a fanbase. I really hope we see Roy added in the future. Marth and Roy are Smash legends. I hope you all like my little history lesson about this amazing project. There is still a lot they have planned. But for now I'd like to leave you all with a snippet of that teams talent. I'm gonna show you guys an Excerpt from the Trailer where Marth was revealed. I hope you all enjoy it https://youtu.be/f2osQ6IDV8U For more indepth info check here https://n64squid.com/smash-remix/
  2. I love Smash Bros to Death. Remember playing 64 in the 90s. I still remember that famous Commercial. However I had a question I wanted to know. Are discussions of Smash Mods allowed on this Forum? I'm not talking stuff like Nude Mods, or something immoral. I mean like Gameplay Modifications. Project M is the most famous of which. I was planning on sharing my fellow fans of Smash a Mod I am following intensely for the Original Game on the Nintendo 64. Smash Remix. For those of you WHO KNOW about Smash Remix you guys might know WHY I wanted to share it with you guys. I just want to make sure it's allowed to talk about Mods for Smash here.
  3. So next January apex 2015 will roll around which does tournaments for each smash and will include 4 most likely because it comes out shortly before. Apex has a tournament for each smash including Project M and also has doubles tournaments as well. I plan on going if I can, I'll make it happen. I need to have true tourney experience. As much as I win a lot inmy group of friends aand local smash fighters. I need to truly test my limits and grow. I think I'll do decent till I have to face one of the true pros lol One of my dreams is to Marth ditto with Ken someday haha even if Marth isn't my main main Who is planning on going.
  4. We have a fun 3DS mode as we know as smash run. But there are some hidden features apprently http://ssb4dojo.com/post/91418222611/the-hidden-stats-of-smash-run I also thought this could be a nice thread for just SMASH RUN and maybe when the game comes out a general thread for Smash Run set ups and such
  5. http://smashboards.com/threads/nintendo-to-run-3ds-tournament-at-san-diego-comic-con.360695/ Nintendo sure is busy these days aren't they.
  6. Source http://gamingbolt.co...-revealed-at-e3 Get excited everyone, and let more speculation begin! I remember making my own list of possible characters in this little thing of mine.. if you want to see it then look here http://jedisupersonic.deviantart.com/#/d4qoziv But I will probably re-think my ideas here. This was just random smash hype mode about a year ago for me.
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