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Found 1 result

  1. I wasn't able to find another topic like this on the forums (though it likely does exist), so here goes: If you could add any playable units and/or supports into Awakening, who/which would they be? My top picks are: For Units: Raimi Phila Mustafa Pheros For Supports: Chrom x Cordelia Chrom x Gangrel (this one would have to require really superb writing) Chrom x Walhart Chrom x Priam Basilio x Flavia (all the way into an S-Support; it would have been really cool if they got married and had a kid that was part of the future squad) Basilio x Lon'qu Basilio x Olivia Basilio x Chrom Basilio x Mustafa Basilio x Vaike Flavia x Raimi Flavia x Lucina Emmeryn x Chrom Emmeryn x Lissa Emmeryn x Frederick Emmeryn x Gangrel Gangrel x Aversa Walhart x Pheros Say'ri x Yen'fay Say'ri x Lon'qu Say'ri x Lucina Olivia x Priam I'd be curious to hear other people's ideas for units and supports! =)
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