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Found 10 results

  1. this is fire emblem the plot stones a 35% serious hack of the sacred stones story 3 "friends" travel to distant lands to settle down and start anew but something is lurking in the shadows lurking HARD complete Development story 10% classes 97% maps 35% characters 45% "balance" 75%? changes from base game armor knights now have 5 move good stats and can use ALL four weapon types cavilers have 6 move and can use axes healers get double exp solders can promote snipers have 15 extra crit thats about it
  2. prediction for smash ultimate exactly 37 new fire emblem characters specifically from three houses and Arthur the luckiest man alive (there all clones of Ike)
  3. where would you go to post a hack i got a finished hack and i would like to post it
  4. Fire Emblem: Awakening uses a font called Chiaro Std B Bold, which is the same font The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask use. (Not the 3DS remakes, however.) It can be found here. 7th down from the top. Unfortunately I couldn't quiiiiiteee get the spacing and formatting 100% accurate to in-game, but if anyone figures it out for a 240p image, let me know! I hope fan works really can use this! -Robotortoise Also here's the stupid thing I did with the font
  5. [10:38 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: its ok not everyone can be a brony [10:39:30 PM] Hiro Protagonist: yeah i'm just a bro [10:39:39 PM] Hiro Protagonist: or so i tell myself at night [10:39:44 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: haha [10:39:50 PM] Hiro Protagonist: if you say BRO a lot you become a BRO prolly [10:39:57 PM] Hiro Protagonist: just like those RPG characters [10:39:59 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: BRO [10:40:01 PM] Hiro Protagonist: IM GOING TO BE A HERO [10:40:07 PM] Hiro Protagonist: said shirou [10:40:22 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: nowai shirou's a SUPERHERO [10:40:34 PM] Hiro Protagonist: IM GOING TO BE A SCIENTOLOGIST but that doesnt work that way you have to give the church wads of bux [10:40:36 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: like in that one bad ending in heaven's feel [10:40:54 PM] Hiro Protagonist: yeah but the good ending was a bad ending because saber died [10:40:59 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: troo [10:41:25 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: I like how when you get the bad end where you try to keep her alive [10:41:27 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: they're like [10:41:33 PM] Hiro Protagonist: although you got to play from Rin's perspective i guess because ever since the prologue i was like CANT WAIT FOR THIS AGAIN jk the prologue sucked there were no death scenes [10:41:40 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: UNFORTUNATELY SABER MUST DIE IN THIS ROUTE [10:41:46 PM] Hiro Protagonist: GET FUCKED [10:41:47 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: IF YOU LIKE SABER GTFO [10:41:48 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: wow you can't skip farina's recruitment convo even after you payed her [10:41:57 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: she must be hectors troo waifu [10:42:01 PM] Hiro Protagonist: wow horace [10:42:03 PM] Hiro Protagonist: urrite [10:42:06 PM] Hiro Protagonist: irrefutable proof [10:42:08 PM] Hiro Protagonist: brb making a thread [10:42:17 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: haha [10:42:26 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: i hope farina is actually on my list otherwise i just wasted a lot of money [10:42:31 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: YES [10:42:34 PM] Hiro Protagonist: i was going to say something about F/SN but i forgot [10:43:02 PM] Hiro Protagonist: hahaha horace [10:44:43 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: i dun see thread [10:44:53 PM] scorrikitty: i ate it I await the inevitable lame replies and non sequiturs. Just know that I didn't expect better of you, so neither should you! Not that this thread deserves any amazing replies, but it'd be nice if it got one! Or over 10,000.
  6. Pretty easy. Who is/are your main character(s) in all three games? 64: Ness and Mario Melee: Falco and Marth, Sheik when I feel like trolling. Brawl: Olimar and King Speedede
  7. Edit: I'm gonna make this entire thing look less shitty-full. Hello, good members of Serenes Forest! It is I, the Duckiest member of SF! Anyway, welcome to my Playlog of FE7. The game will be played on LHM and HNM, because hard mode is hard. I will also only use characters I like. Except for some chapters where I'll have trouble without characters I don't like. I said earlier that I would be recording it, but I feel like screenshots will be more entertaining for you and me. Characters being used are the Lords, Sain, DErk, Rath, Lucius, Guy, Duck Raven, Priscilla, Bartre the Brave, Fiora, Sexy Beast Heath, Magic Man, Dart the pirate who gives no shits, and I think that's it. Only few will make the final level. SPOILERS: One of each weapon type. Dedicated to Poly, for his help with screenshots. So, I'm starting over, and for the sake of everyone, I will try to get Lyn Mode over as soon as possible.
  8. Looking at the FE4A mug for the characters gave me this idea. Would it be possible to create FE13 with all the GBA mechanics? It would have GBA graphics and art, so Gregor/Inigo's Hero outfit would be like Dieck's in my sig, for example. I would also be all for changing classes like Dark Knight and Sorcerer back to their GBA names, Mage Knight and Druid respectively. It would also have Light magic, meaning the magic triangle would be back. War Monks would change to Bishops because of this (Imagine Libra). Donnel would become similar to Ross and Amelia and Ewan, he would just upgrade into Merc and Fighter, like the other trainees. Also, no buyable Nosferatus or Rescues, and no pair up. The rescue command would be used. What do you guys think of this idea? And is it possible to GBA-ize FE13?
  9. So then Stahl vs. Sully. Arguably the two best non-MU units in the game. Naturally this debate will be happening according to the tier lists rules. I could post them but they should be well known by now so there isn't much reason. They both boast a massive amount of good qualities and few weaknesses. Stahl naturally has more strength and defense while Sully has more speed. This means the debate will basically come down to which stats are better... Seeing as how they're practically identical otherwise. First off we should naturally figure out how they do early-game as it's the easiest to predict and hardest part. Sully has one chapter on Stahl. That chapter is fairly unimportant and extremely quick but it's still a chance for Sully to contribute when Stahl can't and get EXP that Stahl can't. So let's look at Chapter 1. This chapter is pretty easy thanks to you probably not using more than 2 pairs and your team being able to just stand on forts and destroy the map in 3-5 turns. Sully can double the Fighters with Chrom at base but so can Frederick and Avatar. Avatar and Frederick both take more and do more damage at this point but she can still take Chrom and hang out on the fort. I think a level in this map should be more than fair depending on how you play. So we go into Chapter 2 with them looking something like this... (I procced Sully in her >50% growths) UNIT CLASS LV.XP HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS WEAPON RANK SULLY CAV 3.00 21 8 1 9 9 7 7 2 D LANCES STAHL CAV 2.00 22 8 0 7 6 5 8 1 D SWORDS So the only really pronounced lead is Sully's +3 speed. That's not that big though because if Sully wants to double then she has to take Chrom which leaves her durability kind of lacking, for example Fighters (17 attack) will be doing about 10 damage, Soldiers (15 attack) will be doing roughly 8, and Mercenaries (14 attack) do about 7. That means that every enemy on the map 3HKOes her when she's doubling while Stahl manages to not be 3HKOed by Mercs but that's before pair up. So if you want her to have a good EP she isn't going to be doubling. Making her speed lead irrelevant. Sully's best options are Vaike and Frederick... same as Stahl. They both die at about the same rates depending on which character they take. I'll say they can each take 2 levels here without too much pain. That's a good amount and reflects their contributions (basically best non-Frederick units). They both basically 2-3HKO. So in Chapter 3 Stahl has, +2 hp (95% growth... I'm just giving too him) +1 strength, skill, speed, luck, defense. Sully has, +1 hp, strength, skill, speed, luck, defense. The Chapter is interesting. Sully can take the javelin from Kellam for 1-2 range but it makes her attack rather bad (12+ attack depending on who she pairs with and enemies have 3-4 defense (if not a Knight) and 9 defense (if a Knight)) So she does 8-9 damage a hit with the javelin per hit, this can rise to 12-13 with Vaike or Frederick not a KO, if she takes Chrom to double she needs dual-attacks to 1-round. On top of this that javelin has 25 uses for 3-4 chapters so she can't really overuse it for constant counters. This map is great for working Stahl's lance rank so he'll take the Bronze Lance while Sully takes the Iron Lance. Again they do just about the same 2HKOing adn getting 3-6HKOed (depending on Vaike or Frederick). They both get a level and Stahl probably gets to D lances. That basically sums them up through P1 and C4, Sully can double with Chrom but her durability isn't good enough for this in most circumstances for her to keep up with Stahl while Stahl's durability and attack begin to get better than Sully's. Chapter 5~ is when Sully typically starts to reliably double most enemies with Vaike or Frederick. But at this time Stahl's durability becomes pretty concrete (taking 1-3 damage from all) and Stahl can actually double several enemies with Lon'qu. The comparison for the next couple of chapters basically relies on whether Sully is taking Frederick (her win), Vaike (pretty even but with Stahl taking a slight edge imo) or Chrom (easily Stahl). The problem with Sully taking Fred though is she takes him from Sumia, who really likes those boosts. She can use Frederick almost as well though so the cost isn't that large. As time goes on Stahl gets Cordelia to make him better against Mages (though he's still pretty bad) and he's still even (Frederick) to better (other). To make him a bit better for mid-game. I'd say Late-game is fairly even or in Stahl's favor because Sully can go Wyvern for an overall improvement (although her axe rank starts bad, nothing Discipline can't fix). While his superior defense and strength growths allow Stahl to stay even or ahead on strength and defense while not being weak to bows, which are pretty numerous in those chapters. They're both great but Hungry Guy in Green > Red-Haired Transgender story. I can go into more detail soon but I want to see what you have to say.
  10. Essentially, what I'm trying to figure out is how to create a webpage similar to http://www.fireemblemwod.net/fe6/guiafe6/ENG_cap7.htm ^ that. Just the map part though, the whole uploading of an image and attaching a tag to specific parts of it. I know this is a terribly worded question/post, I apologize.
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