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Found 4 results

  1. After many, many resets for a good initial seed, this is finally started!
  2. Is was looking around tasvidios.org and i noticed that shadow dragon recently had a tool assisted speedrun put up. I found this exciting because the record holding real-time run on sda is so badly recorded that it is unwatchable. The tasvidios page is here: http://tasvideos.org/2690M.html Also, here is the actual video: What do you guys think of it?
  3. I know I stirred up a lot of controversy in how I quit these forums, especially since I made an alt account shortly after which eventually got banned. The best explanation I can give was that I was in a dark place in my life and turned to videogames as a way to escape life's pressures, which eventually spiralled out of control. That's behind me now. I'm in good health, have a job, going to university in a program I like and while I'm not necessarily brimming with happiness, I am level headed and focused on what I want out of life. That being said, there's something about FE: Radiant Dawn that has me always coming back for more, no matter how hard I've tried to stay away from the game. So I figured I might as well give in and there isn't any harm in playing the game a couple of hours a day so long as I don't neglect my other responsibilities. There's nothing wrong with having a hobby, even if that hobby is playing a strategy RPG. It makes me forget about time, I just love and crave planning out chapters and exhibiting my strategies through speedrunning. I couldn't think of a better way to unwind after a hard day's work, and I don't care how strange that sounds. I can't say I miss debating tier lists since that always seems to devolve into an unresolvable philosophical shitstorm about how units are actually compared. Hence the wealth of alternate & experimental tier lists, and topics like this and this. Thus, I probably won't even be logging in here that much, but rather spending time actually making videos and streaming my attempts. Speaking of which, I am pretty angry at myself about deleting my original "Vykan12" youtube and am vigilantly working to restore all the videos I deleted (at least the ones I cared about). So far I've restored most of it, with the following remaining: -Some FE6 warpskip videos (about halfway done) -FE10 low turn count videos -Some special FE10 videos (eg/ Kill Hetzel in 1 turn, 11 triangle attacks in 1 turn) In addition to that, I will be working on an FE10 TAS as soon as I get my capture card working and 2 new FE10 speedruns (hard mode 43 segment run & easy mode single segment). Tl;dr, I hope I didn't tarnish my reputation too much with my ragequitting antics. I've given so much to this community, the topics I have stickied alone should be evidence of that. It would be a pity if some lapse of judgment I had a long time ago would make people remember me with contempt. Though if that's the case, there's nothing I can really do.
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