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Found 3 results

  1. In this thread, I will talk to you about a personal favourite of mine, none other than General Tauroneo, a former Great Rider of Daein. While Tauroneo is also a Path of Radiance character, I'm posting this thread in this section because he's way more important in Radiant Dawn and also because this section is way more active than the other two sections. I was sad how low he ranked in the CYL poll and I am disappointed why other people don't see him as a good character. What could be the reason behind this? Background Knowledge Tauroneo was born into a family of knights who have served the royal family as revealed in his B support conversation with Rolf. Being proud of his tradition, he made his son a knight as well. Unfortunately, his son Josh was severely wounded and his wife got mad at him. To make matters worse, Tauroneo's pride made him train his younger son to become a general but that only served to make his family even madder at his insolence and they left him. In hindsight, he realises his mistake but is made to live with the consequences. This explains why he's always sad to see children fight in a war because he's almost lost his son to war. Path of Radiance The first time you see Tauroneo is in Path of Radiance chapter 21 where he is tasked with defending Daein Keep. Ashnard has all but abandoned Daein and most of the country has been run amok by a coalition of Begnion and Crimean invaders, yet despite such odds, Tauroneo bravely fights on demonstrating his resolve making him a perfect candidate for the skill resolve which quite fittingly makes him stronger the worse his situation is. Despite Tauroneo serving an evil king, he's shown to be morally upright to the extent that he's willing to side with the enemy despite his whole life being dedicated to serving Daein. This is an example of character development as he's finally putting aside his pride unlike when he still had his family. Furthermore, if he gets attacked by children, he laments the fact that children have to fight in wars. This is in spite of FE lords, who are supposed to be paragons of morality, putting children in their army. What makes it even better is that he lives in an evil country so him having such morals speaks volumes about his strength of character. Other than that, Tauroneo also shows a warrior nature in his generic enemy battle conversation and his conversation against Ashnard making him a multi-dimensional character. Radiant Dawn Part One As a character, Tauroneo truly shines in Radiant Dawn. The first time you meet him is in chapter 1-5 where Tauroneo, Zihark and Jill valiantly face off against an entire army of Begnion soldiers. Once again, Tauroneo shows us why he deserves to equip the resolve skill. After the battle, his patience is truly tested by Izuka yet he remains steadfast (1)(2 ) and doesn't give in to immoral tactics. Once again in chapter 1-7, Tauroneo shows us that he's powerful and brave enough to single handily act as a distraction to make it possible to free prisoners. While he usually agrees with Micaiah and against Izuka, he's someone who can think for himself. When Begnion took prisoners hostage at Shifu swamp, Tauroneo actually agreed with Izuka and went against Micaiah thinking that rescuing the prisoners is reckless. Radiant Dawn Part Three In part 3, he's put into stressful situations having to fight his former allies for the sake of his country. When Pelleas begs Micaiah to return to the battlefield, Tauroneo tells Pelleas he agrees with Sothe which again goes to show that despite his loyalty to his king, he is willing to criticize him. It also shows that he's a very caring individual who wants what is best for Micaiah. Even after the blood pact is revealed, he thinks about whether leaving the country allows one to escape the blood pact which goes to show he's quite the inquisitive fellow who likes to ponder. Furthermore, he himself is willing to stay in Daein despite the fact it was in such a peril which goes to show he's not willing to abandon his country at any costs. In chapter 3-12, he questions whether Micaiah really wants to go through with the oil plan once again showing how despite being extremely loyal to authority, he's still willing to question it. Regardless, he's willing to give deserved praise to Micaiah for being strong enough to make such a tough and painful decision which goes to show he's willing to give credit where it's due and is in turn inspired by her own resolve. Once Ike arrived and Sothe was captured by Tibarn, he went in front of Micaiah to defend her from Ike and Ranulf, showing his reputation as a white knight. After Micaiah was put into a situation where she failed to give orders, Tauroneo steps up and orders the army to retreat, demonstrating that even in a tight spot, he is calm, collected and intelligent. Later on, he is loyal enough to follow through with Pelleas' orders to kill him no matter which of the three choices you choose which goes to show he can make tough decisions in terrible circumstances. He's willing to throw praise to Pelleas when he truly deserves it which shows that Tauroneo is a man who gives respect when it is deserved. Ending Tauroneo ends up becoming the leader of the army after Micaiah becomes Queen. He is also stated to be a pillar of statesmanship which goes to show that he's great at politics.
  2. Frankly these two knights have really humorous chins but I can't decide which is better. What do you guys think? And yes this goes into FFtF for obvious reasons. Bors: Binding Blade/Sword of Seals Valbo: Gaiden Edit: I have decided to end the the poll at 40 votes. Unless a tie occurs.
  3. I'm planning on doing a rather... interesting run of this game on normal where my endgame units will be: Ilyana - Rexbolt Tormod - Rexflame Heather - Baselard and Peshkatz (Because Sothe gets benched anyway) Mist - Alondite Elincia - Amiti Fiona - Wishblade Zihark - Vague Katti Jill - Urvan Laura - Valaura/Staff Tauroneo - Silver Greatlance Will I have an awful time with Ike's group with only long terming Ike, Ilyana, Mist, and Heather? I think I'll also use Oscar and Mia a little.
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