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Found 3 results

  1. Hoping to get some advice on a new team I want to put together. The plan is to use Marth (4*), Camilla (5*), Nowi (4*) and Robin (4*). Only issue is feathers are a pain to save up and I only have enough at the moment to upgrade one of these units to 5 stars. Which one will make the most difference? I was thinking Nowi since she feels very weak in her 4* form (she is a real pain to level up in training without her getting one-shotted by something and dying). That being said, is Nowi really the best option to upgrade to 5* or will Marth/Robin have a bigger impact in battles? That being said, I screen-shotted my main units of relevance in case anyone sees any better options.
  2. Discussion Thread for the Best Worst idea for teams possible - Buff Armor/Cavalry/Fliers teams. I'd like to discuss character picks and strengths/weaknesses. I don't know every character on The upside being the massive buffs from skills like Ward/Goad/Fortify/Hone. The Downside being that all three non-infantry types have very noticeable weaknesses. Armored has poor resistance and 1 movement plus Armorslayers/Hammers/Heavy Spears, Fliers are weak to bows (!!! Like Takumi !!!), etc. Not too sure about the cavalry's flaws. They're weak to ColorWolf magic, but that kind is not too often seen in the arena (can't think of any examples that I've seen). I take that with a grain of salt though - maybe my 4* Sully being a bit underwhelming ruined cavalry for me. That's beside the point. Armored I admit I have nothing to say about an All-Armor team (I haven't drawn any armored units except Draug) aside from it would get destroyed by a team with more than one mage or armor slaying weapon. The weak speed doesn't help. Hector and Effie are both pretty good on their own though. Fliers As for Fliers, I'm looking at a team of 5* Minerva, 4*Caeda, 4*Palla, and probably either 4*Shanna or 4*Florina. (Perhaps any of those could be replaced with 5* Camilla, imo, but i don't have her. Furthermore, the more wyverns there are, the higher the damage is but the lower the resistance is of the party.) Of those 6 Units, only Minerva, Caeda, and Palla have buff fliers skills, Minerva and Caeda with defensive buffs and Palla with offensive buff. Caeda also has Rally Speed and an Armorslayer. The pick between Shanna and Florina is between Florina's Heavy Spear/Breath of Life and Shanna's Threaten Speed / Iceberg + Killer Lance. The following characters I have but don't consider to be viable in this team because they don't synergize well or do something others can do better: Cherche (Minerva or Camilla are both better Green Fliers, Minerva even has better Defense Buffs.), Beruka (Doesn't bring much team play to the table, lunge is meh, her best quality is Killer Axe + Glimmer imo), Est (The Heavy spear florina has, the speed debuff Shanna has. She only has Shove to her name.), Narcian (Camilla already has Savage Blow and guaranteeed followups on everyone, not just lancers. Minerva provides buffs to fliers.). Weakness: Takumi destroys these parties. Two of them nearly invalidates the whole idea. Basically, your only hope is for Brave Axe Camilla or Desperation Shanna to kill him. If anyone has weapon advantage and isn't a mage, forget about it. Not gonna lie, the lack of magic damage also really puts this team behind. Strength: The pegasi should be able to take out any mages except perhaps Merric with Rexcalibur+, but who uses Merric? If Minerva or Camilla get a shot on Robin/Linde, they're doomed. The hope here is that the big buffs that Minerva, Caeda, and Palla deal out will be enough for your lance pegasus to deal with any pesky Ryomas, Lyns, or Lucinas. (But I wouldn't get my hopes up on that.) I'm not too big a fan of this one. It just seems like it'll be a real struggle, but the lack of terrain effects on movement might make it pretty easy to abuse AI. Don't even consider this as an option for a defense team- a Flier by your name seems like it would make anyone with a Takumi or any other archer flock to you like moths to a flame that they deal bonus damage to. Edit: Completely forgot Cordelia. She would make this team quite a bit better- Galeforce and Brave Lance does that. Triangle Adept makes her kill reds better and Pass is better on her than basically anyone because of Galeforce. Cavalry This one seems not so bad, honestly. The 3 movement spaces are much appreciated, so they close distances to archers and mages real good. As for myself, the team is looking like 4* Eliwood, 4* Gunter or Frederick, 4* Jagen, and 4* Cecilia. Pick between Gunter and his Luna and +6 ATT/SPD on Cavs (kreygasm) plus nice situational ability Harsh Command and Armored Blow for the cavalry charge, or Frederick's much worse +4 Defense in exchange for Hammer and Wings of Mercy. Cecilia is a must for Magic damage and range, plus Rally Resistance and advantage against Taku- I mean colorless foes. Eliwood is nice to have, Holy Vestments, +4 Def/Res on Cavs is nice, AxeBreaker is cool. Durandal is nice if you have 5*. He's just nice. But consider exchanging for Cain if you have him, since Brave Sword effectively IS Axebreaker, Threaten Attack is potentially better than the Ward (Once you get into the battle that is- if you want a cavalry charge all at once then the ward is conveniently already in play), and Escutcheon is just as/more helpful than Holy Vestments. Jagen has surprisingly good resistance and also Buffs def/res +6 to adjacent cavalry. Personally, I'd take a 5* Cain over 5* Eliwood, and Gunter over Frederick for the attack and speed boost. Also, Leo would probably be better than Cecilia. Brynhildr is killer against such a fast team, he does good damage and chips everyone with savage blow. Quick Riposte you can take or leave. Again though, Cecilia has advantage over bows(!), staves, and knives. Strengths: This team comp closes the distance and always gets the first licks in on the enemy. It's fast enough to have the units who were in the back take out the enemy's front line and the units in the front hit the squishy back line behind it. Horseslaying tomes are rare, and horseslaying melee weapons either do not exist or are not common enough that I have seen them. Weaknesses: Unless you have Leo, this team has two green units. That's not very good in a meta where reds are very strong. Forests aren't very good for this team, and anyone on offense against this team has the option on a handful of maps (the one(s) with forests in the corner in such a way that mounted units cannot attack at range one) to have a mage or archer camp there after killing your magic unit and chip your AI team to death. Possible, but unlikely considering they have to kill your mage and set up by taking two entire turns to move there. I like the ideas for this team comp the most out of all these three, since the strategies that beat it are less popular and powerful than the ones that would beat fliers or armors. I'd say that the only thing it lacks is an excellent answer for Takumi, the best being Gunter's Warding Blow closing down to him to minimize the close counter damage, and then have one more unit finish the job. Thank you for reading this long post. Please discuss/critique if you will.
  3. Ever since buying skills has become a thing, I've noticed a lack of interesting character reclassing in Fates. Everyone is either a Swordmaster, Master Ninja, or a Nohr/Hoshido Noble. Which is fine! Those classes are common for a reason! But I'm curious to hear if anyone did something different. Like making Effie into a healer, or making Kaze into a samurai. I, for example, made my Avatar an Outlaw with +Luck/-Skill.
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