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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I just re-downloaded this game after taking a huge break (year and a half). I think the last major banner I remember was the Christmas one with armored red mage Tharja or something like that. Basically, I have no idea what I'm doing really, so I would like some help with building some teams for Arena (and for all the story chapters that have come out since). I'm going to list all the 5 stars that I have, along with their IVs, and if I did some inheritance on them when I was still playing I'll mention that. Saber (+Atk -Res) Soleil (+Spd -HP) Cain (+Res -HP) Elincia (+Atk -Def) Skills: Amiti, Reposition, Luna, Death Blow , Hit and Run, Threaten Def Fjorm (Neutral) Oscar (Not sure, lvl 35, 37 HP, 27 Atk (no weapon), 34 Spd, 23 Def, 21 Res) Olwen (lvl 20, 25 HP, 16 Atk, 14 Spd, 11 Def, 22 Res) Summer Corrin (+Def -Atk) Performing Azura (+HP -Spd) Skills: Uror, Sing, Moonbow, Triangle Adept, Wings of Mercy, Hone Attack Amelia (+Res -HP) Skills: Slaying Axe+, Pivot, Bonfire, Fury, Wings of Mercy, Armor March Dierdre (-Spe +Res) Brave Lyn (Neutral) Skills: Mulagir, Draw Back, Moonbow, Swift Sparrow, Sacae's Blessing, Atk Smoke Brave Veronica (Neutral) I also have a ton of 3 and 4 star units, but I feel like listing all of those would take too long, so I'll put them if ya'll want but otherwise I'm just gonna leave it as is. Thanks for the help in advance! (repost from r/fireemblemheroes)
  2. Since my question already got buried in the reddit mega thread, just gonna ask the forest. Thinking about making a dedicated lv40 lunatic team to beat everything and do decent in arena until I am able to use the bunch of 4/5 star units I got (got really lucky as a f2p and can't reroll because I am in too deep. also started playing this game this month so I missed a lot of free units) Ok so my idea is to make a team with these units (all came 5 star already and I only have 15k feathers) Lukas +attk/-hp currently at lv1 and no SI Kagero ???/??? currently at lv30 and no SI S!Camilla ???/??? currently at lv30 and SI from Cecilia for her 3 star raven and Escape Route2 (thought I would get more cecilias for free in the future but am no longer sure about that.) Elise ???/??? currently at lv39 with SI from a 5 star Maria so she has Physic/Miracle/Fortify Res1 and I really like elise, she has pulled some serious weight in keeping my first team of 4stars made of F!Corrin/Selena/Beruka. So my question is can this team synergize well together and if so, what skills would y'all recommend? I have somewhat decent fodder but I do not want to waste it on any favorite unit I see when I do not have a solid lv40 team that can handle lunatic maps with ease yet.
  3. Currently, my team is Sharena, Takumi, and Nino. As the title implies, I'm wondering whether Eldigan or Marth has better synergy with my team. Thoughts?
  4. Pretty please! :D http://i.imgur.com/f2WJRTm.png I also have an Olivia at 4 stars (level 1), Cecelia at 3, FRobin at 3 that didn't fit into the picture. Also any advice on what 4 stars to rank up first to 5? I have almost enough feathers now. Thank you very much guys!
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