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Found 4 results

  1. So my first and final team in my line-up is. 5 Star Camilla 4 Star Cordellia 4 Star Setsuna 4 Star Eliwood Pretty good it kicks butt so what are some other teams out there that you guys are doing well with what are some of your teams.
  2. So a lot of people are posting their teams in the main threads (the Spoiler and non-Spoiler) so I thought hey, I think this warrants a thread! EDIT: removed all the crap here since new stuff and also this thread is kinda full spoiler 'mons now https://twitter.com/KazoWAR/status/788279824796229632 This is a link to a tweet where you can download images of all of the in region available Gen 7 'mons is here, which you can also find from here. https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/ A Sun and Moon team planner, I recommend using this. It can also randomize and sort by various parameters. It's pretty much the best thing every honestly.
  3. Every time I think I know just about everything, another anomaly appears in 5 vs 5 wifi battles. I was doing extremely well and had only lost once in the past month and a half. Then along comes a team full of Midori's.... All of them ninjas with maxed out speed and skill. Actually, 4 Midori's and 1 Shigure with all rally skills. The maxed out speed + the rallies were only able to, at best, match my own speed. Here was my team: -Avatar, Nohr noble. Supporting Hinoka as a swordmaster with a maxed hagakure blade. -Setsuna as a ninja, supporting Midori as a ninja. -Xander as a paladin with 57 defense. Hinoka had an avoid of 137, plus "shuriken breaker". That gave her 187 avoid in total against the midoris. Hinokas Hit was 213. Hinoka, supported by MU, gets ready to obliterate one of the midoris who was finally in range. I go to preview my attack, and discover that Hinoka only has a 37% hit rate against midori. The opposing midori does not have swordbreaker. And if this isnt swell enough already, I discover that the opposing midori has a full 100% hit rate against hinoka!!! My own Midori and Setsuna were able to match the opposing team on the battlefield. Xander had like, a 15% Hit rate against them. His defense was very good, but it didnt do any good against midoris Lethality. Heres my question: -I understand that shuriken beats swords in the weapon triangle. Does this really add THAT much to their Hit and Avo in battles???? -What build would you suggest to be able to counter one of these teams? -Would equipping Hinoka with a maxed Dual Katana completely obliterate ninjas? Im thinking of swapping out Xander for kinshi knight takumi with a surefire yumi. Triangle advantage + Movement/attack range. Thoughts? Keep in mind that this was not a castle battle. They didnt have Avo or Hit bonuses from buildings.
  4. I'm planning on running Kanna, Kamui, Flora, Midoriko and Kaze. Post your ideas for a team if you aren't trying to keep your tactics a secret.
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