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Found 10 results

  1. Surprise!! After much consideration, I decided to continue the Kaga Saga and try out the game Shouzou Kaga made after he left Intelligent Systems. I loved New Mystery and kinda wanted to play another game in the Kaga series. I'm awaiting the announcement of the FE remake before deciding whether to play the SNES FE, so I need something to play in the meantime. Fire Emblem not by name, but all the same, here is my blind playthrough of TearRing Saga!! Enjoy!! https://
  2. Hey there all of Serenes Forest heh geez it has been a long time since I came back on here sheesh I have been absent for way too long I gotta get used to how things are here again. Anyway hope I am putting this in the correct place and I am hoping whoever the admin is of the site or whoever is in charge of doing updates can get this. So tearring Saga. I am aware that on the outside the forums part of serenes forest there is a section for most all the games where you can listen to the music at. I know Tearring Saga has a section too I went there listen to some tracks a few times but one thing I could not help to notice is the amount of tracks we have here on Serenes forest does not match the amount of songs in the game. the game has a bit over 100 tracks I believe? or atleast over 40 I dunno I know a lot. we are missing several tracks here that I know I heard in the game. Oh yeah and that is the other thing we do not seem to have the in-game versions of the songs here yet a lot of places seem not have the in-game versions of many tracks. so recently by chance I came across a place that does contain the rest of the OST if not the entire complete one and the in-game versions too. So uh wanted to leave them here and hopefully whoever in charge of updates can take these tracks and update the Tearring Saga OST section I leave the link here. https://www.zophar.net/music/playstation-psf/tearring-saga-yutona-eiyuu-senki
  3. So I finished Thracia 776 recently and just started playing Tearring Saga and a trend that the games share is that they will let take an overlook of the map and the enemies, but they will not tell you where your starting position is. When first playing Thracia I thought it was a technical limitation, but as I played more I realized it was a deliberate choice. For those who don't know some chapters in the game will have your units positioned in certain ways to create map scenarios that you have to overcome. A slight spoiler warning ahead and an example is at the end of a certain chapter Leif sends out half of his army to spearhead an attack with him and the rest of his forces following behind after they get some rest. The next chapter begins with you choosing your units and managing their equipment and then the chapter starts with Leif and half his men at the top of the map, the other half in the middle and a huge and expanding enemy force at the bottom. You'll then notice this is an escape chapter (with Leif starting on the escape point) meant to simulate that the advance troops are running back to base away from the enemy. This seems like an easy win if it wasn't for the fact that you didn't know where your units would spawn. The units running from the army of mounted units could all be infantry with you mounts all up at the top. Still too easy? There are thieves and endlessly spawning brigands attacking houses all along the sides of the map out of the way of the escape point making it harder to get back to base. On top of that there is a recruitable unit among the enemy that makes it necessary to engage them if you want the new unit and you'll want them since they come with a leadership star and due to events in the story you could be down one and if you decided not to recruit a certain someone the map before you have technically lost two. I'm bringing this up because I found it interesting that they were able to make such an interesting map premise that works really well in the narrative and put real tactical challenges along the way aside from just really strong enemies. Most of the enemies chasing you down aren't that strong, but the number of them will eventually whittle down you forces unless your careful. At the same time I also found it really annoying to have no idea how my units would spawn or how to optimize my strategy without restarting. Tearring Saga does the same thing so and since Fire Emblem hasn't done this since I'm guessing this is a Kaga thing, hence the name of the topic. So my question is what do you guys think of these types of chapter starts? Do you think they would be fun to implement in another game (I don't know if Berwick or Vestaria Saga have them)? Maybe some suggestions on how to better implement them in a more fair way?
  4. So after finally clearing a couple rpgs off of my backlog I finally sat down and started Tearring saga (thanks for the shiny translation work, @Aethin), and I know Julia is far from the best swordmaster in the game, but what can I say? I really like her official art, she's got some cool interactions with the Vega, Shigen, and Yoda, and I've got a soft spot for myrmidons. Assuming relatively average growth (maybe even a little bit of RNG screwage), what kind of minimum stat threshold should I aim for to expect her to start doing work, or maybe even snowballing? Who is a great support partner to stick her with? I am all too happy to engage in favoritism, but the first few maps before you recruit the big guns have kinda been the Raffin show, and I don't know when I'm going to get a STR potion to patch up that wimpy strength.
  5. Hi. So I'm having trouble patching TearRing Saga. I used the most recent translation patch but it doesn't load for some reason. The patcher I'm using is ppf-o-matic and I'm only patching the ECM file. Should I also patch the CUE File or is there something else I'm missing?
  6. So I've been trying to play TearRing Saga on my Windows laptop with Epsxe but it keeps crashing. I downloaded off of Emuparadise so maybe there's something I'm missing. If not, am I supposed to just use the BIOs file because I've been using the ECM file when I extract it.
  7. Hey guys well i found out there is a glitch in this game that can net you infinite items and well.. natrually I want to do it.. no I need to do it as I am currently uploading video on youtube of me doing a playthrough of this game. And well I want everything to go smooth during this playthrough series so I would like to not have money probelms and equip problems like i did first time around playing this game plus this time I would like to promote all my pegasus knights to dragon knights this time before was just Sasha. So yeah what exactly is needed to pull this thing off correctly? I know the basics Shigen VS Vega on some chapter not sure which chapter that was never explained then get that orb thing that revives dead units.. Then after that get Krisheenu killed?? but when and where? and do I kill her before or after I get the orb? And if I am supposed to kill her after getting said item what chapter is best to do it so I know 100% that the glitch will work? whatever chapter it is it won`t be hard to kill her off Lol she has some of the most fail stats of anyone but I just mostly need to know specific when and where so I can get this thing right.
  8. Hello guys well I need help again I am on chapter 30 of this game and I trained up most all units I want to use but am having a problem getting the super rare Dragon Flute. As I trained Mahter, Frau and Sasha. Well getting the Dragon Flute is not the problem I know where it is located. The problem is changing which chests are able to be opened in Morse Tower F1 and the contents. I heard there is an RNG trick where you reset the game? well I tried that and I am getting the exact same items now I kept saving and resetting but nothing so maybe I am doing the steps wrong? do I have to actually play through F1 each visit? as what i am doing is I step 1.Save step 2.enter step 3.reset step 4.enter again but the chest contents have not changed :(
  9. Well I finished FE1 not long ago and played through BS Fire Emblem Akaneia Senki so now I`ve played and finished every classic Fire Emblem in the series except this game. So being that this is the last classic FE game and it was done by Shouzou Kaga what is this like? like gameplay,difficulty etc. I know this game must be pretty good since it was done by Kaga and all I found his FE games to be very good and they had a special feel to them. I want to play this TearRing Saga soon so I want to know what is the same,different or better in this title.
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