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Found 3 results

  1. See title. For instance, I am currently winning.
  2. Let's have some chaotic fun, everyone! At first it was suppossed to be part of the LTT, but since it would be too chaotic there, i created a new thread instead. So here is how it goes: Everyone will nominate 2 video game girls After Nomiation is over, i will shuffle a bracket using rng, and the girls will face off in a series of 1v1 battles. Each vote lasts 24h Max. allowed Characters are 32 I start by nominating: Estelle Bright (Trails in the Sky) and Neptune (Neptunia) Nominated Characters Bracket:
  3. This is just me taking a meme that already went too far to the next level, because ya know, sometimes This includes Spoilers for Legend of Heroes: Trails series up to CS3, and spoilers for whatever series you guys choose. Also, don't expect good writing, this is, after all, just a meme taken to the next level, hence why it's here and not in Creative Writing. Expect canon derailment and ooc. With that said, Welcome to Teehee and the quest to Rean's Bod You are Musse Egret, noble girl, magical gunner, beauty personified, dragon girl, Teehee master and seducer of Rean.... If only. No matter what you do, you can't get hold of Rean's Bod. Not only are there rivals from his old Class 7, especially that Blonde with the Killer Maid, the Sword Girl and the Witch with a Cat, his loli partner doll is also there and probably your biggest rival yet. You just can't get your hands on Rean's bod. You will never fullfill your objective that way. Maybe it's time to start searching for an alternative path. You do remember some legends that maybe could help you, like Legend 1: That Legend about a Crest of Fire or something like that. Apparently your green hair is a symbol that you are a descendant of the dragons from long ago. (Trails x 3H ) Legend 2: That Legend about a Calamity Lord that once freed the world from a Hero of Justice. (Trails x Berseria) Legend 3: That Legend that talks about the origin of the Grail symbol of the church. Apparently the church funded itself after winning something called the Holy Grail War. (Trails x Fate) Legend 4: That Legend that speaks of girls with alot of Power leading nations in a continent far away. Your long time friend, Falcom, went on an adventure there. (Trails x Neptunia) Legend 5: That Legend about a red headed Adventurer who once travelled the world. Rean's former Instructor, Valestein, has some legends to share about him. (Trails x Ys) Legend 6: That Legend about Witches who once saved the world with the power of Music. Maybe the Witch can help you? (Trails x Stella Glow) Which legend should you pursue? Or should you ask your friends about more Legends? (Write-in) Index: Information Sheet Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Interlude 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Interlude 2 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Bad End 1 Interlude 3 Chapter 8 Interlude 4 Interlude 5 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Bad End 2
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