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Found 1 result

  1. With 8-4 now confirmed to not be localizing this game, and the avatar seemingly being all but confirmed at this point, I'm now preparing for another fates-type game that's more about player customization and options, rather than better world building and character development, at least compared to the older games. I don't really care if anyone likes these games in the sense that I don't look down on them for liking fates or whatever...but I personally truly do prefer the old games, and I was really hoping that they'd take what worked in echoes even further in the next game. Echoes and especially Ike's games, they're some of my favourite games ever made, whilst stuff like fates are still fun but nowhere near as good as the others for me personally. Sure I could be dead wrong (and I hope I am for that matter) about all this, but unfortunately echoes didn't sell nearly as well as awakening and fates, so I guess I should've seen it coming that they'd bring back another avatar and stuff. It's just a massive shame not only that the game was delayed (meaning I don't have any new games coming out that I want to buy this year now) but also it might not even be the type of fire emblem I really care about in the first place! Hopefully I'm wrong about all of this!!! Also, when I think of fire emblem, I think of Jill with her character development, or Soren opening up about why he's so cold and bitter all the time. I truly adore these characters and am also heart broken that we likely won't see them ever again in a main fire emblem ;_; RIP Jill, the ultimate fire emblem character...
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