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Found 3 results

  1. Since Nintendo managed to made Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35 along with Bandai Namco developed Pac-Man 99. What is your ideal thoughts on how Nintendo and Intelligent System should make Fire Emblem 99 possible? We know that the concept of the 99 games allows to use a Nintendo Switch Online activated along with challenging 98 Players around the world. Which game style, maps, limit to how many playable allies to use, and set of enemies do you think they should include in Fire Emblem 99? For my ideal Fire Emblem 99 that I think they could go for: They could probably use Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light as the default game style. I think the set on the map to one for the start and the other maps should be randomized or organized by order similar to like Super Mario Bros. 35 handles. I think we could see about a total of 8 or to 10 Playable Units help the Main Character in each rounds. New units will appear when the player beats the other player. Maybe around a set of 15 to 20 enemies will might appear at the start of the round. The other enemy units will appear as reinforncements when the other player targeted you and they appear similar to like the White Enemies appear in Super Mario Bros. 35 or the Ghost Pac-Mans and the Jammers from Pac-Man 99. The DLC Skins should be the other Fire Emblem titles such as Gaiden, SNES games, GBA games, etc. similar to like Pac-Man 99 has the other Namco Arcade Titles as the skins.
  2. I did saw this from GameXplain's channel that just popped up that Pac-Man is getting the Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35 treatment next as Pac-Man 99. I did looked at in the trailer that there is no limited run scheduled like Super Mario Bros. 35 along with the other victims on March 31st, 2021. This is coming to tomorrow at April 7th, 2021. Side note that you can pay the other Namco Arcade games varients for Pac-Man 99 such as Dig Dug, Galiga, The Tower of Druaga, etc. as DLCs.
  3. There is a trailer for the upcoming Fire Emblem spinoff title that is bit more of the Tetris 99 and the late Super Mario Bros. 35 that is called Fire Emblem 30. You play in all 17 style titles against 29 Players in a Battle Royale similar to like Super Mario Bros. 35. It is coming to May 2021. The link of the trailer is in here. Edit from April 2nd: April Fools is now over.
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