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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I've hacked both FE7 and FE8 before, and am looking to work on a quick FE11 project for a friend. The sources on how to hack both Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones are extremely plentiful and I was able to completely learn how to hack those on my own. However, I haven't been able to find any information on hacking Shadow Dragon or FE12. I'm looking mostly to edit some dialogue and text within a chapter and to alter how some events happen. Doing so in both Sacred Stones and Blazing Sword is fairly simple, but I'm completely clueless as to how Shadow Dragon handles this sort of editing. Again, the lack of resources online has put me in an odd situation where I'm not sure what's even possible, much less what I can do with what I've got. Is there anyone here who has experience hacking Shadow Dragon and would be willing to give me a quick rundown on what I'd need to do? I have plenty of programming experience, so if things need to get messy with tables and such, I can work with that. Thanks in advance!
  2. I've recently gotten into the Fire Emblem Hacking community as of late. While I still consider myself a complete and utter newb when it comes to ROM Hacking, I have everything regarding basic usage of Nightmare down. The real pain in the keyster comes with using Feditor Adv, more specifically, the text editor. I've looked up tutorials, FAQs, and even swam through Blazer's old forums but I can not for the life of me get down editing weapon names and their descriptions. The game I'm trying to hack is Sacred Stones. Yes, I am using a clean, USA version of the game. The game opens up just fine when i start the program, I do the save and exit and reopen trick to make sure nothing glitches up, thats all fine and dandy. But whenever i finish making my text adjustments, they never carry over into the game itself. I have tried each and every single way of doing this dang thing on multiple copies of the same unaltered ROM. Clicking apply and save for every change like nightmare, clicking apply every time and saving at the very end, making all my changes with nightmare first then close it and then changing the names on that same ROM but still no dice. I'll load the Rom a few seconds later and none of the name changes stick (all the statistical ones do on the other hand.). At this point I feel like I'm missing something obvious and any major assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. The version of Feditor I'm using comes from romhacking.net . I haven't tried anything else with Feditor, just the text editor. Can anyone please help me realize my dream of turning Lute into the second coming of Tiny Hands Reinhardt?
  3. So the other day, I tried editing the description of Nosferatu because I made it gender neutral. However, it caused some items like the Silver Lance to have messed up names. I'm using the Text Editing Tool from romhacking.net. Can anyone help?
  4. Hello! I'm trying to fix the fates storyline to make it more bearable, but since this is my first time doing any significant hacking I want to make sure I have my steps right. It's my understanding that I need to: 1) Either dump or decrypt the CIA on my 3ds to my PC 2) Extract the CIA onto my PC 3) Edit the text via FE Tools or FE Conversation Editor 4) Take whatever changes I made and make a patch/apply it to the game. This part I'm pretty fuzzy on. 5) Celebrate! Does that sound about right, or am I missing something? Also if I can get a little help with step 4 that would be fantastic! Thank you!
  5. How do I create yes/no questions like the one in FE7 where you can choose whether or not to hire Farina in Hector's story?
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