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Found 1 result

  1. I have been playing Touhou again recently especially Touhou 16 which was a very awesome game!! But I noticed one thing I always, always, always have trouble with ever since starting Touhou it`s the bane of my playing. I need some advice on how best to dodge spell cards and shot patterns that break conventional rules and go in all directions. Those always trip me up everytime cause how do you even know where to go that is safe? with bullets comin from the top, bottom, left and right sides. Or sometimes from bottom to top and vice versa those types of things always get me. I have yet to pass one without having the need to bomb outta it. On a side note Touhou 16 since we are on the subject of dodging. Uh I forget what stage boss mid-boss I mean I believe it`s stage 5 mid boss you that one any dodge advice on that freaking literally tornado of green talisman shots? It comes at you so fast haha I was not expecting to get shot at by a tornado of talisman shots. Atleast is more bearable than a tornado of laser beams from Double Spoiler ugh. So yeah dodge advice on multi directional shots and talisman tornados.
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