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Found 3 results

  1. I'm gonna go ahead and jump right into the chase, some of you know me, some of you don't. I used to be an immature shit named Matt Custov, now I've dropped the alias, and I don't plan on picking it up again. I'm doing a Pick My Edits run of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. Basically, comment on the video linked below, and whenever I finish one of my ongoing projects (Pokemon Silver Ranomized or Final Fantasy I) I'll get all of that set up, and play through the rom you guys want to see me play through Announcement video CHECK OUT MY OTHER WORK:
  2. As some of you have noticed, I'm notorious of having one theme and switching to another every couple of days. So, here, I'll do just that with the help of you guys! All suggestions are welcome for consideration (I'll even re do one if I feel like it) And for future reference, don't give me deadlines. I do what you suggest whenever I can come up with one and/or feel like changing [spoiler=Themes pending]Henry Shadow The Hedgehog Mako Bravely Default Dolores Umbridge Tetra Arthur (Cat from Code Geass) Gunter (Penguin from Adventure Time) Alternis Dim Johan (FE4) Kagamine Len Inferno Cop Sukusuku Tales of Xillia 2 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Harry (Dragon Quest) Battler Ushiromiya Glaceon [spoiler=Themes I want to do]Vincent Valentine Itachi/Sasuke Uchiha Minato Namikaze Pit Dynasty Warriors Oerba Yun Fang Sesshomaru Pkm Trainer Wes/Brendan Sephiroth Tiki Tales of Xillia T.I. Tao Len Palutena Sephiroth Aqua [spoiler=Themes done]Wendy Lon'qu Vaike Gotoh AoT x KH Navarre Youmu Konpaku Cherche Nonon Jakuzure Umbreon Levi Nowi Impa Something flirt related Psyduck Regal Bryant Marth redo Xu Shu Mortan Koopa Jr Bunnies Dark Pit Shimakaze Terra Roshea Sima Shi Sakura Wars
  3. The King took his first steps into the dominion that is Serenes Forest. Admittedly, he knew not whether he would actually survive long enough to see this day. Many times over, he met trial after trial, each time wondering if this would be his last among its denizens. Come to think of it, he had only entered the realm off of a mere whim, and didn't expect to overstay his welcome, were that the case. What then, was the catalyst for his presence to sustain? He already knew the answer to this question. Yep, no doubt in his mind could refute the undeniable fact. What makes a country is not its resources, or governing body, but the people within it that call it home. Yes, every person that he ever came into contact with, although some more than others, played their role in contributing to his gratification that was the driving force for him to stay. Names, he will not mention, as everyone knows who they are, both old and new, and whether they realize it or not. At least to him anyway. Alas, he wanted to take the time to thank every one of them. The people who have and still do sustain him here; his friends; his comrades; his rivals; his superiors; his brothers; all of them. Rejoice!
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