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Found 7 results

  1. This is my thread about screenshot LPs of Fire Emblem hacks: Dream of Five Bloodlines The Last Promise Fire Emblem Forever Midnight Sun Death or Glory Gheb FE FEIV Super Thracia Hopefully you'll enjoy. If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, shoot them!
  2. 20 years ago, Siegfried and his band of rebels fought to bring peace to all of Solum. Now, Queen Kammi, of the newly assembled Atheyan kingdom, threatens that peace. The now-retired Shon must follow in his father’s footsteps and save Solum once again, with the help of old and new allies. Despite everything, Shon must carry on as the last words he exchanged with his father still echo in his mind, always doing his best to keep their last promise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm0Rtw2uwCQ&feature=youtu.be That’s right, this is really happening! Planned features: • 30 main chapters (not including Gaiden chapters) • Brand new classes and reworked promotions • Class skills • A completely new story, set 20 years after the events of The Last Promise • 40+ playable characters, with supports • Custom animations (most of which from other amazing users, works will be credited) • Weather that doesn’t slow you down, just looks pretty! • A serious story, but with a couple of joke units and references for some fun Sorry, no download link yet, but please stay tuned, we’re all hard at work to bring this hack to life! Dev Team Credits: Community Credits:
  3. What is This? This is a difficulty mod for Blazer's The Last Promise. For those unfamiliar with what the Last Promise is, you can find the thread on your own time which details every and all things about what the mod details, the graphics, the credits and everything under the sun that you could want. (Except Hard Mode). What should I expect? My intentions with this are to make something near or around traditional hard or near lunatic levels of play without it being terribly luck based. Players who play this should also expect twist and turns during chapters such as enemies using unexpected weapons and even changes story wise. To play successfully, you must think before you act and pay attention to what's occurring on the map! But that goes without saying. Really I'm looking to fill up some space here so things look nice. This is largely a work in progress and is subject to changes of all sorts. Feedback is welcome and highly appreciated! How can I help? Play through what's currently available and provide feedback. Credits Regina - For providing amazing support to me via encouragement and portraits. Blazer - For allowing me to do this to begin with. ECut and Kitty of Time for Rogue animation There are plenty of people along the way I also need to credit here. I haven't forgotten you. This is the hard part. Patches Version 0.3.2 (Chapter 20) No Growth Mode (Normal-Full)
  4. I was in a mood to play The Last Promise again after having recently watched someone's LP of it, and that gave me an opportunity to maybe do some fleshing out. TLP does not at all use a narrator to tell its story, and additionally the story is very "tell, don't show". I finished playing The Road to Ruin not long ago, and its storytelling was more in line with the GBAFE games in that it has a narrator and a world map detailing the continent of Pandosia. So that gave me the idea to try and create a world map of TLP's continent of Solum based on all the plot details and character dialogue. And after having completed my playthrough of it, this is what I've come up with: This is what I could make sense of based on what the game told me. Everything seems to be in the correct places, and the routes the characters take seem accurate... hopefully. Regardless, I hope I've made the setting look a little more lively. Because sometimes, words alone aren't enough.
  5. So I'm 8 chapters in and I still haven't been able to access support convos, I know this hack has them, just try as I might i can't view them threw regular means
  6. I Wonder What This Could Be About. Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open.
  7. Well, I think I'm finally ready to kick off my next journey and it's... ...This? Yeah, I did say I was going to hold off until the Hard Mode version to do an LP of this hack, but sod it, I'm an impatient critter and I could use a hack I'm quite well experienced with to do a nice relaxing run after suffering through FE7if. But yeah...long story short, this hack is near & dear to me, being one of the first FE hacks I ever played through and beat multiple times. Is this hack perfect? Not at all. There are a few minor nitpicks I have with it, but they're much more bearable than what irked me about FE7if. Also, since this is an english hack and I can read the text, that means I might make some random quips about the story or whatever. We'll see. Anyways...I say we kick this journey off, shall we? [spoiler=Prologue & Ch1: Dammit Shon!] Long story short, humans & dragons lived together in peace, but dragons are dingbats and decided to revolt, forcing the humans to bail out and start new lives in non-dragon populated zones. Peace would prosper for some time, but... The empire of Magnus decided to invade Castle Aegis because, hell, some empire or nation has to be the power hungry one, am I right? On the right, Emperor Louis just woke up from a siesta and decides to imprison everyone in Castle Aegis, including Duke Paul on the left. Louis MIGHT have wanted to just straight up kill him and the rest of Aegis's inhabitants while one of his lackeys assumes leadership of the castle. This will no doubt come back to bite him in the ass sometime in the future. Flash forward to the present where a father & son are forced to fight a small ragtag band of Magnus lackeys intent on taking the father's life because, eh, random lottery winnings I guess. Anyways, enough talking, time to talk about our father & son duo. This one is Siegfried, a promoted unit with oddly low bases. This is the result of taking some nasty injuries some amount of time ago as his description states. Luckily, this isn't going to hamper him right now as he can hold his own pretty well against the current enemies. Should he get some levels, you'll be well rewarded as his growths are pretty good, especially in strength, skill, and speed. While Siegfried might only being using a sword here, he can also use spears if you happen to stumble across any. Meanwhile, Shon's more in line with your typical early game unit. His issue is not his growths which, while not as high as his dad's, are still respectable aside from defense & resistance. No, the issue is his con. While he also has the option of using spears, anything at an Iron Spear level or higher is going to slow him down fairly decently. Thankfully, he's got his own personal weapon, the Piercing Sword, which is effective on mounted & armored units, to work with early on. Siegfried kicks it off by visiting this house, getting some useful supplies for the early game. Why not send Shon to do this? He's got a personal sidequest to do that spans two thirds of the hack, that's why. You see, Shon has to kill every single enemy on this map, including the boss, without Siegfried getting into any battles of any kind, even if it's just to meatshield. Shon goes here to lure out the first group of enemies. Might seem risky allowing him to be attacked from two sides, but he'll be fine. He's got Vulneraries. Worse comes to worse, he can backup a bit and make them come one at a time for easier handling. Oh hey, enemies without 40+ hp from the word go. That's nice! Shon dodges quite well here and damages both of his attackers good. To boot, he kills off his first two attackers and keeps on dodging a third one, gaining his first level. Could be a bit better, but it's still the early game so no worries. Shon moves to his second point of interest with the intent on luring out the last Soldier and wiping him out over the course of the next turn or so. He does take a hit from the spear user, but that's fine since the Fighter whiffed and got killed on an enemy phase. Boss time! Byron's nothing special, but take note of his Elixirs. Shon can't one round him with the Piercing Sword, doing just enough damage with two hits that Byron would use his Elixir to heal up. As such, Shon's going to start out with the Iron Sword to do some chip damage, then finish him off with a double whack of the Piercing Sword. This will all be done via counters because Byron can easily two shot Shon from full health, meaning Shon needs to use Vulneraries to keep healthy. As opposed to Batta the Beast? Anyways, he & Shon trade blows with one another. Shon heals himself with a Vulnerary after switching over to his Piercing Sword. The next enemy phase is basically the RNG screwing over Byron hard, resulting in him taking a critical to the face and going down, netting Shon a good level in the process. Now that Magnus knows where Siegfried is, he needs to leave, deciding to tell Shon to effectively fuck off because he doesn't want to put his son in harm's way more or less, ending part 1 of the prologue. Yes, there's a part 2 to the prologue. By having Shon solo everything, you'll have fulfilled one of the three parts of Shon's game spanning personal sidequest and get a chance to pick up a bit of extra experience. Only one enemy in prologue II to take out and that's Shon's best friend, Corben, in a friendly duel. Corben's quite well equipped, even having a Javelin for ranged combat. Basically, Shon can end this fight in two hits with his Piercing Sword, but he can't miss once. If he does, he's likely getting taken down between counterattacks and Javelin hijinks. Also, after this chapter, Corben will join the team with the exact same stats & equipment seen here. Growths are roughly on par with Shon with the exception of a pretty good luck growth and decent defense growth. More importantly, 10 con is going to allow him to handle spears much better than Shon can. *Price is Right losing horn sound effect here* Note to self: Don't attack Corben on a tile where he's going to duck into a forest for more evasion (62% chance to land a Piercing Sword hit in a forest, yay). This is where I should have begun the assault from. That way, Corben won't move into a forest for more evasion, giving Shon a much better chance to land the finishing blow on turn 2 to end the prologue and send everyone to chapter 1. This is your fault Siegfried. If you actually brought Shon with you and protected him like a good father would, you wouldn't have to pull out your dammit card so soon. Pictured: What every enemy in chapter 1 is more or less. Some have different weapons like a Steel Axe or Hand Axe. Siegfried handed off his equipment to the ones who can actually get good exp here and acts as a meatshield in a forest. Shon was pretty close to a level up at the end of prologue II so it didn't take long to get this. A pretty good one since he could really do with the extra strength & defenses. After a couple turns, this curious fellow appears. He's an enemy and, yet, he decides to report back to his superior rather than take down Siegfried now. Probably for the best, who knows? Corben sure knows the best way to get rid of any pesky enemy. Despite all the Brigands that have been attacking Siegfried, he's only taken one hit so far this chapter. Not like the other Brigands are having any better luck landing hits though. Corben finishes off a Brigand, getting a solid first level up. More misses from the enemy units! Shon prepares to lure out a pair of Brigands by the boss by killing one in the south, getting an acceptable level up. He keeps this up and he'll start doubling more or less everything in the first part of the game quickly. Not much else needs to be said. The rest of the Brigands fail to take out Shon or Corben. Corben picks up this good level dropping one of them. As for the boss, he's apparently decided to equip some armor so he can tank while using that Steel Axe. "But my weapon is effective on armored units. Are you not wearing armor yourself?" "...Oops." Yeah, the boss is easy with the Piercing Sword. Shon can even afford to attack on the player phase if he wants. If he gets hit, Corben & Siegfried can do some rescuing hijinks to get him away to safety. Praise is good and all, but this dingbat was proclaiming that Magnus wouldn't bother attacking a quaint little village like this. Wrong! Siegfried & the others set out for their next destination as chapter 1 nears its end. Kevin reports back to his superior, General Howard. Due to his failure to even keep tabs on Siegfried, Kevin gets reassigned to some random outpost that Siegfried will probably pass by in due time. That probably means he'll be recruitable, who knows. Death Count: Shon (1) Next time: Actual non mounted units for Siegfried's army! [spoiler=Growths & Comments (Siegfried, Shon, Corben)] Siegfried's growths: Hp: 120% Luk: 40% Str: 70% Def: 60% Skl: 90% Res: 40% Spd: 90% Siegfried's status as a promoted unit of sorts is going to hamper his chances to level easily early on. A pain, given his bases and how they could use some work. Once he can get levels though, those growths will help to get him on track pretty quickly. Shon's growths: Hp: 70% Luk: 35% Str: 40% Def: 25% Skl: 50% Res: 25% Spd: 45% Shon's growths aren't too bad besides those defensive growths, but given his bases in strength, defense, and speed, he'll need to hit those three at a decent clip if he doesn't want to be left in the dust. Corben's growths: Hp: 85% Luk: 50% Str: 40% Def: 30% Skl: 50% Res: 20% Spd: 35% While that speed growth is a bit worrying, his excellent luck growth combined with his good base there is likely going to allow him to stuff enemy criticals pretty well. Having 10 con also helps him to wield a good selection of spears with little to no AS loss early on.
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